How to do a reverse image search on Google

In this article, you know about How to do a reverse image search on google. This is easy and suitable for all users who want to find an image on the net.

How to do a reverse image search on Google

The Google search engine has become a resource that we use almost daily on all devices. Its possibilities make us feel comfortable with it and it makes us find what we want. 

Its main objective is this, to give us what we really want and that is why it integrates options such as reverse image search that is not as well known as it should be.

This utility allows us to search the Internet for any image that we have on our computer, its possibilities go as far as our imagination goes, although we must be aware that not everything goes. 

Photos that we have taken ourselves will not appear, but nevertheless some images from newspapers, websites, or content are thrown on the web always have a long history behind them.

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How to search by image in Google

The most colloquial way to call this function is the image search, something that has been in Google for many years but has been going unnoticed. 

There are those who use it daily and if they removed it now they did not know how to live without it.

So that you can also take advantage of it, we are going to explain the steps you must follow on your devices to carry it out. This is easy and suitable for all users who want to find an image on the net.

Steps to follow to do a reverse search on the computer

The first thing we will need to be able to do a reverse search is undeniably to have an image with us, in our case we will use an image of a group of lions. 

You will be surprised to see at the end of the hole where an image that we had on your computer and we did not know its origin has taken us.

Once we have the image, we access the Google search engine and click on the images option that appears on the top right. 

Now that we are in the image search engine, it will allow us to do a reverse search with the option that is available by simply touching the camera icon next to the voice search.

This will display a series of options with a kind of superimposed tab. We see that one of the tabs is known as pasting image URL and the other as uploading an image. We explain how you can do these two types of reverse searches.

  • Paste URL

With any web address that we have for an image, we will be able to search without having to download or save the image. This is the ideal option when we want to know the origin of the image that is not on the computer.

  • Upload an image

In this case, it would be the ideal option for photographs or images that we have on our computer since we will only have to load them from the hard drive and Google images will do the rest.

Once we have used some of the methods, Google will give us a series of results with this image.

At the top, we can see the search that our image can respond to and various sizes with which we find this same photograph.

Below are links to publications where this photo was originally found with our language and if we want to find others, we just have to click on images and investigate where it comes from.

Finally, we see a group of similar images, those that do not have to be also of lions but maybe with similar color tones or color distributions that the artificial intelligence Google has confused.

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Reverse mobile image search

The device that we usually have with us the most is the mobile and we can also search for an image on Google with the mobile, so we show you the steps you must follow.

In our favorite browser, we are going to enter Google images and it will be very important that we touch in the upper corner to see the options and be able to use the computer mode.

Only then can we see the reverse image search. Now it will be a matter of choosing the URL option or from one of the mobile files.

You must bear in mind that the screen captures must be cut before because it will be very difficult for us to find what you are looking for.

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In Conclusion...

At Opjee we try to show you all the advanced and hidden Google options. That is why we explain the steps you must follow to do reverse searches on all devices and obtain the best result. 

And you, with what image are you going to try this trick?