Top 13 Digital Marketing Jobs [2022]

Here we have compiled the full list of best digital marketing jobs you should consider for applying in 2022.

Top 13 Digital Marketing Jobs [2022]

Are you looking for the Best Digital Marketing jobs you should consider for applying in 2022?

There are a large number of digital marketing jobs that are gaining importance in recent years. This is because the world of digital marketing continues to grow and for this reason, more and more companies are requesting digital professionals in the field to help them accomplish their objectives.

However, with such a demand for positions related to this field, it is necessary to specialize in order to get the added value and stand out from other digital marketing professionals.

But what do experts do? Which are the most sought-after digital marketing professions in the market? Okay, so we're going to reveal "digital marketing jobs" and what's included in each.

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Here are the Top 12 Digital Marketing Jobs [2022]

1. Digital Analyst

Firstly, one of the digital marketing jobs that companies currently need are Digital Analysts or also known as Web Analysts.

Its main objective is to ensure that the strategies implemented across the various virtual platforms work as expected. Otherwise, they will try to modify and improve them.

To achieve this, a digital analyst needs to know web measurement and analysis tools, such as: Google Analytics.

With these types of tools, the professional will have the ability to know the traffic received in a given amount of time, who are the users who visited the page, how long they stay within it, among other aspects.

2. Blogger

It is very important that a company thinks about generating quality, original and interesting content for its users. In this way, it is offering what they are looking for and incidentally, they generate a barrage of credibility and engagement that makes a company more relevant in the digital market.

But what does a blogger do? This is the person who is in charge of creating content that can help the brand build a more positive image.

In addition, he writes articles on company-related topics and makes engaging posts for social networks and blogs.

The more platforms it covers, the higher will be the reach of a brand, and hence, if the content is of quality, the search engine position will be much better.

3. Web Designer

At present, it is very important that most of all companies have a website. But they should create one that is as attractive as possible and that serves the objectives proposed by the brand. For this to happen, the brand has to hire a properly trained web designer.

The web designer is basically in charge of designing, implementing, and maintaining the website. If your job is done well, the company's image will be positive, as will its web position.

Every company wants the designer to make their page more intuitive, easy to handle, and above all, it should be able to provide a good user experience.

4. Community Manager

The Community Manager is one of the most in-demand digital marketing jobs today. This specialist is in charge of developing a social media strategy in digital media, implementing it and improving it if necessary. Likewise, it manages and manages a brand's social network or blog.

This digital marketing professional must know that it is the image of the brand, it represents it and hence, the language used to communicate with the followers should be the closest thing to the brand.

On the other hand, it is also in charge of measuring the results of the campaign launched and subsequently evaluating whether it needs any modification.

5. Mobile Applications Developer

The boom of mobile applications is increasing every day. A professional capable of building apps and implementing them properly will find the success they were looking for.

While web development is one of the relatively new digital marketing businesses, it is still one that is growing a lot.

This is because users want to satisfy part of their digital needs with just one click. So, if a mobile application developer is able to achieve this, they will easily engage with their target audience.

The idea is that all application development allows for its intuitive use as well as an easy and practical path for the users.

6. Content Curator

A content curator is a digital marketing professional who researches, discovers, and selects the best content for a specific goal. This feature is often developed by the community manager and blogger

But, in a digital world where demand is constantly increasing, the profession of content curator becomes more important for companies. Overall this is the best digital marketing jobs.

Thanks to them, the company in which they work has the possibility to publish new and current material.

The content curator is in constant search of information relevant to the company and target audience to which it is directed. As a result, you will attract more traffic and get more engagement.

7. SEO Specialist

If a company wants to place itself in the first place of Google then it is necessary to hire an SEO specialist.

This professional will be in charge of developing and implementing an SEO strategy that allows you to successfully accomplish your objectives. To do this, you must look for trends and optimize the brand's digital content so that it is relevant.

The objective of hiring an SEO specialist is for a brand to gain a maximum presence on the internet without having to pay for it. This means that the brand naturally and organically appears in the first positions of various search engines.

8. Digital Marketing Consultant

The digital marketing consultant is a digital marketing specialist who is responsible for promoting or marketing a company's products or services by using all available online marketing channels.

Their job is to design and oversee the execution of a digital marketing strategy aimed at increasing brand awareness, traffic, and sales. Overall this is the best digital marketing jobs in 2022.

9. SEM Specialist

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, This digital marketing job belongs to developing online advertising campaigns to gain visibility on other brands within search engines.

One of the tools it uses to create them is Google AdWords. This is because it is the tool that provides the most benefits and is recognized worldwide.

Additionally, in order to develop an SEM strategy, it is necessary, first of all, to know the most searched keywords of users.

Second, the content of the ad should be attractive enough to drive any kind of conversion in the user's favor.

Finally, as with any strategy, a very important factor is segmentation and this professional must know how to do it using the appropriate tools.

Overall they are responsible to increase the visibility of a website in SERPs (search engine results pages).

10. E-commerce Manager

There are lots of companies that do not have physical stores, therefore, they need a virtual platform where they can spread their products and earn profit without renting space.

For this reason, the e-commerce administrator is in charge of developing and implementing the entire online sales process.

The e-commerce manager is also in charge of being in direct contact with the suppliers and customers in case of any queries arising in the procurement process.

On the other hand, it is very important that this professional is in constant search of new technologies that help him to optimize the e-commerce platform he manages.

11. Digital Content Creator

Digital content creators are like digital publishers. In other words, they are in charge of creating, developing, and implementing valuable content for the user.

For this, it is necessary for this professional to have knowledge of recording, editing, creating effects, photography and design.

In addition to this technical knowledge, the content creator must be aware of world trends. This way you can create up-to-date and relevant content for users.

Of course, using the latest technology, applications, and platforms so that all content is innovative and interesting.

12. Graphic designer

One of the greatest digital marketing jobs to apply for in 2022 is a Graphic Designer. Designers contribute to digital marketing initiatives by developing branded visuals, images, and designs for websites, landing pages, e-books, and other digital media.

Designers working in digital marketing must have a strong understanding of colors, fonts, and composition, as well as illustration, software, and marketing knowledge.

13. Digital Communication

Copywriters and designers are in high demand as brands and businesses increasingly use digital media for communication.

If you have a talent for writing or design, you can make it your career path and join the digital marketing team.

These are the digital marketing jobs that have the potential to be lucrative. You can also advance your career in this industry by honing your talents and becoming the greatest professional.

Have fun! The present moment is the only thing that exists.


Digital Marketing Agencies are always on the lookout for highly skilled and experienced professionals in their industry in order to deliver a more comprehensive service.

As a result of the industry's size, digital marketers can choose from a variety of professions and specialties.

If your objective is to become a marketing professional with many specializations, we recommend studying the Digital Marketing Diploma, Production and Content Creation courses on YouTube, as well as other courses that will assist you in creating supplements. Keep up with the newest digital trends and information.