Top 10 Best Kodi Alternatives to Use in 2020

Here is the list of the top 10 best Kodi alternatives to Use in 2020. The best Kodi alternatives to organize your files and enjoy your favorite multimedia content. 

Top 10 Best Kodi Alternatives to Use in 2020

Kodi is one of the favorite applications to transform the computer into a true multimedia center. 

From this practical tool, you can access a wide catalog where you will find music, photographs, television series, and movies. 

It is an open-source application available for all the most popular platforms. It is also highly customizable and works through a system of add-ons that allow you to add new functions.

However, is it the only option? The truth is that no, and on the internet, there are many other tools with similar functions that will offer you a very positive experience. 

Below you can discover the best Kodi alternatives to organize your files and enjoy your favorite multimedia content. 

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Here are the 10 Best Kodi Alternatives 

1. Stremio 

With Stremio you will have a very complete multimedia service that will give you access to videos on demand. But it has many other advantages:

  • It has an updated calendar to check the new episodes of your favorite series as well as the movies that have recently been uploaded.
  • It is compatible with Windows, Linux, and MacOs and has applications for Android and iOS.
  • Contents are available in HD quality with subtitles 

2. Plex 

Organizing your multimedia files is very simple with Plex since it recognizes the files stored in the source folder and catalogs them to keep them in perfect order.

An advantage of this program is that you can integrate the Plex Client application thanks to which you can access your files from any device. 

Also, keep a record of your views and start playing from where you left off. 

This is one of the best Kodi alternatives. The app is available on Android and iOS platform.

3. MythTV 

MythTV is a free and open-source home entertainment application with a simplified "10-foot user interface" designed for the living room TV.

MythTV is the best Kodi alternatives for Linux users which offers interesting functions such as:

  • Ability to skip ad breaks.
  • Allows simultaneous recordings of different channels.
  • It has a function that automatically catalogs the files on the hard disk, even adding the cover of the movies.

4. MediaPortal 

With Media Portal, you can watch live television, play movies and DVDs, create photo or video slideshows with background music and even listen to your favorite music collection.

On the other hand, from this platform, you will be able to access other types of information such as the weather or current news. 

Also, you can download skins and plugins to improve their appearance and functionality. This application is also considered as a best Kodi alternatives.

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5. Emby  

Emby is a tool with numerous customizable options that offers you the ability to download subtitles as well as parental control. 

Thanks to the built-in DVR software, you can record programs and even schedule them to activate when a certain program starts.

Another interesting option is the one that you allow to download content directly from your smartphone and without having an internet connection.

6. Universal Media Server 

With Universal Media Server you can easily share multimedia content between several devices connected to the same network. 

This open-source program is completely free and allows the installation of plugins to add new features such as integration with Google Play Music.

In addition, it is compatible with other types of devices such as PlayStation or Xbox among others.

7. JRiver MC 

JRiver MC is a program that stands out especially for offering excellent video quality along with great audio quality. 

The player itself also allows you to locate the subtitles for a multitude of files. 

On the other hand, from the channel list, you can access live programming as well as the option to record several channels at the same time. 

Another interesting function is the one that allows you to share your collection of files or access YouTube.

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8. Terrarium TV

Terrarium TV is an application for Android and iOS whose contents are available in HD quality. We can say this app is also the best Kodi alternatives.

Focused on movies and television series mainly, it allows you to enjoy all its contents for free.

It has an updated calendar to access all the premiere content and you can even use the option to add subtitles. Another interesting feature is its compatibility with Chromecast.

9. Popcorn Time  

Popcorn time is one of the best Kodi alternatives, from which it is possible to access a wide catalog especially focused on television series and movies.

Its operation is based on the P2P network, and one of the most appreciated advantages by users is that it does not have a trace of advertising. In addition, all content is available in HD quality.

10. Kokotime 

Kokotime is a Chromecast-compatible application that works mainly with third-party add-ons to be able to access a multitude of series, programs, or movie titles.

It has a built-in media player and supports automatic subtitle loading. It supports the creation of playlists and even tracks content from different sources.

This is one of the best alternatives to Kodi. The app is available on the Android and iOS platforms.

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