How to Clear History, Cache on iPhone & iPad Safari [2020]

Here you will know about how to clear history, cache, on iPhone & iPad safari 2020. It allows you to free up memory space on your device.

How to Clear History, Cache on iPhone & iPad Safari [2020]

One of the most common maintenance tasks on your mobile is to delete the Safari history from your iPhone. 

This allows you to free up memory space on your device and ensures that your browsing is more optimal.

There are many methods to have your website visit log removed completely and here at Opjee, we will show you the most used and effective ones.

And is that when you perform this action you will not only be deleting stored junk files, but you will also be logging out of pages that you have forgotten to close and deleting any element that is tracking your browsing behavior. Keep reading!

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How to delete all search history from your iPhone or iPad

The iOS operating system is designed to store search data that may be useful the next time you decide to do the same query.

However, if you do not do that again, you will be left with a lot of data that you really do not need.

That is why many experts recommend deleting all search history from your iPhone. Then, we explain how to proceed in each case.

How to Clear Safari History on iOS

The first thing you should do when you want to erase the history of your iPhone is to check the storage that Safari is having.

As it is the default browser for your iOS devices, the system often uses it frequently to open content from many apps, so it accumulates a large amount of data and information, most of the time totally unnecessary.

Follow the following procedure step by step and discover how to remove it.

1. Unlock your mobile device and go to Settings.

2. Once there, locate Safari.

3. A menu with various options will be displayed. Press Clear history and website data.

4. Then confirm in the popup that you want to remove it. Click Clear History and data. And you will have it!

With this alternative, you will be deleting all the stored data, including forms or logins.

In addition, by using this method you will be guaranteeing the elimination of all those elements from the origin. 

And although you can do the same procedure from the same Safari browser, the truth is that not all junk data is usually deleted.

Therefore, with the method explained here you will be sure to erase everything completely.

How to Clear Google Chrome Search History on iPhone Mobile

In case you are a user more related to Google Chrome, you should know that this browser can store even more data than you imagine.

After all, a Chrome account is synced to other functions within your mobile, as well as other Google apps.

Therefore, you must also know the entire procedure to delete the history of the Google browser. We explain it to you:

1. Open the Chrome app on your iOS device.

2. Go to the bottom right of the window and click the button with the three dots.

3. A menu will be displayed, so you must click on the History option.

4. Just at the bottom left you will see a red option that indicates Clear browsing data. Click on it.

5. Now, a new window will open with all possible options. To do this, be sure to check the Browsing history box and set the time interval. If you want, you can also uncheck the items you don't want to remove from the list.

6. Then click on the Clear browsing data button.

7. A confirmation window will appear. Click Clear browsing data again.

8. Now, wait for all items to be deleted. When the process is complete, click OK at the top of the screen. And you will have it.

Likewise, it is also recommended that you use the content blocking settings to prevent some sites from accessing your mobile storage.

For this, you have several options, such as an extension within the same browser that will avoid unnecessary accumulation in the search registry.

How to delete a specific website from history

You can also select to delete only a specific item within the Chrome registry. For that, the steps may change a little. Let's see it:

1. Start by selecting the three-point menu in the browser.

2. Once the menu has been displayed, access the History tab.

3. At the bottom right of the popup, you will see the Edit button.

4. Now find and select all the sites you consider removing.

5. Finally, click Delete. Immediately, the web will no longer be part of history.

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How to Clear Google Maps History on iPhone

Believe it or not, applications like Google Maps and other location tend to store a lot of information. In this sense, they keep all the searches you have carried out in the past, as well as all the indications, photos, and additional information.

For this reason, you need to delete the history of this app regularly, especially if you use it every day. Follow the next steps to do it correctly:

1. Sign in to Google Maps on your iOS device.

2. Next, go to your account icon and press it.

3. In the menu select Settings, which is represented by a nut icon.

4. In the new window, swipe the screen until you find Account Settings and click the Maps History option.

5. Then click on the drop-down menu represented by 3 vertical dots.

6. Within this menu select the option Delete activity by.

Now, click on Custom Period. Here you can select which searches to delete and which not. Select in the new window the period of dates you need to delete and click Next. 

If you wish, you can also select always to get rid of everything, or Last minute or Last day to delete the latest.

When indicating an option, a pop-up window will appear. Click the Delete button. You have finished.

How to delete all call history

Another of the records that we tend to forget is that of calls. Although it doesn't actually store a lot of data, over time it can begin to affect the use of the calling app.

That is why knowing how to erase iPhone history within this section is very important. But first, remember to save all the numbers that you do not have registered because after deleting the registration you will not be able to recover them. We detail it below:

1. Open the Phone app. It is the traditional screen with numbers to dial.

2. In the lower toolbar, select the Recent section. You will see a list of all calls you have recently made or received.

3. In the upper right corner, you will see the Edit option. Select it. The typical selection sign or a red circle with the minus symbol will appear.

4. Tap the symbol for the specific calls you want to delete.

5. If you want to delete all the entries completely, click on the Delete option located in the upper left corner. A pop-up window will open in which you must confirm the action by pressing Delete recent.

All calls (missed, received, or made) will be removed. Remember that you are doing this procedure from the All tab, although you can choose  Lost in the upper central button before proceeding.

This way you will only be deleting the ones that you have not answered.

Of course, keep in mind that with this method the web pages that you have visited from Google Maps will not be deleted, such as the social networks of a local or your company page.

Neither the locations you have shared nor your reviews will disappear in case you have made a comment.

Factory restore your iPhone

Finally, we want to give you one last alternative, but this method is recommended only in case your mobile is so affected by the level of storage that it gets stuck or does not open the applications.

It is about deleting all personal settings within your team. Therefore, it will be as the first time you used it after the purchase, that is, with the factory parameters.

Absolutely everything will be eliminated (calls, messages, installed applications, photos, music, contacts, etc.).

For this reason, we consider it as a last resort. So do not do the restoration lightly, it is better that you use the alternatives exposed at the beginning to learn to erase the history of your iPhone and iPad.

We recommend that it will always be better than restoring it completely.

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In short, do not wait any longer and learn to erase the history of your iPhone and iPad so that you get rid of what is no longer useful and your device has optimal performance.