Best Smart Speakers for 2021

Here is the list of the best smart speakers for 2021. These smart speakers not only display great sound quality but also allow you to interact with them to make your lives easier.

Best Smart Speakers for 2021

Some years ago, smart speakers came into our lives and their use has become increasingly popular every time. 

These best smart speakers not only display great sound quality but also allow us to interact with them to make our lives easier. 

This is because they have an assistant inside with whom we can communicate and make requests, such as playing music, weather information, news ... and even interacting with electronic elements in our home.

Depending on each manufacturer, it will use a certain virtual assistant, which learns from your tastes, habits, and hobbies, as well as from your home and family ecosystem. 

The best smart speakers in the market are Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, and Apple's Siri, and so on.

If you are thinking of giving a smart speaker to your closest one we will tell you what are the best options you can buy at Opjee.

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Here are the 5 Best Smart Speakers for 2021

  1. Google Home
  2. Apple HomePod
  3. Amazon Echo Spot
  4. Google Home Mini
  5. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

1. Google Home

Google Home is a small and mighty smart speaker that perfect for hands-free help in any room.

This google smart speaker and voice Assistant will be able to control your whole day so that it can remind you of tasks so you can focus on what's important. 

In addition, you will be informed at all times just by asking. It will give you answers about the weather, traffic, and sports, among others, and with a great 360º sound, so it is also ideal to listen to our favorite music with great quality. 

Features a high-amplification speaker with 2-driver inches, as well as a 2-inch dual passive radiator. 

It's compatible with HE-AAC, LC-AAC, MP3, Vorbis, WAV (LPCM), Opus, and FLAC file formats, high resolution (24 bit / 96 kHz). 

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2. Apple HomePod

The HomePod is Apple's smart speaker, capable of adapting to where you put it, thanks to its attractive design that looks beautiful and always offering high-fidelity sound. 

Its virtual assistant is Siri, which is capable of doing everyday tasks and controlling home automation with just our voice. 

We can also listen to music, as it is compatible with Apple Music or Apple Podcasts. It has a cylindrical shape, thanks to which it provides us with a powerful and enveloping sound. 

This apple smart speaker has 7 speakers, between treble and bass, as well as six microphones so that Siri can listen to us from anywhere in our house. 

In addition, we can link it with another HomePod and enjoy its sound in stereo. 

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3. Amazon Echo Spot

Amazon Echo Spot is a small smart speaker that has a minimalist design that looks great anywhere in the house and will attract attention due to its screen where we can view all kinds of content. 

The Echo Spot's small size and viewing angle make it ideal for placing on a nightstand or desk and using it as a smartwatch. 

You can ask Alexa to say today's TV programming, to tell you a recipe for paella, to help you relax, to play music, among other functions. 

You can use the built-in speaker or also you can connect it to your favorite speakers using Bluetooth or the stereo cable with a 3.5 mm jack. 

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4. Google Home Mini

Google Home Mini smart speaker is the reduced version of Google Home. It has the voice assistant Google Assistant that will help us with everything we need. 

It has in its upper part a 4 LED system with which the Google Home Mini informs us, for example, if it is listening or "thinking" about the answer it should give us. 

Get personalized help with your schedule, reminders, calls, news, and more than you can imagine with this little speaker. 

The device has a 40 mm speaker that is capable of emitting sound in 360 degrees, being compatible with the most popular sound formats such as Vorbis, WAV (LPCM). 

This smart speakers also have two mid-range microphones that will be responsible for listening to our voice when we go to Alexa. 

In addition, it has Bluetooth and WiFi connections. 

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5. Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation)

Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker features a design fabric-finished that fits perfectly in any small space. 

As a special feature, it is possible to link a second Amazon Echo Dot (3rd generation) to obtain a stereo sound deeper for better sound quality. 

Enjoy the convenience of asking Alexa to play music, answer questions, narrate the news, check the weather forecast ... all in a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly with any home design. 

Thanks to the fact that this smart speaker incorporates four microphones long-range, Alexa can detect our voice from anywhere in our house.

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In Conclusion...

These are our Best Smart Speakers for 2021, recommendations so far for you.

Stay tuned to this page for more updates on the latest models of smart speakers. And don't be hesitate to comment on our comment box.