Top 15 Sites To Download Sprites, Free Game Art & Assets

Here are the top 15 websites to download the latest sprites, free game arts, assets and much more. So enjoy a lot.

Top 15 Sites To Download Sprites, Free Game Art  & Assets

A sprite (from the English " pixie ") is a small portion of the bitmap that is displayed on the computer screen. Sprites are typically used in video games to create character graphics and backgrounds.

Therefore, it is normal that if we are creating a video game we find ourselves in the need to get free sprites. Or to create them ourselves if we have some skill.

On the Internet, there are a lot of pages from which you can download sprites for free for the development of video games and other forms of art.

In the following list, we list a total of up to 20 Internet sites from which you can download endless images without any restriction.

You should only keep in mind that the sprites are the property of their respective authors and if these sprites you want to download are for commercial use or not.

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From this premise and the quality you are looking for and need, you can access the immeasurable and beautiful world of sprites from the following URLs with a marked retro look.

Simply for the memories that can inspire some of these images, I recommend that you enter one of these pages and take a look.

List of websites to download free sprites

1. Sprite Database

It has a good wardrobe, with millions of sprites from practically any game that can come to mind.

The web is run by Grim, a very nice webmaster who is constantly uploading new content. Best of all is the side menu of categories where you can access the sprites according to the console to which the game belongs.

It also has a search engine for when you are looking for something very specific to be able to find it right away.

It is my favorite and the one that I consult whenever I need a very specific sprite. Sprites usually come in PNG format normally and some in GIF.

Enter Sprite Database


If you like 2D art, you can't miss's free resource repository. Here you will find a lot of sprites and assets for your projects.

It is worth mentioning that quality borders on the sublime in many cases. Don't lose sight of it! 


3. Craftpix is a website where we can get a multitude of premium assets, although it also has an excellent free content section.

If you are developing a strategy, arcade, or platform game with the pixel art style, here you will find a good number of sprites, backgrounds, objects, characters, icons, and more for your project.

Just like, the quality of the material is just great.

Enter Craftpix

4. The Spriters Resource

As indicated on the website of The Shyguy Kingdom, this is the spiritual heir to the boys of The Shyguy. It is constantly updated and has thousands of free sprites from recent games.

The only downside would be a navigation system. First, you have to choose the console and then the letter by which the game starts in order to view the catalog of each console.

But apart from that, otherwise, it is a very good website if we are looking for modern sprites.

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Enter The Spriters Resource

Within these four websites, you will probably find practically any sprite belonging to the majority of consoles and arcades you can imagine, but if you are looking for something different ...

Other interesting sites

5. Open Game Art

creators can share their sprites and audios

A very interesting platform where the creators share their sprites and audios so that anyone can make use of them.

The truth is that entering your page is like traveling to the past. They even have a chat on the legendary IRC!

They also do art contests and other activities that keep the community alive and a forum where we can address our doubts, problems, and talk to other people about the noble retro art of pixel art.

Enter Open Game Art

6. Sprite land

At Sprite Land they only have a handful of sprites to download, but for what it's really worth visiting their website is for everything else it offers.

They have several tutorials to make sprites and 2D images, a free app to make your own sprites, and some webcomics to have a good time.

Enter Sprite Land

7. HasGrafics

The website with free sprites for commercial and non-commercial use. It does not have many resources, but that if, 100% ceded by the authors of the same.

It also has some royalty-free sounds to download. It is worth mentioning that the page stopped updating in 2016, but it is still active and working.

Enter HasGrafics

Still not found what you were looking for? Other websites with free sprites to download

Surely with the websites, we have just reviewed you already have enough material to make games for the rest of your life, but if you still can't find what you need here you have other repositories where you can find free sprites for your personal projects.

Game Art Guppy


Videogame sprites

Retro Game Zone

CG Textures

Spiral Graphics

RMXP Resources

RPG Palace


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