BGMI Redeem Code Today 01 December 2021 - Battlegrounds Mobile Free Rewards codes

Here are the BGMI Redeem Code Today 01 December 2021 Battlegrounds Mobile Free Rewards codes.

BGMI Redeem Code Today 01 December 2021 - Battlegrounds Mobile Free Rewards codes

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is also known as PUBG Mobile India, this game is an online multiplayer battle royale game and developed by Krafton, Inc Republic of Korea.

BGMI Redeem Code Today Battlegrounds Mobile Redeem coupon code can be verified and copied from this page. 

Battlegrounds Mobile India is a big name to remember which is why fans simply love BGMI. Pre-registration for BGMI started in May 2021 and now the game has launched on July 29, 2021. 

Users can download Battle Ground Mobile India (BGMI) now from Google Play Store and app store.

BGMI has licensed the official PUBG content and created a safe, secure experience that you can trust. And as a bonus, we’re giving away FREE purple outfits forever! This means no more code redemption or in-app purchases—just download our app and start playing today!

Players can keep their profile and rewards earned on PUBG Mobile. Today's Battlegrounds Mobile India Redeem Code can be found here.


BGMI Redeem Code Today

BGMI Redeem Code can be used for various redemptions and rewards offered by the Battlegrounds Mobile India game. 

The details of awards and facilities are available on the official BGMI website, viz. Former PUBG players are now excited after the launch of BGMI.

BGMI is now available on the Google Play Store for Android devices. To download the application, you have to open the Play Store application on your mobile.

These BGMI Redeem Code can be used to collect rewards, UC, and in-game silver coins.

BGMI Redeem Code 01 December 2021

S/no BGMI Redeem Code  BGMI Rewards
1. TJXFTNLZMYS Assassin Suit/ Assassin Bottom
2. FNFHI1TM1W 1000 Silver Fragments
3. VOW9YGV0NU Redeem code for Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
5. XULDPR183 Motor Vehicle Skin
6. HONX7VYQGTC Stealth Brigade Set
7. FWNG8VYJWL Golden Pan
8. GFOPGKDJX8 Leo Set Legendary Outfit
9. UKHBEJFG6D Legendary Outfit
10 DDMTBDBDH1  Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
11. WEDA8A822 600 UC
12. UF38DP8AJJ SCAR-L Gun Skin
13. DDX78WDB6O1 Free BGMI Football & Chicken Popularity
14 BDF5GV7SNJR Free Silver Fragments
15. OKFCUIJAA Get a free rename card & room card
16.  DDMXBWDXIJY 2 Red Tea Popularity
17. CPCS42CNU Desert Ranger Set
18. S90GQMN0T Get Free Companion
19.  Q1PQADAYW6  Pretty in Pink set
Pretty in Pink Headpiece
20. BAPPZBZXF8 UMP-88 Gun Skin
21. DKJU9GTDSM 2000 Silver Fragments
22. MIDASBUY free rename card & room card
23. BBVNZBZ8M9 Free PUBG Football & Chicken Popularity
24. BBKVZBZ8FW  8 Red Tea Popularity
25. BBKRZBZBF9 8 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
26. BAPPZBZXF5  Get UMP-45 Gun Skin
27. BBKRZBZBF9 Code To Get 1 Free PUBG Cannon Popularity
28. BBKTZEZET3 PUBG Operation Leo Set Legendary Outfit Redeem Code
29. EKJONARKJO PUBG Redeem Code For Unlimited M416 Gun Skins
30. MIDASBUY BGMI Redeem code to get a free rename card & room card

Those who participated in the pre-registration process should have already gotten the reward. 

But if you have not participated in BGMI pre-enrolment, you will not get any free skin, rewards, or UC. 

So these players can use BGMI Redeem Codes to get redemption and many exciting prizes. 

These rewards are determined by and solely responsible for providing them with Battleground Mobile India.

We are in constant touch with the official BGMI portal i.e. to find the latest redemption codes for you. 

As soon as you have installed the latest version of PUBG i.e. BGMI, it will look for some extra features and disguise. These BGMI Redeem Codes will help you do just that.

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What can you get with BGMI Code Redeem?

As we know, BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) has many features which are available for in-app purchases. These features can be purchased with UC, but you have to buy UC with your own money. 

BGMI includes new weapon skins, new clothes, vehicle skins, recon skins, new hats, and more.

If you do not wish to purchase these features with your own money, you can do so by using the BGMI redemption code. 

Some users can also get a BGMI name change card as a reward. You can also play the various events available in the game to earn rewards for yourself.

Battleground Mobile India Redeem code

As we know, Korean people made this game and broke ties with TENCENT to bring this game back to India. 

The makers announced the pre-registration and lakhs of users have signed up for it. These users will get new features and skins for free. 

Those who didn't know about the previous registration can simply use the Battlegrounds mobile Redeem Codes today.

Redemption codes are changed regularly and new codes are used online. We update the list of BGMI Redeem Code on this page every day and help our users to get them. 

You can find out the process to use BGMI Redeem Code today in the section below.

How to use BGMI redeem codes?

You can access BGMI Redeem Codes by following the simple procedure given below:

1. Visit the Official Redeem Center of Battlegrounds Mobile India - BGMI.

2. Once you reach the Redemption Center page, enter the requested details like BGMI ID, Redeem Code, Verification Code, and so on in the requested fields.

3. Once you have completed all the details correctly, click on the "Redeem" button.

4. A pop-up window will appear asking you to verify the details you have entered.

5. After checking the details, click on the accept button and your rewards will soon be reflected in your account.

Here are the details about BGMI Redeem Codes. You can leave your doubts in the comment box and wait for the response of other players.

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How to download Battlegrounds Mobile India on iOS

1. Navigate to the Battlegrounds Mobile India page on the App Store.
2. Select the Get option.
3. Tap the Install button now.
4. If you haven't already, sign in with your Apple ID and password when prompted.
5. Wait for the game to download and install once you've finished.
6. You should see an Open button after installation. To begin playing, simply click on it.

                                        Important Links

BGMI App Download Link  Download Here 
BGMI Official Website
BGMI Redeem Code Today Link  Click Here

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who owns the Battlegrounds Mobile India game app?

Ans. Krafton is the owner of Battlegrounds Mobile India game app and it is a Korean company.

Q2. When was BGMI officially launched in India?

Ans. BGMI officially launched in India on July 29, 2021.

Q3. Why is "Redemption Limit Exceeded" displayed while claiming rewards?

Ans. "Redemption Limit Exceeded" means that the redemption code has exceeded its maximum usage limit and can no longer be used.

Q4. When was BGMI launch in IOS?

Ans. BGMI iOS was launched on 20th August 2021 and now it has more than 50 million downloads.

Q5. Is BGMI launched in India?

Ans. Battle Ground Mobile India has been launched separately for PUBG game users in India on 18.05. 2021.

Q6. Why “redemption limit has been reached” is shown while claiming rewards?

Ans. It shows this on your screen because redeem code has crossed its maximum usage limit and can not be used anymore.


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