11 Best games with gamepad support for Android

Here are the 11 best games with gamepad support for android. These gamepad controllers have helped gaming on Android become that much more addictive!

11 Best games with gamepad support for Android

The rise of Bluetooth gamepads and controllers has made gaming on mobile devices easier and easier.

Some Android systems such as the TV Box or the Nvidia Shield TV, even benefit from the use of this type of controls. 

And let's not talk about emulators, ports, and other video games with classic mechanics that do not depend on touch controls. 

In fact, playing a game on a title Android that was originally intended to be played with a crosshead and physical buttons without a good gamepad… let's just say it can be frustrating. Or at the very least, a less satisfying experience.

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Here are the Top 11 Android games with gamepad support

  1. Unkilled
  2. Minecraft
  3. Horizon Chase
  4. Sega Forever
  5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout
  6. Badland
  7. Square Enix Games
  8. Only One
  9. Oddmar
  10. Call of Duty Mobile
  11. GRID Autosport

Before starting, remember that if we do not have a Bluetooth controller we can always controller pair the PS4 or Xbox One to our Android device. 

I personally use this gamepad retro-styled 8Bitdo to the NES, but any other Android-compatible controller would be just as valid. 

That said, let's see which are the most enjoyable games in this regard. Let's go there! 

1. Unkilled

Unkilled is one of the best first-person shooters games for Android. Like many other games developed by MADFINGER Games, Unkilled offers gamepad support, as well as multiplayer and more than 150 campaigns of a pure zombie apocalypse. 

We are facing a freemium game, with all that this entails. Even so, it offers spectacular graphics and one of the closest console experiences that we can find today on mobile devices. 

This game is the Best game with gamepad support for Android.

2. Minecraft

Almost unanimously, Minecraft is considered one of the mobile video games most successful in history. 

More than 10,000,000 downloads and a weighted rating of 4.5 (4.4 in IOS users) confirm the effort of Mojang, its developer, to create a quality title.

Although you can play a free version, the complete package allows you to create buildings without restriction, explore unimaginable worlds, and design defense armor. 

Minecraft can be purchased for 6.99 euros. The direct download integrates an option for up to 10 users in multiplayer mode.  

3. Horizon Chase

Horizon Chase is a great arcade racing game for Android that could be considered a tribute in itself to the classic OutRun for arcade games of the 80s. 

The game itself is paid, although the first 5 tracks are free. Last July Sony gave away the Horizon Chase Turbo for PS4 with the PS Plus subscription, and the truth is that I can't stop playing it. 

The soundtrack is another of the strengths of this title. Do not lose sight of it! 

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4. Sega Forever

A couple of years ago, Sega decided to get a little more involved in the Android system and bring several of its classic games from the Mega Drive era to the Play Store under the “Sega Forever” initiative. 

All of them are free games that, having been initially designed for video consoles, are played much better with a good gamepad in your hands. 

Here we will find classics like Sonic The Hedgehog, Streets of Rage 2, Altered Beast, Virtua Tennis, or Kid Chamaleon.

Check out the full list of Sega Forever games on the Play Store HERE

5. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Gameloft is a developer that offers the best games for gamepad support in almost all of its games.

The good thing is that they usually have much more careful controls than what we are used to seeing on mobile screens. 

The fifth installment of Modern Combat is one of the most acclaimed action shooters for Android, with more than 100 million downloads and a more than deserved 4.3-star rating. 

The company also has other interesting titles like Asphalt 8 and Order & Chaos 2, both of which are compatible with Bluetooth controllers. 

6. Badland

Badland is an endless-runner adventure title with an exquisite setting, and which is also compatible with wireless controllers and Bluetooth controllers. 

The puzzles it poses are quite interesting, and it has 40 levels that we can play completely for free (being able to pay to play the remaining 40 levels). 

The gameplay is simple (press to make the drones fly higher), but addictive. 

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7. Square Enix games

Square Enix is ​​another of those companies that have also bet heavily on bringing its games for video consoles to the mobile and tablet market. 

Thus, we find titles like Tomb Raider, the Final Fantasy saga, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, or the saga Dragon Quest. 

Almost all have a fairly high price, but the truth is that they are quality ports really faithful to the original.

This is one of the best games for gamepad support on this list.

Check out the full list of Square Enix games for Android on the Play Store HERE

8. Only One

We and dozens of enemies on a fighting pillar, but only one can remain standing! In this minimalist pixel art game, we must drive the rest of the fighters off the track and defeat the bosses with the help of our magic sword. 

This is one of those games with a gamepad that can be very helpful since the difficulty curve becomes more and more noticeable as we progress. 

9. Oddmar

Oddmar is one of those platform gems with a good story, neat graphics, and a sound setting to take your hat off. 

Here we control a Viking who we will help to regain lost honor and achieve a place in Valhalla. 

It consists of 24 levels, different power-ups, and offline support. The game has a free demo, although, from the second level, we must pay 4 euros if we want to have the full game. 

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10. Call of Duty Mobile 

For many, the Call of Duty Mobile is one of the best Android games of all time. 

The game presents a fairly faithful approach to its console versions so it will not disappoint the classic fans of the saga, although in this case the mode has been left aside singleplayer to focus only on various multiplayer modes that are certainly powerful.

One of the reasons for the game to work so well is the participation of Tencent Games in the development of the Activision title, which was already quite seasoned from home with the successful PUBG Mobile shooter. 

Something that is noticeable both in some interfaces and in the surprising performance they have been able to obtain in what is still a game for mobile phones.

Of course, compatibility with Bluetooth controllers is assured. Call of Duty Mobile is a game with gamepad support for android. 

11. GRID Autosport 

for its part has a depth never before seen in other mobile driving games. 

The graphics are at the console level, with hyper-realistic physics, body damage, and other details that make this title rise significantly above the rest of similar games at a technical level.

The title is compatible with Bluetooth gamepads, which we can use to choose from more than 100 cars, countless tracks, and various game modes. 

In short, complete enjoyment. Of course, here there are no micropayments or anything like that: we are facing a premium game that has a price of around 10 euros. 

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In addition to these titles, there are other paid games that are also compatible with the use of a gamepad, such as GTA: San Andreas, Knights of the Old Republic, Minecraft, or Portal Knights.

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