How to Spy on Someone's Phone Without Touching It (2020)

Here we know about why people want to spy on mobiles without installing anything and want to spy on mobile without touching it or want to know how to control someone else's phone.

How to Spy on Someone's Phone Without Touching It (2020)

The modern dynamics of our lives have changed dramatically in recent years. Cell phones, computers, tablets, everything is inter-connected and allow us agility and practicality never seen before. 

Resulting in an increase in the communicational flow and coupled with it a crucial human variable: intrigue and curiosity.

The reasons why people want to spy on mobiles without installing anything and want to spy on mobile without touching it or want to know how to control someone else's phone are many.

In this article, we are not going to criticize ethical principles or anything like it. We understand that there are situations that are more understandable than others to evaluate or judge spying on another person's mobile.

This article focuses on an informative and educational nature, calling for the good judgment of readers regarding the potential use and application of the knowledge developed in this article.

We are going to inform you about the easy tricks to spy on mobile phones.

We are not encouraging or motivating hacking someone else's mobile since the unauthorized intrusion into the personal data of any person without their express consent and agreement means a violation of the law and therefore we insist and suggest that any person obtain legal advice before to carry out or attempt to initiate espionage actions on other people's devices.

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How can I spy on another mobile?

Traditionally and popularly, certain methods have become relatively known to be able to spy on a mobile phone, but in the end, these techniques that I will explain in this section, today are no longer reliable or secure.

SIM card duplication:

This technique aims to duplicate, understand clone, a SIM card in order to have the possibility of having another twin phone where you will see all the activity that occurs on the original device. This method is very complex, difficult to implement, and very unstable.

Find my device from Google:

This feature for Android is another possible alternative. Find my device is an option that must be active on the phone you want to spy on and that will allow you a reduced spying capacity, mainly it will show you the geographical location of the person being spied on.

To view it, you must enter the Google account associated with the device through any browser and it will be graphically located on a map.

To make this method work you must know the account credentials and make sure that the "Find my device" function is active within the settings of the Android mobile to spy.

Search my iPhone:

It is the version used for Apple phones and tablets and has a similar logic.

To locate an iOS device you must enter a web browser to "Find my device" and log in with the iCloud data of the associated Apple device.

If the " Find my device " function is activated in this, a precise location of the device will be displayed. the device on a map.

Is it possible to spy a mobile phone number for free?

Here we will inform you and save you problems. The answer is no.

Lately, a considerable number of sites have flourished that promise you to be able to spy on your mobile by phone number, for free and only with the use of an internet page. This is generally a mere hoax and cheat. 

They are simply based on APK file downloads that end up installing malware on the devices, resulting in a problem and not a solution.

Other times they may request to complete certain forms or require a card or bank information in order to steal personal data and not giving any result or solution to what you are looking for.

More and more we know of numerous cases of people scammed since in their eagerness to get a quick and easy alternative they put their money at risk and end up accessing unreliable sites that demand unusual requirements like those mentioned above.

Please keep this information in mind when evaluating this type of site.

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The application to spy on another mobile?

An application to spy on another mobile is a piece of software developed by a company dedicated exclusively to cybersecurity with the capabilities and functionalities to spy on a mobile phone from another mobile or spy on mobile without having access to it and effectively and safely.

There are different types of these apps in the current market, some of them are free and others are paid.

There are those that require physical installation on the target device and those that allow control and surveillance without even physically touching it.

Mobile spy applications can be broad-spectrum, that is, those that have many functionalities and characteristics to monitor, track and recover a cell phone or those that provide a specific solution responding to a single problem, for example, location.

Spy App: Does It Really Work?

The Spy App has a reliable logic, once installed and configured, it collects data from the phone in the background, without being detected, and then sends said packet of information to a server through an internet connection.

Thus the person that this managing the espionage can view all the information collected through a remote control panel which can be accessed by any computer connected to the internet, in a totally secure way, with the corresponding access credentials.

These spy apps have many advantages when it comes to spying on mobile over the rest of the popularly known methods.

The advantages are:

  • Fast and secure deployment
  • Control Panel
  • Remote access to information
  • Access to data already deleted on the device
  • Professional technical support
  • Range of functions and features
  • Complementary options
  • Geo physical location
  • Recovery tools in case of theft or loss
  • Update that ensures results in the face of changes in the target technology

Do I need the other mobile to install the Spy App?

This is a great advantage of mobile spy apps. In case you need to spy on an iPhone cell phone, you can start surveillance and control without touching the phone since only with the data of the iCloud account associated with that cell phone you can spy on all its content.

In contrast to an Android phone, these devices are required to have physical access to the phone at least once to the proper installation. Which is very fast and simple in the case of mobile spy apps. 

You will also have technical support that will assist you, if necessary so that you can perform the rooting yourself, which is a requirement to be able to spy on Android phones.

If you find sites on the net that offer you to spy on Android phones without installing anything. 

I distrusted those promises that will be a mere trap and deception since it is technically not possible to spy on an Android mobile without touching it.

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What is the best Spy App for Android?

Among all the options that you can find in the virtual application market today there are three notable options :


This is a good option that has a proper installation process and a reasonable price. Its design is not the most elegant in the world and could be improved especially for a new public with little experience in the field.

It offers a good range of features such as access to call logs, messaging, photos, and videos as well as a good geographical location.

This application to spy on Android mobile offers a free demo.

✅ Pros:

  • Free demo
  • Acceptable price
  • Variety of functions

❌ Cons:

  • Interface design is not the most comfortable
  • Social media monitoring doesn't work as well as it promises in its advertising.


Android mobile spy application of growing popularity in a short time with an interesting range of functions.

It offers a normal installation and the interface design is correct. On the other hand, the app has a very attractive range of features.

It is important to note that the price is not the most competitive in relation to the general pack it offers.

✅ Pros:

  • Simple installation
  • Good interface

❌ Cons:

  • Price could be better
  • Technical support is not that reliable


This application to spy on Android mobile is very powerful and perhaps the best reputation in the market for offering a comprehensive solution at an unbeatable price.

We consider it the option to choose for its design, price, and a very powerful range of features and functions that cover location, security, and spying.

It offers remarkable features like keyloggers and the best technical support available.

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✅ Pros:

  • Accessible price
  • Excellent technical support
  • An extremely comprehensive range of functions
  • GPS location
  • Recovery tools
  • Remote lock
  • Easy installation

❌ Cons:

  • There is no free trial version

In Conclusion...

Choosing a suitable mobile spy tool can be difficult. Accessing the best option is vital for reliable and useful results. 

For this, you must have a precise and up-to-date knowledge of each option present in the market since the differences may seem subtle as a bird, but when analyzing each one in-depth, it comes to light that this is not the case. 

Having the best alternative will make a big difference in addition to maximizing the value of your money when purchasing a subscription.

It is for all this that if you want to have a strong and reliable app with the support of a serious company, mSpy will be of great help to you both for Android devices and also for devices based on iOS.