The 5 best online image editors - [2022]

Here you get the best online image editors, all of them have powerful features and exclusive design, with these editors you can make those modifications and more.

The 5 best online image editors - [2022]

In this list you will meet the best online image editors, all of them have powerful features and exclusive design, especially for those who are starting out in this world of photography.

No matter what experience you have as a photographer, an image will always need a touch-up. The truth is that to do this it will be necessary to have specialized software on the subject.

Currently, the most popular and famous photo editor is Photoshop; However, it is not the only one that exists, a wide variety of publishers have come to the market, whether for mobile or PC that fulfill the same tasks and without spending a single penny.

Of course, these online image editors must have a previous installation on the computer for their use, but if you have little space we bring other options capable of working in any web browser, with tools and functions similar to the others.

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Best Online Photo Editors and Free Images

  1. Pixlr X
  2. PhotoPea
  3. Canva
  4. Fotor
  5. Polarr

Whether you are tired of image banks, you need to adjust the exposure of a photo, eliminate imperfections, alter perspectives, including mixing different photos in a complex composition, with these free image editors online you can make those modifications and more.

In the list you can get tools that adapt to different levels of skill and purpose, many of them have a friendly interface, perfect for beginners, others are very complete and similar to Photoshop. Also, they are built with HTML5, which means that they work in any browser.

1. Pixlr X

If you need to use a tool to edit photos online, Pixlr X is ideal for you. This editor is extremely impressive, thanks to its functions it is able to compete against the most powerful and efficient desktop editing software on the market.

It has a Premium version giving access to all its tools, however, the free online editor is enough to create professional and highly artistic content.

Its design and interface are very careful when loading an image especially if it is large, Pixlr X will offer to resize its pixels since the maximum is 3,840 px. Once the image is loaded you will be able to appreciate the tools.

These tools are represented by icons, which will be easy to handle for any user when you rest your cursor on any of the icons, you will see a detailed description of their purpose.

With Pixlr X you can cut elements and extract them, use the magic wand for a quick selection, or choose freely. Without a doubt, it is a good alternative for professional finishes.

2. PhotoPea

If you have previously used Photoshop, you will feel familiar with PhotoPea. This online photo editor supports a wide variety of formats such as PSD, GIF, PDF, JPG, PNG, among others. So you can use your Photoshop files including their layers.

Perhaps the PhotoPea interface is a bit overwhelming for beginners, as it is packed with tools that will help make any kind of modification, but it can be seen as an advantage to learn at no cost.

Whether it is a simple edition or a professional job, you will have tools and effects such as liquefy, lens correction, various customizable brushes, adjustment layers, among others.

3. Canva

Canva is the best online image editors for many since you don't have to be an expert to make amazing images. It has hundreds of icons, images, ready-to-use templates, and more.

With this software, you can create original publications on your social networks quickly and at no cost.

In addition, it has a Premium version, but it is only for templates and icons since all its editing tools are completely free. You can add your own images from your gallery or edit with the images that Canva's database has.

At the end of editing each image, you can export it in different formats, without any compression or loss of quality. You can try the PRO version for a few days and see if it's worth the subscription.

4. Fotor

Fotor has three main options: edit a photo, create a collage, or create a design. The first two are self-explanatory and the last one allows you to create social media posts, cards, posters, and much more.

This tool is considered the best online image editors.

The photos or images that you can upload must be less than 19 MB if it exceeds the weight you must resize or compress it on your own.

Once the image is loaded you will have a palette with various available editing tools, you will have the facility to add Instagram-style filters, use a cloning brush, which is quite useful if you want to remove any element from the photo.

Your edition can go further if you add frames, stickers, and text, these designs are perfect for social networks, and in the end, you can export them in JPG or PNG.

5. Polarr

The interface of Polarr is described as minimalist, as editing tools are represented by small icons. This is a free online image editors. 

Having the first contact with Polarr can be a bit confusing since its appearance is unique, it will only take a couple of minutes to get familiar with the interface.

However, if you feel very lost, we tell you that the platform has various video tutorials that can help you learn about the program.

As if that were not enough, this software has artificial intelligence, which will tell you if the project has a lot of saturation or low luminance.

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The Premium and free tools are divided so you know how to work more quickly and safely. Perhaps a negative point of this online editing program is that you can only export one project a day with the free account.

Other tools to edit photos online

If you thought this was it, we leave you a list of additional options in case you still are not completely convinced. Ideally, you should try each one so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


Now, we hope that this compilation of the best online publishers and also free can be very helpful and you can create photographs with the design and quality of a professional in this field.