Dragon Ball Legends tips and tricks

Here are the top five tips and tricks you need to know for Dragon Ball Legends. We have covered all the points about the game you need to know.

Dragon Ball Legends tips and tricks

If you are a fan of the mythical Dragon Ball series, I am sure you have games from the story on your mobile, console, or on the same computer. 

This famous game was released in May 2018 by the Dimps company. Inside you have several game modes, such as competitive multiplayer mode, another event mode, and story mode. 

We are talking about a game that is continuously updated, adding among other things new characters, animations and even adding more history to this title.

Our main character called Shallot and created by Akira Toriyama himself (famous creator of the Dragon Ball series), is evolving with new transformations and attacks that we ourselves can unlock during the development of the game while enjoying incredible graphics.

If you want to know tips and tricks to advance as a great fighter, keep reading.

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Here are the 5 Dragon Ball Legends Tips and tricks 

  1. First steps in Dragon Ball Legends
  2. How to get the best starting characters
  3. What are the best characters to win fights
  4. Tricks to win epic battles
  5. Rewards in Story Mode

1. First steps in Dragon Ball Legends


If you do not know the game and want to know a little about its theme, I will tell you that in this game we must play a series of combats in which fighting is mixed with card games.

In combat, players can combine the card that appears on the interface to perform the famous combos of attacks, melee, ranged, and special, that so many hours of entertainment have given us those classic fighters from the Akira Toriyama manga.

You, as a player, can develop an attack strategy and a defense strategy in each combat to be able to beat the rivals and save the world from catastrophe. 

Surely if you are a lover of the series or games of this type of combat, you will end up playing for endless hours, and so that you can win the maximum possible combats we are going to see a series of tips and tricks that will help you to advance more easily.

2. How to get the best starting characters

When we start the game of Dragon Ball Legends we can play a series of characters randomly, but we must try that the characters we get at the beginning are the strongest. 

Through Summon's function, which is to invoke the characters, we must try to achieve the so-called sparking, that is, the best possible.

We must achieve at least two or three of the best characters that make up the game, for which we are going to force the application so that the ones we want to touch us.

To do this we must constantly use one of the first actions in which the characters randomly assign us. 

We will repeat the roll, and if the ones we are looking for have not appeared, we must go to the application settings and delete the data and the game cache, and restart it. So, until we get the characters we want.

In this way, the game data is downloaded again, so it is better that you download the minimum necessary to consume fewer data and repeat the run faster.

You must expect that all previous data is lost if we have not linked our account to Facebook or Twitter.

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This magnificent game is of the free to play type that is financed by small payments. But you can get premium in-game coins through real money, with which you can get new summons of different characters.

There is a possibility of obtaining this currency, called Chrono Crystals, by completing daily missions and challenges.

That is why one of our best options is to use the daily offer of a summon in exchange for 20 Chrono Crystals.

When we have already exhausted it, the invocations cost 100 Crystals, but it is better to wait for the next day, and thus we save coins in this way since interesting offers can come out on different days.

3. What are the best characters to win fights

Here we enter a somewhat subjective theme, and we can mention a series of characters that work better together than separately or with different ones since the combos complement each other and the power of the cards is more effective in the heat of battle. . That is why we are going to name some of those that we consider best overall.

You must bear in mind that the game is constantly updated and that new characters may change or come out. However, the best that we can find today is the following.

Vegeta SP: he is one of the best characters in Dragon Ball Legends, so do your best to have him in your team and level him up whenever you can, don't forget.
Goku Spirit Bomb: To obtain this character you must get rare medals that will be given to us when completing a phase or a mission.

It is a character that complements the previous one, improving Vegeta in his main ability.
Goku Super Saiyan: If you get it, do not hesitate to have it in your starting team, it is great to combine it with Vegeta and Spirit Bomb, with this trio you get a very powerful combination of Saiyans.
Super Saiyan Gohan (Youth) (SP): If you want to cause damage to the beast, get him. This character can cancel downgrades, he has a blast attack enhancer depending on his life level, since he has the ability to recover 30% of life and 50 ki, eliminate the element downgrade for 20 seconds if one of the companions dies, and boost his ultimate 100% if Goku falls in combat.
Substitutes: Radizt EX (adds 15% extra health to other Saiyans), Shallot (increases 10% health), and Goku EX (increases Strike Attack by 17%).

The latter can be exchanged for Goku Hero, which raises the Blast Defense by 15%.

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4. Tricks to win in epic battles

Dragon Ball Legends is an incredible game, where the frantic fighting and dizzying speed catches you from the beginning, you will have your warriors fighting in the sky with amazing movements and blows, therefore you will need a good tactic to beat your opponent and know when to attack. 

That is why we are going to see some little tips that will help you on the road to victory.

When the fighting begins, you must move around your enemy and look for a gap in their defense, just like when you dodge an enemy's ranged attack. 

At that moment, make a melee attack, and with the stored Ki, activate the attack card, with a succession of three cards you can recharge the attack called "Rising Rush" to use it later and defeat the opponent.

If your character starts to shine it means that you have his ability available to launch it against the opponent, remember that you will have a greater attack at that moment, take advantage of the advantage and use it correctly. 

If with this your Ki reserve is low, take the opportunity to recharge when your enemy is down, use the red cards for this, they are the best ones to take down the opponent.

Remember to use the Rising Rush attacks wisely, do not waste them at the beginning of a battle, since this attack is powerful and can damage your opponent a lot, so it is better to reserve it for the final enemy, who will be the most difficult to defeat in a showdown.

5. Rewards in Story Mode

Performing missions in this mode will help you a lot in your walkthrough Legends since you can get a reward for finishing story missions, but you will also get extra rewards for fighting with style and skill, the better you fight, the better the rewards mentioned will be.

You have missions that include challenges, seven permission, which if you overcome them you will obtain very profitable benefits.

If you complete them all you will have a maximum reward since by completing a challenge you will get three Chrono crystals, with which you can obtain a maximum of 21 Chrono crystals if you complete those seven challenges.

Also, if you complete the challenges you will receive Rare Medals that you can exchange for materials called Souls, which serve to increase the Limit Break power of the characters.

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Do not forget that in the game mode called PvP games they allow you to obtain more Rare Medals to add to your inventory.

And finally, remember, always have your characters at the maximum level. That will give you an additional advantage in your battles.

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