GTA V Cheats: All Codes, Unlockables, Quick Money and Secret Cheats

Here you will get a collection of GTA V cheats, codes, unlockables, quick money and secret codes and more. In addition, it also includes a multiplayer mode, and in its PC version.

GTA V Cheats: All Codes, Unlockables, Quick Money and Secret Cheats

Today we bring you a collection of GTA V cheats, codes for the PC version of GTA V, one of the best games of the decade that is experiencing a second youth thanks to promotions such as giving it away at the Epic Games Store.

And like any good game, it has its share of cheat codes to be able to cheat a bit or make it easier to pass.

These cheats cannot be used during missions, instead, you will have to use the codes when you are in sandbox mode exploring the world.

There are two ways to enter the codes, which are pressing the º key to open the game console or writing them directly to your character's mobile.

Each of the two methods has different codes for the trick. Remember that there is also a cheat system on PS4 and Xbox One.

Earlier this year, GTA V was already making history with 120 million units sold worldwide, so there are people starting to play it for the first time in 2020.

In addition, it also includes a multiplayer mode, and in its PC version, you can also benefit from several types of MOD, from which they substantially improve its graphics until they take it to virtual reality or recreate titles such as Vice City.

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GTA V cheats codes for PC

Next, we leave you the complete list with all the tricks of GTA V. We are going to give you a table format to make them easier to read, including the code for the game console, the code to enter on your mobile, and the description of what the trick does.


Console command

Mobile code

Trick Description




You become invincible for 5 minutes

Life and armor



Your life and your armor go up to the max

All weapons



You get all the weapons and the ammo goes up to the max.

Fire bullets



Your bullets are made of fire.

Explosive bullets



The bullets explode when you shoot them.

Explosive punches



Your punches explode when you hit someone.

Get a parachute



You get a parachute

Running speed



Your character can run faster




Throws you into the skies to free fall

Swimming speed



Your character is able to swim faster.

Super jump



Your character is able to jump higher

Reload skills



You will recharge your special abilities to be able to use them at the moment

the aim in slow motion



You will aim in slow motion to have more time to shoot better. Use it three times to maximize its effect.




It is no longer just aiming, but the whole game will go in slow motion.

Increase the level of police search



The police search is going to be increased by one level so that there are more troops chasing you.

Reduces the level of police search



If the escape has gotten too hot, this trick reduces the level of police search.

Black cellphone



Create an explosion from your mobile and get the Black Cellphone

Drunk mode



You will not need to drink anything, your character will get drunk instantly

Change the weather



Go changing the cycle of the weather state.

Moon gravity



Lower gravity, something that will affect driving and game physics

Slippery cars



The cars will seem to go on the snow since they will slip a lot.

Next, we leave you another list with tricks to summon different vehicles that you want to appear to you to start driving them instantly.

Here there will be no description in the table, only the name of the vehicle and the codes to use to make it appear to you.


Console command

Mobile code

Stunt plane



Spraying aircraft



BMX bike



Garbage truck



Golf buggy



Comet Sport



Sporty Rapid GT









Moto PCJ-600



Moto Sanchez



Dodo seaplane (unlock it in-game first)



Kraken submarine (unlock it in-game first)



Duke O'Death (unlock it in-game first)



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GTA V director mode

Director Mode is a trick you can perform in the Rockstar Edition of the game. With it, you can choose an NPC of the game and play like it, being able to use any other cheat or code of the game while you control it.

This can be used to give you a new point of view, or simply to make your streams and recordings more fun.

  • Console code: JRTALENT
  • Code on mobile: 1-999-5782-5368

Get the unlockables

  • Hot Rod ATV: This is a vehicle that you will get when you finish all the missions of the main story of the game
  • Kraken Submarine: You have to complete the mission to photograph all the animals. Once you get it, it will be unlocked and you can acquire it or invoke it with the codes that we have put above.
  • Epsilon Tractor: In the game, there is a mission called Epsilon Mission. If you spend it without stealing the car or killing anyone, you will unlock this tractor to get it in various locations.
  • Stay with the Canis Mesa: In mission 69 you will flee from a shooting in a 4x4 called Canis Mesa. Instead of going down the road, go down the left path down the hill, run away from the chasing helicopter, go to the garage at Michael's house, and park your car. Now, hop on another to finish the mission, and the Canis Mesa will have stayed on your property to use whenever you want.
  • Get the Mini-Gun: This great little machine gun is a classic of shooting games, gigantic, and with great destructive power. To get it go to Fort Zancudo and turn right at the first intersection, head to the radio tower on the right side of the street, enter the base of the building, go left, and follow the double doors to the stairs. On the top floor, you will find it in a room, and now you only have to get out alive to save it in your inventory.
  • Get the fighter plane: Go to Fort Zancudo with Franklin and enter with a vehicle that is fast. Go through the door to the west of the map on the main track, and use the character's ability to slow down time as much as possible. With this, your wanted level will not rise while it is active, and you will have time to locate the fighter jet in the hangar.
  • Spaceship Space Docker: During the game, you will find parts of an alien ship. There are 50, and if you explore by getting them all you will unlock this ship.
  • Ammu-nation discount types: Here are several discounts you can get when you buy weapons in ammunition after completing shooting challenges. 10% discount for the bronze medal, 15% discount for the silver medal, and a 25% discount for the gold medal.
  • Alternative costumes: There are a number of different alternative costumes for your three characters, but to achieve this you will need to pass the game to 100.

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Earn money in GTA Online

No, there is no trick to be able to earn infinite money in GTA Online or any code to increase your credits.

The only thing you can do to earn money quickly is to know which missions are better paid than others.

Here is the list of the highest-paid missions, so you can do them as soon as possible to get quick money.

  • A work of titans
  • Chop, chop
  • The saint's connection
  • Judging the jury
  • Hit them hard
  • Keeping the business clean
  • Death from above
  • Landing track
  • Demon motorcycles
  • Diamonds for Trevor

There are also some activities you can do to get money. These are not missions per se, but things you can do in-game to earn money more easily.

So, when you are financially low you may be able to focus on them to earn money.

  • Dive to search for underwater treasures
  • In the game there are several hidden briefcases, explore and find them.
  • Start your own biker club, and once you do, you can earn money with shady deals.
  • Do not dispose of your cars in any way, sell them at the dealership.

As for selling the cars, we are going to stop a little in this part, since if you end up behind the wheel of one of the great value they will make you good deals at Los Santos Customs.

There is a time frame between deliveries, so the more recent and "new" the car is, the more value it will have.

Here is a list made by the team of Opjee with the most recommended vehicles ordered by cash value.

  • Zirconium Stratum : $ 1,000 GTA
  • Albany Washington : $ 1,500 GTA
  • Imponte Phoenix : $ 2,000 GTA
  • Maibatsu Penumbra : $ 2,400 GTA
  • Karin Asterope : $ 2,500 GTA
  • Weeny Issi : $ 2,800 GTA
  • Bravado Gresley : $ 2,900 GTA
  • Declasse Tornado : $ 3,000 GTA
  • Canis Seminole : $ 3,000 GTA
  • Vapid Dominator : $ 3,500 GTA
  • Bravado Buffalo : $ 3,500 GTA
  • Declasse Granger : $ 3,500 GTA
  • Schyster Fusilade : $ 3,600 GTA
  • Cheval Surge : $ 3,800 GTA
  • Dundreary Landstalker : $ 5,000 GTA
  • Fathom FQ2 : $ 5,000 GTA
  • Mammoth Patriot : $ 5,000 GTA
  • Ocelot Jackal : $ 6,000 GTA
  • Ubermacht Zion Cabrio : $ 6,500 GTA
  • Benefactor Dubsta : $ 7,000 GTA
  • Albany Cavalcade : $ 7,000 GTA
  • Ocelot F620 : $ 8,000 GTA
  • Ubermacht Oracle : GTA $ 8,000
  • Benefactor Schwartzer : GTA $ 8,000
  • Obey Rocoto : $ 8,500 GTA
  • Lampadati Felón : GTA $ 9,000
  • Gallivanyter Baller : $ 9,000 GTA
  • Lampadati Felón GT : GTA $ 9,500

Finally, you can also resort to beats to earn quick money, heists that you can carry out at various levels of difficulty.

Here we are going to show you the maximum you can earn when you play them on the hard difficulty to maximize the reward.

  • Assault on Humane Laboratories: about $ 675,000 GTA
  • The blow to the Fleeca: about $ 153,250 GTA.
  • Initial funding: about $ 505,000 GTA
  • Prison break: about $ 500,000 GTA
  • Hit the Pacific Standard: up to $ 1,250,000 GTA

Get the peyote

Peyote is a cactus with hallucinogenic properties that allows you to become and control some of the game's animal species.

In the following videos from the YouTube channel, we show you the location of peyote plants and the animals you can become with.

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Other quick and GTA V secret tricks you can try

Here are some extra tricks that you can take advantage of. Some of them are due to game crashes, so it is possible that they may stop working or cause an error in future game updates.

Here, our advice is that if you want to have fun with them, always try to keep a saved game in which you haven't used them, or don't update the game after using them. Other tricks that we will tell you are harmless.

  • Health instantly: When you are in sandbox mode, if you have low health switch to another character and return to the one you were controlling, you will see that his health has been filled. This does not work on missions.
  • Duplicate your cars: Park the car in your garage and put the slow motion before leaving it. Thanks to this you will have reaction time since what you must do is change your character when you are getting out of the car, and then return to the one you were in.
  • Buy houses for free: Go to the poster of a property for sale, and click to confirm the purchase. Just when you do and skip the confirmation video hit escape and repeat a mission. When you finish it, you will have the property without spending money.
  • Mislead the police: There are several ways to lose them. The first is to complete missions, which lowers your search level. You can also go to a tuning store in your car without the police seeing you and change its color.
  • Turbo started in races: Accelerate to the top at the right moment when GO! on the screen. Practice this starting moment, since it will allow you to go out with a turbo if you do it at the right time.