30 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Here are the 30 best google maps tricks you’ll want to try Immediately there’s more to Google maps than you realize.

30 Google Maps Tricks You Need to Try

Google maps is one of the essential applications for mobile Android and iOS. Whether you travel frequently or just to move around the city, Google maps offer you a number of functions for your trip. It does not matter if it is short or long.

We are going to see some interesting Best Google Maps Tips and Tricks such as downloading the maps to view offline, creating custom maps, viewing history by date, viewing the streets, and even giving you orders through voice commands. 

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Here are the 30 Best Google Maps Tricks 

30. Find places to order at home

Google already shows you the places where you can ask for addresses according to the location where you are. 

To do this you must search for "takeaway food" on google maps and depending on your location it shows you all the restaurants where you can order at home. 

By clicking on each one you will find contact information and the menu of the place.

29. Add incidents 

The incidents in google maps help us to notify other users who use the platform about events that are happening on the route where we are going. 

Among them are: Accidents, Radars, Roadworks, Closed lanes, retention, objects on the road, among others.

How to report an incident: In the menu bar of your navigation, scroll up - Click on add incident - Select the one indicated. 

28. Browse incognito mode 

To prevent google from saving your browsing history or any activity on google maps, you can activate the incognito mode.

How: Click on your profile photos in google maps (in the upper right) - Click on activate incognito mode. 

27. See the speed at which you drive 

This function helps you avoid being fined by speed cameras on the road when exceeding speed limits.

How to activate: On the 3 lines of Google Maps to go to the general settings - Click on GPS Navigation or navigation settings - At the bottom look for the section "driving options" - Activate the option called "Speedometer". 

26. Use Voice Command while driving 

Use the voice command "Ok Google" or click on the microphone icon while Google Maps is open to make any request. For example Gas stations, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops ... closer.

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25. Define departure and arrival time 

A useful function to remind you when to leave when you have set an estimated time of arrival at your destination and in this way google maps calculates when you should leave (it does not take traffic jams into account).

How: Choose the destination - Click on how to get there - click on the 3 dots icon (Upper corner) - "Set departure and arrival time" on Android or "Set reminder you can leave" on iOS.

24. Control music while browsing 

While you are in google maps, you can control the music playback without leaving the app. These are the steps to activate this function:

  • Swipe up while browsing - Tap Settings.
  • In music controls - Select the service: Apple Music, Spotify, or Google Play Music. 

23. Create group lists with friends 

Create group lists to share with friends who in turn can add more sites, delete and vote for the best place to visit, for example, Restaurant or Cafe Bar.

  • Select the site you want to add.
  • Click on the "Share" button - Add to the list.
  • Give the list a name and add more sites to the list again.
  • Click on share to send the list via message or directly to your Google Maps App. 

22. Add speed and limits information 

Add the speed at which you travel and the speed limits established in the cart you are traveling. 

This information can be added anywhere on the screen, with google maps open thanks to the application Navigation info - Speed, limits, and altimeter.

21. Version Lite: Google Maps Go 

Google Maps Go is a version designed for Android Go, a version for more limited smartphones. That means that this version is lighter in size and consumes less data.

Download: Google Play( Free)

Download: Google Maps Go APK (0,09MB)

20. Order Uber from Google Maps without installing App 

If you don't want to travel in your car, you can order an Uber, Cabify, or traditional taxi from the google maps app without having to install another app.

  1. Search for the destination on Google maps and click on "how to get there" or the "Directions" button.
  2. Then click on the fourth icon (A Little Person raising his hand) where you can see the arrival time.
  3. At the bottom are the available services (Uber, Cabify, Taxi ...) - Select a service and click on continue.
  4. Then connect your account, select the point where they pick you up, the payment method, and finally click on "Reserve". 

19. Save Parking 

Save the location of the place where you have left your vehicle so that you can walk calmly without forgetting the parking lot.

  • Press the blue button on the map (Place where you are currently).
  • Select "save parking".
  • Add additional information such as Notes, Time remaining, and photos as a reminder. 

Note: When you go back, click on the search and select "Parking location" to see the directions on the map.

18. Tip: Improve the precision of the compass 

Sometimes the compass may lose its precision due to the routes of the trip, which can affect its positioning even though you have Wi-Fi and GPS activated. 

Luckily there is the trick of the eight to calibrate the compass. You just have to draw an eight in the air as the picture shows. It really works.

17. View the busy or peak times of a site 

In addition, it will show the opening hours of some places in google maps, it also shows the peak or busy hours of the day. 

If you want to avoid lines or wait, this function will be very useful to know the largest number of people on a given day and time.

16. Measure distances on Google Maps

Do you want to know how many meters or kilometers there are from point A to point B? Google maps has the function of «Measure distance» within more information of the marked point. You can add more than one point to measure a path.

15. Win Prizes: 1TB Space on Google Drive !!  

Google maps have a system that allows users to collaborate by rating places and adding or checking information missing from those places. 

For example add photos, phone, address, website, etc. in exchange for this, Google will give points so you can win these prizes.

To start contributing, you just have to click on the option "Your Contributions" in the side menu and follow the instructions.

14. How to save your home and work addresses 

One of the first things you should do with Google Maps is to save your home and work addresses. 

To do this, open Google Maps, tap the menu button - and tap Your Places. You will see entries for Home and Work. Enter your addresses.

You can now ask Google Maps to navigate to your home or work instead of having to enter the address. You can also enter searches such as "restaurants near work."

13. How to get there quickly 

Most are familiar with the Google Maps navigation feature that offers voice-guided directions, but did you know there's a cool shortcut to get started?

  1. Search for a place or tap it on the map.
  2. Touch and hold the blue transport button in the lower right (shows a car, a bicycle, or a person)
  3. Google Maps will choose the best route and launch the Navigation mode directly.

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12. Share my location in real-time

Useful when you want someone else to know your actual location while going to your destination as a family member or guest.

  • Click on the blue dot which is your location.
  • In the menu that appears at the bottom select "Share my location"
  • Set the time to share your location.
  • Select the contact or send the link as SMS. 

11. See the streets on google maps 

If you want to see a photo of your location, you need Street View.

  • Touch and hold on the map to place a marker at the desired location.
  • Touch at the bottom where the address or name is to see more information.
  • You should see an image that says Street View on it. Touch of that, and you will start to see the street. 

Note: You can share the street view by tapping the menu in the upper right corner and tapping Share.

10. How to find things nearby 

Let's face it, you don't always know what you are looking for. Maybe you want some gas, a drink, or you need to send a package. 

Fortunately, if you tap the blank search bar on Google Maps, you'll see a list of recent searches along with some icons of nearby POIs.

By tapping on "more," you can further expand this list, which includes restaurants, hospitals, ATMs, gas stations, and a host of other establishments.

Choose whatever you are looking for, and you will be presented with a list of nearby options with their respective distances, reviews, and site details.

9. How to Zoom with one hand

Everyone uses pinch to zoom in and out, but you can also zoom with one hand on Google Maps.

A double-tap will focus on one part, but there is no other. Double-tap on the map, leaving your finger or thumb, and you will find that you can slide down to zoom in and slide up to zoom out.

8. How to view maps offline 

If you are going to travel and do not want to waste your data with Google maps, an excellent option is to download the areas where you are going to travel in advance.

The process is very simple:

  • Find the place where you are going to travel: Buenos Aires, Acapulco, Bogotá and put them in more information.
  • Click on the 3 dots in the upper right corner and select "Download Offline Zone".
  • Select the area and click on download. 

Note 1: After doing so, you can name your map and save it. Remember that offline maps expire every 30 days.

Note 2: Offline maps are quite limited, unfortunately. Can't get turn-by-turn directions, or search for maps while offline.

7. How to save favorite locations 

Google Maps allows you to save locations quite easily, and it can be a huge time saver in the future when searching for a new place.

  • Just click on the place you want to save.
  • Expand the information by clicking on the address at the bottom, and then tap on the save option.
  • Then select a list (Favorites, I want to go, Featured sites) or create a new list. 

Note: Go to the Google maps menu - Your Places - Saved Tab and find your saved places in each list.

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6. How to check the train and bus timetables 

You can also use Google Maps to check bus and train times to anywhere.

  • Simply enter the location you want to travel to in the search bar.
  • Tap on the blue transport button and tap on the train icon. You'll see a list of options based on the current time. 

If you want to check later when a train is available or see when the last train leaves, then tap where it says Departs at and enter at a certain time, or you can tap last to find your last option.

You can also filter the results by type of transport (bus, train, metro), and set preferences for fewer transfers or less walking.

5. View history of Google Maps 

Google Maps keeps a record of your trips and can be reviewed through your browser.

Go to this Google link and, as long as you are logged into your Google account, you will see a map of where you explore the sites by dates (Day, Weeks, Months…) and location.

4. View Maps in 3D 

You can always tilt the map and get an isometric or 3D view on Google Maps. Touch and hold on the map with two fingers slightly apart and then flick up without releasing.

Note: If you ensure that you are in a normal view, with Satellite and Terrain off, there are certain areas where Google has added 3D renderings of buildings.

3. How to use voice commands in navigation

There are various voice commands that you can use while in navigation mode on Google Maps. Just tap the microphone icon in the upper right and then say the command.

You can turn off the voice by saying "Quiet" or "Shut up." You can also "Show traffic", ask to "Show alternative routes", or say "my next turn".

Note: You can browse the full list of Google voice commands for a detailed summary of the various commands.

2. How to get directions to multiple locations 

You can now plot a route on Google Maps that passes through multiple locations. For it:

  1. Set the addresses for your first place as you normally would.
  2. Tap the three vertical dots in the upper right and select Add stop.
  3. Add as many stops as necessary and then tap Done. Google Maps will guide you to each place in turn. 

1. How to create your own maps 

Google offers a complete set of tools for creating your own custom maps, marking routes, points of interest, directions, and much more.

  1. Make sure you are signed in to your Google account.
  2. Go to My Maps in your browser.
  3. Follow the steps in the short tutorial that shows you. It's easy to set up a place and mark points of interest and routes, but you can also import layers and data, color different areas and routes, and much more. 

Note: Your creations are automatically saved to Google Drive, and you can find your maps in the Google Maps application through the menu> My Places - Maps.

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In Conclusion...

I hope these Best Google Maps Tricks are very useful for you, as new functions come out I will be publishing them in this top of Best Google Maps Tricks… Have a good trip.