The Best Video Editing Apps and Software for YouTube

Here is the full list of Best Video Editing Apps and Software for YouTube to upload your videos to your YouTube channel like a professional YouTuber.

The Best Video Editing Apps and Software for YouTube

Being YouTuber has become one of the main ambitions of many young people today. The idea of ​​living making videos of things that you are passionate about is very seductive, which is why more and more people are motivating and investing to become influencers within the most important video content platform in the world.

In the beginning, most people saw uploading videos to YouTube as a simple hobby, but over the years it became an extremely lucrative business. 

A channel with a high volume of subscribers can generate more than a million dollars a year.

For a normal person, without a great marketing machine behind him, being a Youtuber can generate a monthly income of more than four figures by creating between 10 and 15 videos a month. 

If you are interested in this lifestyle, in this guide you will know the most important aspects to consider and the best video editing programs to upload to your YouTube channel like a professional, so that you have things clear enough before the start.

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Points to consider before uploading your first video to YouTube

No matter how much passion you have, being a Youtuber requires some planning since the platform has its rules. 

You have an excellent video but if it does not meet the terms and guidelines, it will not last more than a couple of hours online, being blocked by YouTube and can even directly affect the entire channel. 

In addition, there are also other important aspects that you must consider so that your video can be positioned (Yes, there is also SEO on YouTube) and be viewed by thousands or millions of people.


The copyright is the subject that you have to be more careful before you upload a video to YouTube as this platform is very jealous in this regard and will not hesitate to marginalize all your channel if you notice that continually violate these rules. 

Each content that is uploaded to this social network has a type of license that allows its use with some limitations. There are two types of content from which other licenses are derived.

  • Copyleft: it is content without copyright that you can use as you want without any limitation on the platform.
  • Copyright: it is copyrighted content that can be used with different limitations. This type of content can be limited to different licenses that will allow you to use its content with total freedom, use it as long as you mention the author or simply not use it.
    This applies to all audiovisual content; music, videos and images , so you must make sure that the elements of your videos do not infringe these rights or your channel will be affected sooner or later.

Type of videos

Another thing that you should take into account is the type of videos that you are going to make for the channel. 

Do you want to appear on the screen or only images with voice? Are they informative videos, tutorials or Vlogs? 

This may seem minor, but it is good to be clear to plan the content that you are going to make in the future.

Video format

When you finish editing your video, you must choose the format in which it will be exported. You must be very careful in your choice as the platform does not accept all the formats currently available. 

For this reason, it is recommended to use videos in MP4, AVI, or WMA that tend to be less heavy and easier and faster to upload to YouTube.

Regardless of the format you choose for your video, you must ensure that the resolution is 16: 9, as well as being rendered in 720p or 1080p. 

Although most users generally view the content in 320p or 480p, it is good that the original file is in HD as it will give it more relevance for the platform.

Optimize each element when uploading your video

As I told you before, SEO on YouTube is a reality. When uploading content you must write a title, a description, choose a thumbnail and tags. 

Each of them must be optimized so that your video is well-positioned in the searches corresponding to its topic. 

The title must be eye-catching and very specific, with the main keyword at the beginning of it and some branding at the end, even adding emoticons makes them more visual

The description should serve its purpose perfectly and explain as clearly as possible what the video is about, while the thumbnails should be complements to the title to catch the user's attention and encourage them to click to view it.

Remember that after all YouTube is also a search engine, so it is important to optimize these elements to position yourself in the first place. 

Did you know that the first 3 results take more than 80% of the clicks? This will give your videos more reach and will make your channel grow much faster than most.

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How does monetization work on YouTube?

It is good that you know how the monetization of videos for advertising works, that is, how to generate income with your channel. 

The first thing you should know is that you do not earn money for each view, just as a blog does not earn money just for receiving visits. 

The platform pays for the visualizations of the multimedia ads or the clicks received from your videos in the text ads.

You can not only make money with advertising

Advertising is not the only way to monetize your channel. There are essentially three other ways to do it; with Premium content, with affiliate and referral marketing, and with influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is similar to making money from advertising. Basically what you do is contact an agency or brand and offer to promote their products within your videos. 

A good brand can pay from € 100 to thousands of them depending on the relevance of the influencer.

List of the best video editing Apps for YouTube

One of the essential skills that YouTube must have is knowing how to edit videos. You don't have to be a true magician, but you can style and shape your content. 

Fortunately, there are several interesting editors with which you can create high-level videos that will appeal to your audience.

Top 5 Video Editors List:

  1.  Filmora Wondershare
  2.  Adobe Premiere Pro
  3.  Windows Movie Maker
  4.  Vegas Pro
  5.  Pinnacle studio

1. Filmora Wondershare

Filmora is one of the best software to learn video editing. It has an extremely intuitive interface that is easy to handle for any user. 

With dedication and imagination, you can produce very good quality videos. You can also do affiliate or referral marketing on your channel in the same way that you do on your blog. 

Video editing is a very profitable business since conversion commissions are usually well paid, so if you have an audience with thousands of subscribers interested in what you sell, you can generate several thousand dollars/euros a month without generating millions of visits.

Filmora lets you add text and other elements to the video, apply effects to add dynamism, divide the screen into several sections, apply transitions, speed up or slow down playback, add music in the background, and even remove noise from the audio.

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2. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere pro is an extremely powerful professional editing program, possibly the best on the market today.

Its interface is quite intuitive and can be handled, to some extent, by someone with little knowledge of audiovisual editing.

With this platform, you can do virtually what you want with your videos. The variety of tools it offers allows you to produce authentic audiovisual gems in a short time and render in Ultra HD or 4K quality. 

If you combine it with other softwares such as Adobe After Effects, you can apply all kinds of special effects that will make your content truly unique.

3. Windows Movie Maker

Windows movie maker is a full-fledged amateur level program, but it will help you learn various editing concepts that will allow you to advance faster when learning other tools. 

You can create a video in a few minutes after installing software, applying some transitions, and adding text.

In Movie Maker you won't be able to apply effects to your videos, but you can improve the framing, polish the audio, and other elements. 

If we take into account that it can render content in good quality and multiple formats, this is a very interesting program.

4. Vegas Pro

Vegas Pro is the latest version of the legendary Sony Vegas, an audiovisual editing program that was extremely popular between 2005 and 2010 until it was taken place by Premiere Pro. 

This is a tool that will allow you to create professional-level videos, with a wide variety of functions that become the direct competition of Adobe.

You can basically do everything; apply text, filters, effects, images, improve audio, music in the background, speed up or slow down the playback speed, and much more. 

Its interface is also easy to use, which allows novice producers to handle it without much trouble, but undoubtedly to squeeze its full potential it is necessary to have advanced editing knowledge.

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5. Pinnacle studio

With an attractive and easy-to-use interface, Pinnacle Studio has an option to directly upload the edited videos to Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo, and other visual content display platforms. 

It is one of the software that could be used with great ease and satisfaction making sure that the beginner level of video editing is fully understood by those who want to become professionals.

A really good option for those users who already have a certain level of audiovisual editing, since this software allows any feature you can imagine and with a large number of demos to use in the assembly of your videos, such as transitions or audios, where you will be placing each track in its complete timeline.

Yes, you will need a powerful computer to be able to get the most out of this tool.

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