9 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android [2022]

Here we are going to be discussing the 9 best voice changer apps for android that allows you to make jokes with your friends and family members. Enjoy!

9 Best Voice Changer Apps for Android [2022]

There are jokes, and other fun things that we can do among friends than ever, but they will never go out of style and less on mobile devices.

All those kinds of jokes that we can make to any family member and close friend both on different social networks and on calls, as well as could be expanded in a simpler way and with a greater sense of humor by issuing send notes and recordings in one voice completely, different from the original.

But what would it be like to change the voice with an application? well do not detach yourself from these lines and you will know!

The only thing you will need is a tool (a mobile or smart cell phone) that allows this type of voice changer apps and in addition to that, it has all those modifications in intonation.

The question would be, do you already have that ideal application and if not what are you waiting to download it?

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You can try any of these best voice changer app options that the Google Play Store presents to you. In addition to all the recommendations we make, they have great and important evaluations in the play store, so their quality and prestige are more than certain.

Here are the Best Voice Changer apps

  1. Voice Changer
  2. Change Your Voice
  3. Voice Changer with Effects
  4. Talking Tom and Friends
  5. VoiceMaster
  6. Robovox
  7. Voice Changer
  8. Voice Changer Plus
  9. Funny Calls

1. Voice Changer (Android Rock)

Voice modifier is at the top of the best voice changer app, this application takes first place in the ranking.

Meanwhile, this new application called Voice Modifier in turn also lets us create audio and we can also import one already made to apply the effects.

Although its design is updated, its interface perfectly fulfills giving us the sound we want to play pranks with our friends.

It allows you to select the voice of the bee, underwater, with the twisted, alien tongue, like in a horror movie, etc.

Likewise, files can be shared on all social networks owned by the user, be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others. Voice modifier is an application at no cost on Android devices.

2. Change your voice

The second voice changer apps is Change your voice, like the other applications on this list.

It allows you to record and edit your voice in the application by applying effects such as that of bee, helium, or hexafluoride.

In addition to being able to share your voice changed through the usual channels, you can configure it to be your default ringtone.

3. Voice Changer with effects

We continue with the third voice modifier apps to change the voice in this list that we have prepared for you, many times when we search for a good distorter on Google Play, one of the first options that appear to us is this application.

It is very popular among users for all the options it offers and the effects it has to change your voice. It is very fun and completely free.

To use it, you just have to record yourself speaking and apply the effect you want. It includes some like helium, robot, mutant, low voice, monster, backward, phone, dragon, drunk, squirrel, poltergeist, and many more.

In addition, it has functions such as easily sharing the recording by WhatsApp, email, or Dropbox. You can make an image with the sound, create a voice from written text, save it, and use it as a tone, and many others.

If you give it a chance, you will surely have a good time. Available for Android.

4. Talking Tom and Friends

Talking Tom and Friends is the next voice changer app, that has caused the most fury to change your voice speaking to the phone are those of Talking Tom and the like.

The same author has also created Talking Ginger, Talking Angela, Talking Pierre, Talking Ben the dog ... Cats, dogs, parrots ...

These cute animals move on the screen and repeat what you say with their particular voice.

The apps is free, with in-app purchases, and are available for iOS and Android.

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5. VoiceMaster

If you want to make your friends laugh on Skype or not be recognized, VoiceMaster is the best voice effects app you are looking for.

The program integrates with Skype and allows you to modify your voice, making it lower or higher.

Just mouse over the VoiceMaster window to change the sound of your voice. The result is totally convincing, you will be unrecognizable!

6. RoboVox

Do you want to change the voice to that of a robot? There are many robots that have become famous thanks to cinema and television: Hal, Dalek, Darth Vader (let's say his voice was robotic), etc.

Would you like to try speaking like one of them? With RoboVox, you can distort your voice to make it look like a robot, with the 32 options it offers in its database.

You can do it with a recording or in real-time, so you can change it directly.

You can also directly use the modulator that has built-in to distort it as you want. You can get a  more metallic and robotic tone until you have the effect you are looking for. It is available for Android and iPhone.

7. Voice Changer

Voice Changer is one of the most complete voice changer apps for Android. Its interface is simple and any user can use it.

Despite not having a great design, it has a long list of voices to change yours. You can differentiate them both by name and by drawing.

With Best Free Voice Changer, you can talk like a child, a woman, a drunk, as if you were on the radio or you were an astronaut.

The list of characters is very long such as Robot, Monster, Smurf, Child, Extraterrestrial, Helium, Hexafluoride, Telephone, Drunk, Fan, Radio, Astronaut ...

After recording your voiceover and modifying it, you can easily share it through social networks: Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, or Line.

8. Voice Changer Plus

As the previous voice effects app was not available for iOS, we leave you a very similar alternative.

It is Voice Changer Plus, a tool with very similar characteristics with which you can convert your voice with multiple options.

Which alters your voice so that you look like a squirrel, an alien, a robot, a gangster, a dark one, a mosquito, helium and so much ...

Its modulator is also remarkable since you can record yourself and make it more serious, slower, faster, sharper, etc. Then you can save and share it.

9. Funny Call - Calls with voice changer

Are you looking for voice changer apps in real-time to play pranks? Many of the options that we have seen so far can help you modify already recorded audio, but how can we do it live and with a call?

With Funny Call, you can do it and very easily. To use it, you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Choose a friend to play your joke on
  • Choose from the many effects that there are (helium, woman, children, robots, demons, etc.)
  • Call him completely free
  • Have fun!

Of course, you can also make recordings and distort them later. No need to use it in real-time. Then you can easily share the audios.

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In conclusion, we can say that all these recommendations that we make about applications to change the voice are designed for all audiences with the exception that you do not commit crimes or get into trouble with justice.

Use them responsibly and of course, we invite you to try them, and you stay as always with the ones you like the most or fit your needs