15 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

Here are the 15 interesting facebook tricks you might know. You have to adapt the Facebook application according to your needs and interests.

15 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know

Today in this blog, I want to share some Facebook tricks that will help you if you use the Facebook application.

In a previous article we published the best tricks for Facebook Messenger, so take a look to complement this top.

These are Facebook tips & tricks that will allow you to adapt the Facebook application according to your needs and interests. 

For example, prioritize certain friends, increase account security, protect your privacy, save data, and even use other customizable applications.

Do not forget to follow us on social networks as this top will be updated with new tricks as the official Facebook application is updated or an interesting application that has to do with Facebook is created.

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Here are the 15 Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know 

15. Transfer photos from Facebook to google photos 

If you want to download your photos and videos that have been saved in your Facebook account, you can do it easily and then upload or synchronize everything to google photos for free.

14. Manage notifications individually

Activate and deactivate the notifications that you want to receive only from the important sections or that interest you, for example, Birthday, the page you manage, comments, tagging, etc.

  • Go to your mobile settings - notifications - Facebook app - Deactivate the notifications you want.

13. Download Facebook Videos from Android 

Download Facebook videos from Android using a free application to download videos in high quality.

12. Turn off message location notifications

Disable this option if you don't want your location to appear automatically in your friends' chat.

  • Open the Facebook application and click on the menu button.
  • Select account settings - location - disable location history option.

11. Increase account security 

If you think your email and password are not enough to enter Facebook, increase security with the 2-step authentication function.

It basically consists of that every time you log in you will be asked for a code that will be sent to your mobile.

  • Open the Facebook app and click on the menu button.
  • In account settings - security settings - select third-party authentication.
  • Select your mobile device and click on the test.
  • Once you receive the code, paste it in the empty space and press continue.

10. Choose automatic video playback 

Disable automatic video playback if you don't want to send data from your mobile plan or keep it active only when you are connected to a Wi-Fi network.

How: Enter the settings - Click on "multimedia content and contacts" - select the option you want.

9. Use Lite and Customizable Applications

When you have a low-price mobile (mid/low range) or your data plan is very limited, the best thing you can do is download the Lite version of Facebook and Messenger. 

There are also some all-in-one applications that would be interesting to try since apart from being lightweight, they are customizable.

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8. Copy comments 

Copy any comments you see on a post from a Facebook page or profile. Before this simple action could not be performed and you had to take capture or transcribe, but now just by pressing and holding on the comment, the option to copy appears.

7. Edit photos before uploading 

We have seen the best mobile photo editors, but if for some reason you can't install any… try the one included in the Facebook App. 

Before publishing, an option to edit the photo appears in which you can apply filters, crop, add stickers, or text and draw.

6. Label review 

Before certain publications appear in your biography where you have been tagged by a contact, be sure to review them. 

In this way, you will prevent your friends from seeing them if you consider that it is not appropriate or you want to protect your privacy.

How: Enter facebook settings - Click on Biography and tagging - Activate the tag review function.

5. Close any active session 

Make sure to verify that your Facebook account is not open on another device. Either by accident or because someone has your data and is spying on you. 

Always from the security settings, you will have control of logging off remotely.

How: Enter the "settings" of Facebook - Click on "Security and the start of the section" - In "Where you started session" Verify that they are your devices, if you do not recognize any, click on the 3 points - "Close session".

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4. Manage notifications 

Disable those annoying notifications that come from invitations to games or events you don't want to attend. 

Within the notification setting, you can disable each item and even customize the sound and tone.

How: Go to the main menu of Facebook - Click on "settings and privacy" - "Settings" - At the bottom click on "notification settings" - choose which notifications you want to receive.

3. Save videos and posts for later 

This is one of my favorite features. Save any post or video to watch later that you find interesting or entertaining. 

By clicking on the 3 dots that appear next to the publication, choose "Save ..." and then select or create a collection of the same topic.

Note: In the main Facebook menu - There will be the "Saved" section.

2. Hide posts from friends without blocking 

If you have a friend who publishes so much or whose topics do not interest you, you can unfollow him, but he will continue to be your friend. 

Don't worry, they won't notice and all you have to do is go to their profile - click on the “Following” icon and then on unfollow.

1. Prioritize a friend's posts

If you have a friend on Facebook who you want to see all their publications first in the news, you can do so by entering their profile - click on the "Following" icon and then choose the "see first" option. 

In The End...

If you think you want to include some other Facebook Tricks that need to be mentioned in our blog then feel free to list them in the comments below.