The 11 best PS Vita games of all time

Here is a complete list of the 11 best PS Vita games you can download for free. And of all genres for the handheld console: shooter, puzzle, strategy, and more.

The 11 best PS Vita games of all time
The news about the discontinuity of PS Vita fell like a jug of cold water to PlayStation fans. 

Older users are especially fond of the portable console. In 2019 Sony made it official by announcing the cessation of production of the console, so second-hand sales have soared in Japan, the country where it obtained better figures. 

The truth is that the new emerging platforms for buying and selling have become a perfect place to find certain hard-to-find laptop games. However, you can still download the best free PS Vita games.

The free-to-play business model was a lifeline for many low-budget projects. Without going any further, Fortnite began to take off when Epic Games adopted this formula. 

Success was just around the corner and its creators could not even imagine to what extent. So in less than 10 years have proliferated free games on all platforms and in all genres. 

The first totally free video game for the console did not take long for the PlayStation Vita: Treasures of Montezuma. 

Other titles followed, and the catalog was filled with the best PS Vita games you can buy. 

Many gamers not only keep the console as an heirloom but continue to play their favorite games for hours. 

However, all these games are only available from the digital store console because have been released the new PlayStation Store, removing games and downloadable content from PS3, PSP, and PS Vita. 

Therefore, we recommend that you take a look at the following list before some development studios stop supporting.

In general, they are very simple games to understand and do not require many hours. Of course, you can find micropayments to get more content or power-ups, depending on the game. 

But they are all great to have a fun time and of course free. You will not have to pay anything to play them on Play Station Vita. 

So under these lines, we have prepared a complete list of the best PS Vita games that you can download and play for free.

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Here are the 11 best PS Vita games

  1. Treasure of Montezuma
  2. Run Sackboy! Run!
  3. Cliff Diving
  4. Get Off My Lawn
  5. Break Quest: Extra Evolution
  6. No Heroes Allowed No Puzzles Either!
  7. Frobisher Says
  8. Zen Pinball 2
  9. Vitamin Z
  10. Desert Ashes
  11. Crazy Market 

1. Treasure of Montezuma 

Treasure of Montezuma is a classic PC puzzle game that debuted on PS Vita as its first free-to-play game. 

The gameplay was very simple because it was about joining tiles of the same color using the touch screen, something that was very attractive at the launch of the portable console. 

It has dozens of levels where the player can unlock items to level up faster, extend the playing time, destroy tiles in an easier way, or get a series of boosted powers. 

In addition to this game, they later released new installments with the same basic mechanics and with the same setting about pre-Columbian civilizations.

Treasure of Montezuma is not only available for free download on PS Vita but after its success, it also became popular for iOS and Android systems on smartphones. 

You have micropayments to get extra lives and crystals to spend on other items. This is the best PS Vita games in this category.

2. Run Sackboy! Run! 

Surely you have Sackboy very present because with the launch of PS5 also comes the new adventure of the most iconic character of the company. 

Run Sackboy! Run! is a side-scrolling endless runner video game that was initially released for iOS and Android in 2014. 

However, it arrived on Play Station Vita just a few months later. The player controls Sackboy, the main character in the Little Big Planet video game franchise, as he runs and jumps to avoid obstacles.

Again, this game uses the touch function of the screen to move the character if you wish. Along the way, Sackboy will collect coins to buy cosmetic items such as fun costumes and upgrades for the cute protagonist. 

But not everything is charming in the game because you will find enemies that can kill Sackboy if they touch him, so you have to jump on them in true Super Mario Bros. style. You can also consider this game the best PS Vita game.

3. Cliff Diving 

This curious high jump game uses augmented reality to recreate the scenarios on any surface. 

The player controls a character named Dan to do incredible jumps on a platform to dive into the water. 

To achieve the perfect jump you have to measure the times and perform the movements at the precise moment. 

It has many levels available with increasingly difficult and challenging jumps that can ruin your progress. 

Every time Dan falls badly in the water, he loses the prize money.

The trampolines are generated thanks to the rear camera of PS Vita, using the Play Cards for this purpose. 

These cards could still be downloaded and printed free of charge from the official website. Will you manage to turn Dan into the best springboard jumper ever?

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4. Get Off My Lawn 

Get Off My Lawn is an arcade shooter video game that updates the Space Invaders formula with very colorful 3D graphics. 

The player controls a moody 78-year-old man named Murray Mendelson who witnesses the invasion of aliens on Earth. 

They actually come in peace, but they met the wrong human and have broken out an interstellar war. 

The mechanics are very simple since Murray will be able to move from left to right on the porch of his house to stop all the waves of aliens.

Not only is it a fun and fast game, but during games, you can get power-ups such as bullet time and better weapons to do more damage to the enemy ranks. 

But the aliens are getting angrier and at the end of each level, stronger units appear that will make things difficult for you.

5. Break Quest: Extra Evolution 

Break Quest is an action video game that includes 100 levels and 10 final bosses based on the classic Arkanoid game, with very basic graphics. 

On this occasion, the player can control a ship that fires in abstract scenarios full of visual effects that will cause more than one error. 

Take on geometric shapes with exciting sounds and extraordinary enemies.

During the games, you will be able to get different weapons and bonuses such as the Gravitor, an artifact that attracts the ball towards the ship. 

Break all the bricks in each level to overcome them to find the boss of each world.

6. No Heroes Allowed No Puzzles Either! 

No Heroes Allowed: No Puzzles Either! is a strategy video game with pixel art aesthetics, where the player has to quickly move the falling tiles to match three or more identical icons. 

With this, he manages to summon a group of lethal monsters that will not hesitate to attack the heroes. 

The game combines the best of puzzles with fantasy games to create an adventure in which you are the villain of the story.

Pickaxes are required to play, so downloading it gets you 8 additional picks. Each level consumes a peak, but each day 3 peaks are achieved. 

Therefore, more items and bonuses can be purchased in the shop to enhance the experience. It has a multiplayer mode for 4 players. 

Turn the levels into the worst nightmare of heroes.

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7. Frobisher Says 

Do you know the game "Simon Says"? Frobisher Says is a very crazy puzzle game whose host tells you what to do at each level and most of the time they are really absurd things. 

It is a game with a lot of sense of humor, where the player can use the touch screen or the buttons to perform all the actions. 

There are hardly any transitions between minigames, so the game is quite fast and amazing.

It is made up of 25 minigames from the beginning, but as you progress you will be able to unlock many more levels. 

It has a multiplayer mode in which can compete up to 8 players on the same console to get the highest score. 

The less it takes to complete the minigames successfully, the more points it gives you.

8. Zen Pinball 2 

Pinball arcade games arrived on Play Station Vita with this more realistic game that offers a fresh take on the classic arcade game. 

Zen Pinball 2 is a new installment where fans of the game can get dozens of custom tables because it has the largest library in video games of this genre.

Furthermore, the player has the option to test each table before downloading it.

It has a local multiplayer in split-screen and online for 4 players who compete to get the best score, but you can also team up with friends to increase the Team Score. 

Each table allows you to get a trophy, as well as world tournaments. This game is also considered the best PS Vita game.

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9. Vitamin Z 

Vitamin Z is a shooter video game with a very funny cartoon aesthetic, where the main character, Dr. Rosa, has to kill some mutant vegetables, vegetables, and fruits. 

Because of experiments, they have turned into zombies, so the player has to turn on itself to explode all enemies who approach him in order to get the Z precious. 

With this, you can improve your equipment to face the next levels.

Dr. Rosa can use the remains of the zombies to improve her defensive technology since you start with only a static machine gun. 

The levels are made up of waves of zombies and little by little you can equip yourself with special weapons, while increasing your character attributes. 

It also includes challenge missions, an overall ranking, and trophies. This is one of the best PS Vita games. 

10. Desert Ashes 

It is a turn-based strategy game also available on Steam to play on the computer. It is a remake of Mecho Wars, a game that incorporated a day and night cycle, where environmental factors directly affect the game. 

For example, at night the water freezes, which gives rise to different situations to attack the enemy. 

It has campaign mode for a player and local and online multiplayer mode to face other users.

It is especially striking that it is set in a fantasy world with strange creatures where you can create your own army. 

The battles are turn-based and players can unlock special advantages to improve their attack, defense, and other attributes.

11. Crazy Market 

Choose your favorite cashier, Lulu, or Eugene, in this fun puzzle game that simulates a supermarket checkout, where customers pass all the products through the belt. 

In this PS Vita game, you will be able to show your reflexes and speed to collect the products without any incident. 

But not everything is so easy because the supermarket boss is like a goat and from time to time sends bombs to the conveyor belt that you will have to avoid.

With all the fuss, customers also forget their babies and puppies in it. Take them out to complete the levels with the best possible score. 

The game has 110 levels, 108 different items, and their collectible cards, 11 trophies, and 12 power-ups that you can use to make your job easier as a barcode reader.

PS Vita has long been a favorite handheld console for many gamers, so we can't think of a better way to pay tribute to it than by downloading these games. 

Here you have many hours of entertainment available that are great for days of heavy rain. A perfect plan not to leave home! 

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In A Nutshell...

If you think you want to include some other best PS Vita games that need to be mentioned in our blog then feel free to list them in the comments below.