Sony PS5 design revealed? Stunning ‘first look’

Sony on June 11 presented what will finally be the PlayStation 5. We have finally been able to see the design of the new PlayStation 5, there is no doubt that Sony has caught us all with his foot changed.

Sony  PS5 design revealed? Stunning ‘first look’

After the conference was postponed due to the anti-racist protests that the US has been experiencing in recent days, Sony yesterday presented what will finally be the PlayStation 5.

We already have the first games and we have even been able to see the design of both the console and the controls and their peripherals.

A presentation that lasted longer than many expected - about an hour and a quarter-, and where there was time to present a wide variety of new games, long-awaited continuations of known sagas, new IPs and a good handful of indie titles. .

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Sony PlayStation 5 hits the target: this is the final design of the new next-gen console from Sony

After several months of receiving leaks that have turned out to be false, we have finally been able to see the design of the new PlayStation 5.

You may like it more or less, but there is no doubt that Sony has caught us all with his foot changed. You did it, Sony.

The design of the console abandons the corporate black of the previous PS2, PS3, and PS4 to embrace a white finish with certainly futuristic airs, curved lines, and a black central core accompanied by blue backlights that delimit the margins of the machine.

Another highlight was the presentation of the console vertically, although to this day it is still unknown whether it will be possible to “lie down” horizontally.

Something that for many could mean the renovation of the living room furniture due to a lack of space; that or take the console to another room where it can be more easily accommodated or attract less attention ... which remedy. UPDATED.

It seems that Sony has finally confirmed that the console can also be placed horizontally, as you see in the image below.

In addition to that, two models of the console have been presented: one with a disc reader and another version "Digital Edition" without a slot to introduce physical games.

A clear wink that points to an all-digital future where the physical support has less and less weight, and more if we take into account that most games nowadays usually require the download of patches and additional content from the first day of its release to the market.

Along with the new machine - which already has its first memes, comparing it with a router or with the very tower of the eye of Sauron - we have also been able to see a little more of the new Dual Sense controls, as well as other accessories such as a charging station for the controls, Pulse 3D wireless headset, HD webcam and remote control for multimedia content playback.

The games: quantity and quality in equal parts

The bulk of the PlayStation 5 presentation has been geared towards showcasing some of the console's early games.

The conference got off to a strong start with the announcement of Spider-Man: Miles Morales, the follow-up to one of the biggest PlayStation exclusives of recent years.

A title that will be available at the start or almost, since there is still no exact launch date- from Christmas this year.

We have also been able to see trailers, cinematics, and gameplay of other highly anticipated games such as Resident Evil 8: Village, Horizon Forbidden West (sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn), Gran Turismo 7, a new Ratchet & Clank for PS5 and the Demon's remake Souls. In addition to the new NBA 2K21 with hyperrealistic graphics that will undoubtedly have caused more than one cold sweat.

From the hand of Square Enix, we have been able to see the first images of Project Athia, a new exclusive that will be released on PS5 on dates yet to be determined (although it seems that the game is still in a very early phase of development).

Returnal is a third-person shooter that mixes horror and space science fiction, and Kena: Bridge of Spirits is an open-world game that is powerfully reminiscent of Nintendo's Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

A striking detail is that at no point in the presentation has there been any mention of the much talked about and expected backward compatibility with PS4.

Everything points to the fact that certain console titles with improved features can be played, although this is a factor that will obviously be completely ruled out for those who bet on the digital version without a physical reader of PlayStation 5.

Two versions: one with the reader and one digital

There will be two versions of the console. The first is the classic one, with its disc reader for those who like to buy games at physical stores.

The second, obviously, is a Digital Edition without a reader, so all the games will have to be downloaded in digital format or played via streaming via PS Now.

Prices and availability of any of the versions have not been revealed, so we cannot affirm that the fully digital edition will be more affordable than the standard one.

Along with the console, Sony has presented a batch of accessories, all of them with the same design lines and, in this case, with a strong commitment to white, black and blue.

It's pretty daring move on the part of Sony, whose consoles have always been eminently black. The accessories are as follows:

  • Pulse 3D: Wireless headphones with 3D sound and noise cancellation.
  • HD Camera: with the lenses with FullHD resolution so that players can stream.
  • Media Remote: remote control with a microphone to browse streaming services.
  • DualSense Charging Station: a USB Type C charging base to charge two remotes at once.

Although the company has shown in the presentation video, the console appears vertically, it should be noted that the Playstation 5 can be placed horizontally without any major problem.


In short, a presentation with a lot of content and many games, that has not left anyone indifferent and that will undoubtedly give a lot to talk about in the coming months until the official launch of the console in Christmas of this 2020 remember, this is not yet been announced what will be the price and its official departure date.