How to fix a laptop that won't charge

Here in this article, you know about how to fix a laptop that won't charge. You can use the given steps to help you to identify the problem.

How to fix a laptop that won't charge

If we don't factor in the battery, our laptops could probably live almost forever. Of course, a computer with 10-year-old hardware should not be very useful but it will work, it would work without major headaches.

Except for the battery.

The batteries of the laptops that we find in the market have improved a lot in the last years but, as it happens with many other devices, they are the cause that our electronic articles stop working overtime.

Today, batteries tend to last about 3 years under normal use (if we have the laptop on day and night, this time will be drastically reduced). 

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Over the years, the most normal thing is that the laptop only works for 15 or 20 minutes with a charge or that it does not charge directly and you can only use it plugged into the power.

What can we do then?

Charge the battery with the computer off

Some laptops use a lot of power, so much so that they cannot efficiently charge the battery and perform demanding tasks at the same time. 

If the battery isn't charging as it should, shut down your computer completely and see if it works.

Check that the problem is not in the charger

The most common problem in these cases is that it is not the battery that is failing, but the charger.

This is easy to test and you don't need to buy a new power adapter to "test" it.

Just remove the battery completely from the computer and try to turn it on with the power adapter alone. 

If you can use it for a couple of hours without problems, obviously the adapter is fine and the problem is with the battery.

Clean the battery contacts

As you have already had to remove the battery in the previous step, it is worth making sure that the contacts of the battery and the laptop are clean. Replace the battery and try charging it again.

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Try a deep load

If the battery still doesn't charge because it's bad, you may be able to revive it with a deep charge cycle. 

First, check that it is completely discharged by turning on the computer with the battery installed (and the power adapter removed) until the laptop shuts down completely and does not start in any way.

Then leave the computer charging overnight and check, the next morning, if you can turn it on.

If you try all these troubleshooting steps and your battery is still not working properly, it's time to get a new battery. Or, if the laptop suffers an unfortunate accident, it might be time to replace everything.

Other solutions for the laptop battery

Check Windows power settings

Open the Control Panel of your computer and access the Power Options menu. Take a quick look to make sure there is nothing strange about the settings such as settings that cause the computer to shut down when a certain percentage of power is reached.

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Update drivers

When a component of the computer stops working normally, it is most likely that a driver is out of date or damaged. 

To update the battery drivers you must Open the Device Manager and, in Batteries, you will find several entries.

Typically there should be three, one for the battery itself, one for the charger, and a third called "Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method." 

Right-click on all these entries, select Properties, and in the driver tab look for the "Update Driver" button.

Once you've done this, restart the laptop and try plugging in the charger again.

Run the warranty or buy a new battery

When we get to this point, we have exhausted all the solutions to fix a laptop that won't charge. 

If you are still having problems, you should contact your computer's technical support team for help to see if, while still under warranty, you can get a replacement for the damaged battery, charger, or piece of equipment.

Note that batteries are rated consumable by all manufacturers, which means that they are generally not covered for more than six months under warranty. 

If this time has passed, you should find a battery compatible with your equipment, whose price is usually around 35 or 407 Dollars.

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The final word

At Opjee we want to help you solve problems with your laptop. That is why we give you the keys to learn how to solve battery problems. 

And you, do you have more problems with the battery?