PCloud Review | Cloud storage forever

pCloud service is a tool for storing files in the cloud it is best known for its compatibility, intuitive interface, and amazing capacity of up to 2 TB with a lifetime license plan.

PCloud Review | Cloud storage forever

Today we are increasingly dependent on our storage to keep as many files as possible. 

We no longer just limit ourselves to saving photos and videos, we also have series, movies, music, games, documents, apps, and a wide variety of things that consume space on the computer's hard drive, in the cell phone memory, or on the external SSD.

While all the alternatives for backing up and preserving files are efficient, cloud storage is one of the most popular today. 

The reason is very simple, its diversification makes it a very simple multiplatform option to use.

In simpler words, we can save our things from any device and access it on another without problems.

We have tested one of the most useful tools to make your cloud storage secure and complete. 

PCloud's service is one of the best known for its compatibility, intuitive interface, and amazing capacity of up to 2 TB with a lifetime license plan. Something quite innovative in today's market. 

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What is pCloud? Main features

A pCloud service is a tool for storing files in the cloud. It works very similar to other services such as MEGA, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and a long, etc. 

But pCloud brings other remarkable features, especially regarding its ease of use on any device and its security with encrypted files.

Multiplatform for All Devices

We can download it on various systems such as Windows, macOS, or Linux, as well as it is also possible to install the app on Android and iOS mobiles. 

Its client software is very easy to configure, and it consumes few resources.

We can even find extensions for browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, to store files without having to download the tool. 

Download for Play store: pCloud: Free Cloud Storage

Download for App Store: pCloud - Cloud Storage

Servers in Secure Locations

Its system is quite transparent and we can choose between the servers that function as a data center, located in the Dallas and Texas area in the United States, or in Luxembourg in Europe; both countries comply with the respective GDPR regulations

Additionally, pCloud is headquartered in Switzerland and follows strict regulations regarding the handling of personal data.

Security and Encryption

To strengthen your security, the tool has added server-side 256-bit AES encryption, making it one of the most secure encryption today. 

On the other hand, the communications between the client device and the server are done following the TLS protocols to keep the files encrypted at all times during the sending and downloading. 

But we also have the pCloud Encryption feature, a folder that is used to encrypt data from the client device, through a password that only the user manages.

That way you protect your files, even when someone has access to your hard drive. However, you cannot change or modify that access password, so try not to lose it.

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All File Management Functions

So far we've talked about its security-focused features, including its Crypto folder, as well as its cross-platform ability to use the tool from any device anywhere. 

Now it's time to evaluate each of its functions to load, back up, and delete files, some of which are specific to this tool and are not available in other alternatives.

Navigate between Files 

The first tab that we can observe, once we enter the web tool, is the " Browse " which allows us to review all the folders and files that we are saving, which indicate their size and last modification date.

From here we can upload or download more files, create new folders, rename existing ones, share, copy, move, delete, and everything necessary to manage our files with ease.

Some folders are also stored here by default, which is used to save files automatically if synchronization is activated. 

Their names are in English, and even though we rename or delete them, they may continue to appear as they are a native part of the program. 

It is important to keep this in mind if you automatically store your files.

Public Folder 

The public folder is an additional area, which we must enable previously, where we can create direct links to all the information that we want to leave in the public domain. 

It works quite well as a static content server, where you can save images, static HTML pages, or even download links to other files in the folder (and Subfolders).

You must bear in mind that the files stored in the public folder will be accessible from the internet as long as the person has the corresponding URL. 

In addition, it is necessary to have a Premium plan to enjoy this feature, while the basic plan only supports it for a 7-day trial.

Restore Extended File History 

pCloud also has a very interesting function to go back in the account settings.

This stores a history of files and allows you to provide a preview of the account, from a certain point in the past. 

In this way, it is possible to restore, recover, and download files and folders that were moved by mistake.

If you use the basic plan, you can only browse files up to 15 days old, without the option to restore or download. 

With the premium plans, you can use the recovery options up to 30 days ago.

And it is possible to add this function as an extension, to recover files from up to a year ago.

Backups of other Platforms 

Another interesting feature offered by pCloud is the ability to create backup copies of files stored in storage services that are competing. 

To do this, it is only necessary to access the "Backup" tab and choose between Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, or Instagram

Then you select the Start button and wait for the process to complete.

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Recycle Bin 

The recycle bin is the location for files and folders that have been deleted. That way, they can always be restored at any time, even when using account history. 

However, if the files have been permanently removed from the recycle bin, it will not be possible to recover them in any way.

Carpeta Crypto 

PCloud's Crypto folder is quite an interesting feature, and one of the main reasons this service pays off.

This feature requires an additional subscription, $ 3.99 per month (for an annual subscription) or $ 4.99 per month (for a monthly subscription).

This cost applies to all plans, including the free one, except the Bussines that includes it for free.

Its function is to encrypt the data from the client device to increase security and prevent it from being compromised in any way.

The password that the user can set to encrypt the folder can (and should) be different from the credentials.

However, it is very important not to lose it because neither the support nor anyone else, can change this encryption key.

File Sharing and Request Options

In addition to being able to access our files from pCloud, we can also share them with other people. 

To do this, we just have to select one of the files and select the share tab, where then it gives us the option to choose the way we are going to share it.

Those links or folders that we share can be found in the "Shared" tab.

We can generate unique access for the people who have the link, it is also possible to assign a password with an expiration date to protect the information.

The way we share links and files, we can request access to files from other accounts and work with shared folders.

Marked Links

The shared links also can be personalized, to apply Branding. In these cases, it is possible to assign a text, a cover image, and even a title image to the link.

Which makes it a much more professional way to share links, especially if you are a business.

For the basic plan, you can barely have a single Branding link; however, with premium plans, it is possible to customize all necessary brand links.


Something quite curious with this cloud storage, which we do not see in other alternatives, is that it integrates an audio player. 

Although from the file manager we can access PDF files, images, audio, and video; pCloud has a dedicated function to organize your favorite music, it can be by the artist, Album and you can even create your own playlist. 

Something quite curious with this cloud storage, which we do not see in other alternatives, is that it integrates an audio player. 

   pCloud Plans and Costs

This cloud storage service has different plans depending on its capacity and the various tools it can use.

You can choose the one that best suits your needs but take into account that the free mode is the most limited.

Free Plan: Offers a storage capacity of up to 10 GB, with a period of up to 15 days for files in the trash and without the possibility of restoring extended history. 

Premium plan: This plan is to get up to 500 GB of storage, with bookmarked links, 30 days of trash history, and features released.

It costs $ 4.99 for a monthly subscription, $ 47.99 for an annual subscription, and $ 175 for a lifetime subscription. 

Premium Plus Plan: A plan very similar to the premium, with storage of up to 2 TB.

It costs $ 9.99 for the monthly subscription, $ 95.88 for the annual subscription, and a lifetime subscription for just $ 350. 

Family Plan: This is a plan with storage up to 2 TB, which we can distribute among 5 simultaneous accounts.

Each account has its own personal space, with a certain amount of its own storage, and with all the premium functions enabled.

It costs $ 500 and is a lifetime subscription, so it would be a one-time payment. 

Business Plan: This option is more focused on companies and work teams. It offers the functions of pCloud, with 1 TB storage per user.

The cost depends on the number of total users, but you can only have a minimum of 3 users for each company.

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In Conclusion...

Overall, pCloud is a great cloud storage service that works like a backup hard drive.

Its extensive multi-system and multi-language support, large storage capacity, and comprehensive features (even for the free version), plus its competitive prices, make it one of the best tools of its kind. 

The options for sharing files, folders, and links are very good, with innovative features.

On the other hand, your Crypto folder is safe and worth purchasing, although acquiring it requires an additional cost. 

We can find alternative apps that lock the folders, but none of them store the files in the cloud.

Without a doubt, one of the most remarkable aspects is its one-time payment plan to acquire a lifetime license. 

If you are thinking of acquiring this storage tool for more than 4 years, then it is an option that you cannot miss. 

For what pCloud, it is, in general, a useful tool and more than recommended.