5 Best Brain Games for Kids- 2020

Here are the top 5 best brain games for kids for the year 2020. Scientific findings indicate that kids/people have the greatest ability to know something.

5 Best Brain Games for Kids- 2020

During childhood you must have played a lot of online games by now, but have you played any game that tests your mind every and every moment. Know about some puzzle games whose understanding of every move is only about people who think "out of box".

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1. Brain It On:

Brain It On puzzle based game is not easy for anyone anyway. It is necessary to have intelligent mind. This game is based on physics. To salvage every level of it, one has to think "out of box".

In this game , you can make any kind of shape on the screen with the help of finger or Stylus Pen. Then you have to Solve the puzzle.

 Here you will also find games such as lifting the orange ball from the ground, separating the coloured ball, making a ring that touches the right wall, putting the ball in the orange box, etc.

Although this puzzle is not as easy as it seems. You can also play this game with friends and compare how he solves it.

In this game you will get 200 levels of puzzle games. You can download this game from Google Play Store.

Download: Brain It On

2. Sudoku:

Sudoku by Brainium is the Sudoku game for Android phones and iPhone that allows you to play Sudoku online for free and to print Sudoku puzzles for free of cost .

Solving number problems and identifying patterns can limit your memory skills from easy to difficult puzzles.

If numbers are not your thing, consider crosswords or word searches to get your brain working.

This game is available on Google Play .

Download: Sudoku

3. Brain Dots:

In this game, two balls ie. dots have to be mixed, but this game is not as easy as it seems. You have to draw a shape or line before joining the two dots in it.

 You can also use the color pencil given here to draw the line. In this game, you have to think how can two balls meet and draw a line accordingly. It tests your logical thinking.

You can download  this game from Google Play Store.

Download: Brain Dots

4. Unblock Me Free:

This is a logic based puzzle game of Jigsaw style. There is also a red colored block with small blocks of wood.

In this game, the red colored blocks have to be moved to the target by removing the wooden blocks.

It has 5 levels of Difficulty and more than 40000 Puzzles have been given.

In this game, you will find Relax Mode, Challenge Mode, Multiplayer Mode and Daily Puzzle Mode.

Although this game should be started from Relax mode, it will help in understanding the game. This game can be downloaded for Android and iPhone from Google Play and App store

Download: Unblock Me Free

5. Spritebox:

If you play online games with children, then try Spirtebox. With this, children can learn the basics of coding in game. This game has a sprite program, which the user will have to follow. In this, the box has to be emptied for friends.

During this adventure, command sequences, parameter change debug fault logic, complex loops can be learned to solve problems.

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With its help, children will also be able to learn icon based coding. It has more than 20 puzzles.

Download: SpriteBox