Tips for Editing Your Game Videos like A Pro

In this article, you will learn about the most effective tips that you can use for editing your game videos and making them look stupendous.

Tips for Editing Your Game Videos like A Pro

Editing is almost the last step in video making before it gets posted. If you make a video by yourself, you will realize how time-consuming and challenging the process is, although it has become relatively less complicated these days because of the availability of game video editors. 

If you want to start editing your game videos but do not know how to make them look unique and trendy, don’t worry. In this article, you will learn about the most effective tips that you can use for editing your game videos and making them look stupendous.

How to edit game videos like a pro? 

Here is the list of some top tips for you that will help you edit your game videos like a pro and improve your video editing skills so that you can draw the attention of more viewers with your exciting gaming videos. Let’s have a look.

1) Planning is vital

Every time you start with an editing project, the first thing you need to do is create a

project directory. Then, make a project folder to keep other folder names on it, such as sound, music, raw footage, graphics, etc. Organizing your projects in this way will aid in keeping things easily accessible and ensure seamless workflow.

Having a speedy workflow will enable you and your team to work on all aspects of video editing quickly and cogently. You can design the most engaging, professional-looking and high-quality gaming videos with an organized and structured functionality.  

2) Ensure that your games run seamlessly

If your games run poorly on your system, the video will obviously look poor. Also, make sure that there are no texture pop-ups in video games when you are recording the screen as that will make your videos look bad. Remember that everything should look flawless to make a perfect-looking video.

There should not be any lags in the video while recording as it will appear annoying to viewers. Before commencing the video recording, make a practice of checking if the system is working properly and it can hold at least 1080p resolution with nearly 60 frames/ second. The consistency and quality of the gameplay are the two major factors that will decide the overall outcome.

3) Select the best game video editor

There are various free and paid gaming video editors, but not every platform can meet your requirements. Therefore, you should opt for the game video editor after determining your budget and evaluating the features, including ease-of-use, speed, editing quality, supporting format, etc. Selecting the right editor can help you save ample time and render you with click and use media resources. Therefore, check editing options before you make your final decision, as there are many advantages that you can enjoy by just choosing the right tool. 

4) Color adjustments will help

You can also change the color of the recorded footage by using the video effects of your game video editor. Color editing is essential to make your videos look more appealing and work look more professional. In addition, you can alter saturation and contrast in the video to give a cinematic feel. 

As per editing experts, it is recommended to use mixes of 30%/20% and 20%/15% for brightness contrast settings to render your video with more refined attributes. There are no specific rules, it is an entirely creative process; hence, it differs from editor to editor. 

5) Cut out boring stuff

Trimming is one of the vital editing steps, and you will have to use it a lot. If you wish to create a trendy video, you should cut out the boring stuff by removing all the unwanted footage. If you end up creating a lengthy gaming video, cut them into separate clips and do the editing afterwards so that you can make different short stories.

Lengthy videos cannot be posted online as well as viewers do not like watching them; hence, try and keep your video short and crisp. Usually, all software tools can operate the mp4 file format, and you can upload these files effortlessly on social media sites.

6) Integrating transitions & effects

You can leverage high-quality effects and transitions to every video segment with a large video file. Different effects and transitions to every part of your video will make the quality of modifications incredible. Further, various game video editors offer features to customize the settings and edit the video as per your preference.

Advanced filters and unique transition effects make your video look organically different and fascinating. 

7) Add appropriate audio overlay

Your video should have a mesmerizing effect on viewers, and it is possible when your video is perfect. For this, you should focus on using excellent audio effects: take a good quality mic and use apt music fitting to your video as it can help in enhancing the overall aesthetic of the content.

You need not include music in your game if you record it in real-time and make voice comments with the headset on. However, if it is a regular video, it becomes imperative to add audio or music. It is because adding compelling music and pleasing background with video content improves viewers’ mood and energy level.

8) Remember to add captions and titles

It is essential to add titles, captions, and tooltips to your videos as it increases the chances of viewers watching your video. If you have a catchy title, people will be excited to see the video; for example, you can use titles like “easiest hack to win the game,” “No chance to lose if you use these tips,” etc. 
You can make the most of their time and keep them engaged for as long as it is required; this ensures that customers’ attention and interests are intact. 

Last Words...

These were some of the best tips for editing your game videos effortlessly, and within just a couple of minutes, it will make your video look professional and enticing. It will help if you try and keep viewers’ overall experience relatable and straightforward. 

Use these tips today and see the impact on the views of your video.