Standing desks was strange to a lot of people as people did not realize the benefits of standing while working.


The idea of standing desks was strange to a lot of people as people did not realize the benefits of standing while working, it seemed a bit untraditional. 

A standing desk, also called a stand-up desk, will support you while getting work done. 

They are comfortable and can keep you even more active while you do your work. 

Since the standing desk became adopted by a lot of users, there have been modifications and better versions made to allow for more comfort.

Some adjustable newer models let you alter the height at different times to suit your needs. These models are often called the sit-and-stand desks. 

According to health specialists and researchers, there are also fitness benefits associated with adopting standing desks.

It can increase alertness and make you become more productive. 

These researches are still in the early stages so in time more benefits and merits will materialize. 

Most people may not know it but sitting too much limits productivity and can cause obesity and other health issues that a standing desk will not permit.

In current times, standing desks have gained a lot of popularity and this has increased demand which has led to an increase in the production of standing desks to cope with the market demand.

Naturally, the manufacturers are trying to outdo each other and that has increased the options to choose from. 

Deciding on which standing desks are the right ones to pick is becoming more difficult. 

This article attempts to narrow it down to the ten best standing desks so you can make better-informed choices. 

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The best ten standing desks to consider in no particular order include;

RA Newheights Presidente Reception Desk

It is an impressive standing desk with elegant features that aims to make a grand first impression. 

It looks very professional and classy so it gives the user and the workplace an air of seriousness. 

It is not cheap for obvious reasons. It is priced at over three thousand dollars.

It is adjustable and can be converted into a sitting desk to suit your needs. 

You do not have to worry about moving around since it comes with electric motors too. 

Various heights fall between twenty-nine and forty-nine inches and can carry weights of up to three hundred pounds.
There is a variety of design options so the problem of monotony has been eliminated already. 

Feel free to pick any model that suits your taste.

Jarvis Evolve Standing Desk

Talk about gorgeously fashioned standing desks. 

The Jarvis Evolve standing desk is the first choice for a lot of users. It is not cheap but it is ideal for people that work from home. 

It is designed to fit into a home set up while also reminding you that it is still meant for a workspace.
It is always fitted with three drawers and a lot of standing desks do not have this. The sizes fall between 48 x 27 inches and 72 x 27 inches. 

It can carry weights of up to three hundred and fifty pounds and the height is adjustable. 

It costs almost two thousand dollars.

Ikea Idasen Sit/Stand Desk

Ikea is well-known for making budget furniture but the Ikea Idasen desk costs more than others because it is not your regular fixture. 

It was built to be strong and eye-catching. It also has an adjustable height. 

What is so mind-blowing about it is that it can be maneuvered remotely with a smartphone as it is fitted with Bluetooth connectivity. 

 It is arguably one of the best new age sit/stand desks and it does not even cost too much. 

With its strong, smart and elegant attributes, five hundred and fifty-nine dollars is not a steep price to pay.

Uplift V2 Bamboo Standing Desk

This is one of our standing desk recommendations that have a humble and decent appearance. 

It is strong and simple in a beautiful way. 

It allows you to have lots of workroom and can carry quite some weight.
It costs about six hundred and forty-nine dollars to order it from Amazon. 

It comes with a balance board as well. It is also very durable furniture. It can support up to three hundred and fifty-five pounds. 

Uplift Height Adjustable Conference Table 

This sit-stand desk is space friendly. It gives you room to host a lot of people in your work area.
It can be adjusted to become a sitting desk so it can serve dual purposes. It is quite strong and durable while still being very simple. 

Autonomous Smart Desk 2 – Home Office

This standing desk is quite popular for an affordable piece of furniture. It is rated among the most simply designed standing desks out there. 

It may not be as sophisticated as other tables but it serves its purpose.
It is also fairly durable and sturdy. 

Autonomous L-Shaped SmartDesk

This is yet another great delivery from Autonomous but this one conserves space by fitting into corners as it is shaped like an L. 

This work desk can support tons of weight as well - as much as three hundred and thirty pounds. 

It has height variations that fall between twenty-eight and a half to forty-seven and a half inches. 

Autonomous SmartDesk DIY Kit

Just like the previous Autonomous desks, this SmartDesk kit is strong and fairly affordable.
It can carry up to three hundred pounds of weight. It is also adjustable with varying heights.

Seville Classics 23.6″ Height Adjustable Desk Cart

This is a furniture item is rather petit so it does not take much of your space at all. Moreover, it can be adjusted to suit most people.

It is also very affordable - it costs about thirty-three dollars and some cents.

SHW Standing Desk Converter Riser Workstation

This standing desk is cheap yet it has a simple and attractive design. It can support up to thirty pounds in weight. 

It is also space-friendly. It costs approximately eighty dollars and some change.

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The Roundup

This is the end of our post on the best standing desk options. 

Feel free to check back on this page for the latest updates on upcoming models.

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