Best Smartphone Camera Grips & Rigs- 2021

Here are the best smartphone camera grips and rigs for 2021. You’ll need the right tools and camera grips & rigs to capture more professional looking pictures.

Best Smartphone Camera Grips & Rigs- 2021

Thanks to technological evolution, modern smartphone cameras can generate vivid, elegant, and attractive images.

So if your smartphone/mobile isn’t the only camera you have these days, it’s almost certainly your primary one.

Yes, smartphone cameras are good, and many Vloggers and YouTubers make use of theirs for major video production projects and live streaming.

But they still can’t provide the classic and professional-looking photos and videos that conventional cameras can.

You’ll need the right tools and camera rigs to capture more professional looking pictures, and videos with your phone.

Fortunately, there exist a plethora of accessories that can be used to improve on the quality of videos and photos taken with your smartphone.

You’ll find the best options to consider right here.

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Do You Need A Camera Grip Or Rig for your Smartphone?

You must first decide on which is the better option for you.

Smartphone camera grips are smaller and more rigid, but they are also much more portable.

Such tools are made especially for users who demand more performance from their smartphones but with added stability, a few extra features, and a better grasp.

Smartphone camera rigs, on the other hand, are for people looking to improve the performance of their smartphone camera.

Apart from providing added stability and features, these rigs also come with multiple mounts for microphones, lights, lenses, and many more professional accessories.

Here are the 5 best Smartphone Grips for 2021

  1. Pictar Mark II
  2. Adonit Photogrip Qi
  3. ShutterGrip
  4. Shoulderpod S2
  5. Shoulderpod G2

1. Pictar Mark II

This smartphone accessory delivers in terms of making your mobile device feel snugger when holding it as a camera.

It is also one of the most attractive and most easy-to-use smartphone camera grips we’ve sampled so far.

This accessory can easily accommodate one-half of your smartphone and you’ll also love its classic design.

The Pictar Mark II also features a shutter button, a zoom ring, an exposure compensation wheel, different shooting modes, and a smart wheel to change presets.

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2. Adonit Photogrip Qi

With this remarkable smartphone accessory, you can own a photographer’s kit that represents good value for your money.

It offers a firmer grasp for improved stability while taking pictures.

This smartphone grip can also double as a phone stand and a charger for juicing up your smartphone while it is docked.

You’ll be pleased to find a small tripod, Bluetooth remote, a pouch, along a neck strap.

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3. ShutterGrip

ShutterGrip is a must-have smartphone accessory designed to improve the grip of your mobile device while capturing photos.

It essentially makes your smartphone feel very much like a traditional camera but without having to twist your fingers around while using one hand to hold it steady.

ShutterGrip also features a detachable Bluetooth shutter push-button for capturing images from afar.

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4. Shoulderpod S2

This top-quality handle grip can perform 3 different functions: Tripod Mount, Traveller Stand, and Filmmaker Handle.

The Shoulderpod S2 offers a strong and portable gripping solution for your mobile device.

It can fit most smartphones and was built with top quality materials that can last for a lifetime.

It has no buttons, controls, or any other kind of integrated technology.

You’ll find it has a tripod screw to offer added stability, a detachable wooden handle, and an elegant leather wrist strap.

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5. Shoulderpod G2

You can get the Shoulderpod G2 to own an advanced and reliable grip that is compatible with nearly all modern mobile devices.

This universal grip can accommodate any model of the smartphone – with or without its case.

It features flexible rubber-padded jaws that can firmly hold any mobile device between 65 – 90 mm wide.

The Shoulderpod G2 does not support wireless charging, in-built batteries, Bluetooth, or any other kind of fancy features.

However, it can boast of a solid build, remarkable ergonomics, as well as the ability to quickly expand the capabilities of any smartphone.

This affordable tool also comes with 6 cold shoes to mount your accessories along with a pair of tripod mounts for adjusting orientation.

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Best Smartphone Camera Rigs for 2021

1. Beastgrip Pro

You can take your smartphone photography skills to the next level with the Beastgrip Pro; a universal rig system and lens adapter that supports any mobile phone.

Thanks to its adaptable design and secondary features, it has ranked among the most trendy smartphone camera grips on the market.

This smartphone grip can expand both vertically and horizontally to accommodate a wide range of mobile devices.

The built-in handgrip offers a more secure and ergonomic grasp for steady shots.

It also has an adjustable lens mount that can support almost any smartphone.

You can further expand the quality and possibilities this unit offers by purchasing an adapter for integrating DSLR lenses into the system.

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2. Dreamgrip Evolution Mojo

This Universal smartphone transformer rig was built for people looking to have a comprehensive system for enhancing smartphone photographs and videos.

This complete rig consists of a shotgun microphone, dual molded grips, 2 LED lights, a pair of clamp holders, along a mount for lenses.

Those who wish to further extend this rig’s functions can purchase extra grips, lights, monitors, and more secondary cameras.

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3. Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig

Are you on the lookout for the best smartphone tripod?

Check out the Joby Gorillapod Mobile Rig – arguably the ultimate multipurpose tool for capturing creative photographic and video content.

These versatile tripods even have a couple of extra arms that are equipped with connections for microphones, lights, and more.

Moreover, you can always remove all of these extensions when they are not needed.

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4. IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

Of course, today’s smartphones can capture astonishing video and photo content, but their audio quality is a different ballgame.

Enter the IK Multimedia iKlip A/V smartphone rig.

Besides the phone mount and ergonomic grip, the iKlip A/V has everything needed to run specialized wireless audio.

It even features a wireless mount receiver, phantom power controls, an XLR input, and a headphone output for sound checks.

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Buy IK Multimedia iKlip A/V

The Round-Up

We trust you enjoyed reading our post about the best grips and rigs for your smartphone.

Each one of them can raise your phonographic game so you must choose wisely to suit your purpose!