Here are the best temperature app, we have compiled a list of temperature measure apps that are guaranteed to serve you effectively in this regard.


With the advent of many remarkable mobile apps, we are now privy to some crucial information without having to go the extra mile to get things done.

This invariably means that we can also do lots of important stuff at our convenience. One of these things is the ability to check our temperature by harnessing temperature measure apps that work.

Our smartphones are becoming increasingly useful by the day as they give us access to a wide range of utilities.

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If you happen to be searching for the best take your temperature app, we have compiled a list of temperature measure apps that are guaranteed to serve you effectively in this regard.

Get the Best Take Your Temperature App

From what we are going to be discussing, you can get the best-suited temperature checking app. On the plus side, whether you are an iPhone or an Android user, you will be able to get a body temperature checking app that will suit your needs.

1. iThermonitor:

This take your temperature app is one of the best temperature measure apps around. It can be used by both Android phone and iOS users and allows you to know your exact body temperature.

It is already widely-used as a personal doctor thanks to its ability to display a body temperature graph that you can use for health analysis.

On the plus side, you can use this temperature checking app for kids as well as elderly ones.

Google Play | iThemonitor

2. Finger Body Temperature:

This temperature checking app is quite popular among the numerous temperature apps available on cyberspace. However, this body temperature checking app is mostly used as prank software to spook family and friends. It is free to use.

To use the app, you simply need to have it installed on your smartphone. Launch it and then place any of your fingers firmly on the finger space provided in the app and your temperature will be calculated.

You will be given a prank/fake result. Note that this app is entirely for pranks.

Apps Store | Finger Body Temperature

3. Real Thermometer:

Real Thermometer is a very powerful thermometer app that comes with an effective infrared sensor. With this take your temperature app, you can effortlessly take the temperature readings of someone or an object that is within the proximity of 3-5cm.

On the plus side, this temperature checking app allows you to store temperature results for future reference or use. You can also synchronize it with your device to get daily reports and notifications. It is available to both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

Google Play | Real Thermometer

4. Smart Thermometer:

This is one of the temperature measure apps that allow you to record the heat levels of objects and people around you.

This app makes use of an amazing temperature sensor that makes temperature checking easy. To use it, you will be required to turn on your GPS location and internet connection.

The fun aspect about this app is that you can also use it as a prank thermometer app. With the aid of fake GPS apps, it can serve as an effective prank app.

Google Play | Smart Thermometer

5. Smarttemp:

Smarttemp is one of the best temperature measure apps you’re ever going to come across.

This body temperature checking app allows you to create individual temperature checking accounts for your family members.

You can also track the temperature results of each family member and have them saved.

This take your temperature app also comes with a reminder feature that notifies you at frequent intervals to check your temperature. It also comes with an add-note feature that allows you to record your temperature results.

Google Play | Smarttemp

6. iCelsius:

This topnotch thermometer app is available to both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

This take your temperature app works exactly like a bona fide thermometer would and more. It comes with relevant features such as alarms, zoom options, analytic graphs, record readings, and add-note features that allow you to take, save, and edit notes.

You can also name these notes and add titles as well as images.

If you’re running high temperatures, you can quickly utilize this thermometer app to know your exact temperature readings. Give it a shot now!

Google Play | iCelsius

7. Thermo:

If you’re looking to have an easy-to-use thermometer app, then Thermo has some quality features to offer.

This temperature checking app allows you to know the exact temperature readings of your surroundings for free. You only need to turn on your GPS location as well as having a steady internet connection.

With Thermo, temperatures can be gotten in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. If you’re looking to always be aware of the temperature of your immediate environment, then the Thermo app is a must-have.

Google Play | Thermo

8. Fever Tracker:

Fever Tracker is yet another prank thermometer app that allows you to goof around with your friends.

This app gives a fake fever report. To use it, you simply need to place any of your fingers, preferably your index finger, in the scanning pad provisioned in the app and, in some seconds; your temperature results will be displayed.

You should also bear in mind that this take your temperature app is entirely for fun as it produces no viable results. If you’re looking to prank a couple of friends, then this is probably a fun and free way to begin.

Google Play | Fever Tracker

9. Thermometer and Hygrometer:

As one of the best temperature measure apps, Thermometer and Hygrometer is a two-in-one thermometer app used for checking body temperature as well as the humidity level of your environment.

This app is available to both iPhone and Android smartphone users.

This temperature checking app allows you to transform your mobile device into a digital thermometer that you can use to check the temperature of your current location. It also serves as a body temperature checking app.


Thanks to its lightweight size, this app can come in handy if you’re overly concerned about not overloading your smartphone with excess apps.

Google Play | Thermometer and Hygrometer

10. EasyBBQ:

If you happen to be a cook, then this app will definitely come in handy as you can use it to check the temperature of what you’re cooking.

On the plus side, it comes with a fully customized countdown timer. This thermometer app gives you graphical temperature readings and allows you to compare them with previous ones.

You can also open and monitor six temperature probes at once on your smartphone. This feature is very good if you’re looking to multitask.

Google Play | EasyBBQ

Final Thoughts

With the temperature measure apps discussed above, checking your temperature shouldn’t be difficult again as you can simply do so with your smartphone.

Most of these temperature measure apps come with efficient functionalities that are poised at making your temperature checking quite seamless.

The good news is that most of these apps are available for free.

From the abovementioned ones, you can pick the thermometer app that best suits you and get to work.

Feel free to sample two or more apps until you arrive at the one that serves you best.