Best IMEI changer root apps for Android

Here are the best IMEI changer root apps for android. IMEI changing apps are complete and particular and will allow you to verify, check, modify, repair, access, and read the IMEI code of your smartphone.

Best IMEI changer root apps for Android

Many times, our smartphone begins to have problems with coverage, it is not able to capture the signal, either because the Imei was damaged, or the logic card of the device was changed. 

And, when our equipment is damaged, there are those who go to unofficial technical services, who replace parts of the device. 

But this problem can be solved with one of these Best Imei changer root apps for Android.

In we did an exhaustive investigation of the most complete and effective apps to solve problems related to the IMEI. 

We recommend always to go by the law, we do not promote the inappropriate use of these applications nor are we responsible for changes to your device. 

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Here are the 10 Best Imei changer root apps for Android   

  1. IMEI Generator & Phone Specs
  2. Ghost Phone
  3. MTK Engineering Mode
  4. Unlock or Release At & t Cell Phones
  5. IMEI
  6. My IMEI Tool
  7. IMEI check - faker device
  8. Recover Cell Phones
  9. Get Device ID, IMEI, MAC Addr
  10. IMEI Generator (Free)

1. IMEI Generator & Phone Specs

The best way to change the IMEI of your device, and make it work again, is with the IMEI Generator. 

This application has an extraordinary database, with more than 100 of the most popular devices, to solve problems related to the IMEI. 

If for some reason your Android phone no longer has this code, you can easily generate it with this app, which in turn will allow you to take the necessary steps to restore it quickly.

It should be noted that among the recognized brands supported by IMEI Generator we have Samsung and Huawei.

Furthermore, this app allows you to do two actions by generating an IMEI code: to change the original IMEI, which for some particular reason no longer works. 

Or repair it quickly, making your device revive and start working in no time, standing out among the applications to replace IMEI. 

2. Ghost Phone

Another alternative that you should try is this. Ghost Phone will allow you to replace the IMEI of your device that has stopped working for different reasons. 

You just have to download it, install it, and let it do an analysis of your phone to quickly generate fully valid IMEI codes that can be installed on the cell phone. 

The app is even tested on thousands of Android phones and has managed to repair them successfully.

On the other hand, Ghost Phone is capable of modifying the encrypted code that the IMEI contains, to add one that works on your smartphone

But, as if that were not enough, this application is also capable of repairing your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Android Id, since it can also modify the Mac addresses to make them work and allow the phone to be lifted from its paperweight function, becoming one of the best apps to change IMEI. 

3. MTK Engineering Mode

Many of the Android devices have a MediaTek processor which can have IMEI problems. And with MTK Engineering Mode you can solve it quickly. 

What stands out among the applications to revive IMEI, is that it allows you to enter the advanced service model that comes by default in these devices, to modify the code and be able to revive it after a long time out of service. This app generates completely valid and usable IMEI codes. 

Meanwhile, through the app, you can make other deep and advanced settings on your Android phone. 

Although to get there it is essential to have basic knowledge in the handling of this tool or take a look at an internet tutorial. 

On the other hand, the app does not work for phones with other types of processors other than MediaTek, so, if that is your case, it will not help you much.

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4. Unlock or Release At & t Cell Phones

Maybe you don't like downloading advanced applications that can mess up your device. 

Well, with this app you can unlock your IMEI in record time since all the work will be done by an expert.

Unlock or unlock phone is an app that offers an IMEI code unlocking service over the internet. 

You will only have to enter your data and place an order, which in exchange for a monetary fee, you will receive an IMEI code in the next few days with instructions on how to install it.

Do not worry about the latter, because the way to enter the code does not require advanced configurations or will force you to check for others between the settings of your Android.

The app is even capable of offering you valid and verifiable IMEI codes, even for the newest phones, because they have a database that is periodically expanded. 

Don't waste any more time and give these a try to apps unlock IMEI. 


Many times we do not want to make adjustments to our IMEI, but to access this information easily and comfortably. 

We may also want to change this code with another app, but we need to know the real IMEI number. Well with this app you can do just this. 

Imei does not offer you advanced functions nor does it allow you to add configurations or editions to your Android phone, so you will only be able to know the information that it provides you.

Among the details available to be viewed we find the option to know the IMEI 1 and IMEI 2 numbers, information regarding the sim card, such as its functionality status, telephone number, and more. 

You can even access information about the device, its use, or the system settings, making it one of the most useful and simple IMEI changing apps. 

6. My IMEI Tool

We all love all-in-one apps, and My Imei Tool is one of them. With this app you will be able to analyze your IMEI code to determine if it is valid or not, allowing you to know if the problem is precisely about said code, or to rule out completely. 

In addition, its database is verifiable among the thousands of devices that are available, so you will know if your phone can be recovered.

But that's not all, because My Imei Tool works as an advanced and valid code generator for your installation. 

Yes, what you need is to generate and create a code that works on your smartphone, and then install it in an easier way, you will only need the app to generate it for you and then follow the installation instructions of an internet tutorial. 

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7. IMEI check - faker device

More functions are always available. And this app is no exception. IMEI check will let you know if your smartphone is fake or real through IMEI code verification. 

This means that, if the mobile you have is cheated, or it is a stolen, reported, or repowered device, you can find out by consulting its IMEI code through this app, being one of the most specific applications to consult IMEI. 

8. Recover Cell Phones

If you are Peruvian, this app will help you a lot. Cell Phone Recovery was launched to track down those devices that are illegally traded within Peru through the illegal trade in second-hand devices. 

Its database is linked to that of the competent authorities in that country, so if you are going to buy a phone, the best thing you can do is verify its IMEI through this app, ideal among applications to verify IMEI. 

9. Get Device ID, IMEI, MAC Addr

Informational apps never end. Get Device ID will allow you to get first-hand and completely legal and verifiable information from your Android smartphone. 

This will be essential to know your IMEI code, Wi-Fi Mac address, Bluetooth, or signal quality in a given location. So it is one of the simplest and simplest IMEI changing apps of all.

10. IMEI Generator (Free)

Complete and functional, Imei Generator stands out among the applications to change IMEI. Well, it is a code generator that can be modifiable on phones and devices with an MTK processor through the advanced service mode. 

In addition, you can also verify the root of your phone, to know if it has the Root installed, or if it needs to be added to obtain advanced permissions. 

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In Conclusion...

In short, all the IMEI changing apps are complete and particular and will allow you to verify, check, modify, repair, access, and read the IMEI code of your smartphone.

Whether you need to revive it, know the information to use it on another personal computer, or simply as a learning method if you find yourself taking an advanced Android phone repair course, which can often mean a significant income method.

At we listen to the requests of our users, and we are aware of the problem that occurs most of the time with IMEI codes. 

So we decided to investigate and bring you a complete and advanced review of the most useful apps to change IMEI, based on user comments, and on the ratings obtained in stores like Play Store.

This was our 10 best IMEI changing apps. Enjoy reliving the code of your Android!