5 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing 2020

Here is the list of best proxy servers to surf the internet anonymously. Proxy servers also offer privacy within the scope of our browser, while with a VPN we protect all our Internet outlets.

5 Free Proxy Servers for Anonymous Web Browsing 2020

Proxy servers are used to alter our IP address while browsing online, but without encrypting our data or the web traffic we generate. This allows us to surf the Internet anonymously since when we visit a page all the data collected by trackers, spies, and other collecting agents is the data of the proxy server.

If we examine a little deeper into the matter, we see those proxy servers have more utilities, and that is that it is a most practical tool to skip geolocation blocks or access restricted web pages when browsing from the corporate PC of our workplace.

If in your office, school, or library they filter Internet access and you cannot enter sites like YouTube or Facebook, with a good web proxy server you would have all the work done.


Of course, this also applies to pages that our own Internet provider may have blocked for various reasons. Basically, what a proxy server does is camouflage our IP by acting as an intermediary between our device and the web page we want to visit.

We indicate the page to the server, it requests access and then delivers its content to us. 

Differences between a web proxy server and a VPN

Although both offer a similar service that consists of maintaining user privacy, VPNs and proxy servers are very different things.

VPNs are much more efficient when it comes to anonymous browsing since they encrypt all our traffic and offer a more robust service that usually has a higher cost associated with infrastructure.

Basically, this means that the most efficient VPNs tend to be paid while the majority of proxies are free, both from the browser and from other applications or services installed on the computer.

Top 5 proxy servers for the browser

The operation of the proxy servers is quite simple. We write the page that we want to visit in your search engine and the proxy will show us its content on the screen without the need to enter directly into a said web page.

Some proxies work by installing a browser extension, while others simply offer a web page with a frame where all content is loaded. Let's see which are the most outstanding!

1. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is one of the most famous and best proxy servers on the Internet. It offers the classic functionality of hiding your IP, along with some extras such as automatic blocking of pop-up ads to navigate with greater peace of mind.

The proxy server works through a browser extension (Chrome / Firefox) and is completely free with connections to the US, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom, although they also offer greater protection through a premium paid VPN.

HideMyAss platform works with various VPN proxies spread across the world, allowing you to offer a fast and stable connection.

But it also has its drawbacks, and that is that a record is kept of both our IP and the VPN server to which we are connected at all times. 

From HMA they argue that they only use this information to improve the product and little else, but if you need something more "private" you should definitely look elsewhere.

Otherwise, give it a go because it is one of the best proxy servers.

Enter HideMyAss

2. 4everproxy

One of the best proxy servers to access YouTube and other streaming services that use regional locks.

4everproxy also offers unlimited bandwidth, making it ideal for watching HD videos without worrying about consuming more megabytes than allowed.

The streaming quality is quite good, with little or no buffering or cuts in the playback.

4everproxy has an interesting feature that it automatically deletes your history in every 2 hours, so as not to leave any trace in the browser.

This web proxy server is one of a lifetime, a web page with a search engine, and two options to select the Web Server and the IP location we want (in addition to other interesting settings). Simple and intuitive.

Enter 4everproxy

3. Hide.me

If you have ever been told about free proxy servers, Hide.me surely sounds familiar to you, a service that does not keep records or information about what you do on its servers.

Once you close the browser, the temporary URL that had been created to mask your identity is automatically deleted.

Hide.me is one of the fastest and best proxy servers in the market today, being able to change the location and manage cookies and other settings quickly and easily.

The only downside is that the number of free proxy servers is quite limited we can only connect to the US, Germany, and the Netherlands. Of course, the interface is elegant, professional, it has both a web version and extensions for Chrome and Firefox.

Enter Hide.Me

4. ProxySite

ProxySite has a service very similar to HideMyAss, with protection similar to that of a VPN when browsing the Internet. It offers SSL encryption, along with hiding our IP so that we can access any online content without restrictions.

The platform offers several proxy servers spread across the world, including the US and Europe, which are free. It also has a premium VPN service, although for most uses with the free version we will have more than enough.

It also allows you to control other details such as cookies, advertisements, javascript, etc., which is always appreciated in these cases.

Enter ProxySite

5. Whoer

WhoerVPN is a web proxy server with extra features that is very helpful for webmasters and network administrators. It allows pings to servers to control their response times, collect information on a certain web page, or test the speed of our Internet connection.

The web proxy servers works through an extension available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Yandex, offering 9 free proxy servers to choose from (most of Europe and the United States).

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The service being free is monetized through advertisements, so we cannot block them, this being the only drawback of a most notable proxy server in terms of specifications and performance.

Enter Whoer

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