Here are the list of top 10 best karaoke apps for music lovers. These apps are available for both android and iOS/iPhone, install them properly. Read full article now.


Because singing along to karaoke music is a fun activity that is loved by many.

Lots of us like to sing in karaoke bars after long hours at work to relax and ease distress.

This can happen quite often, especially after tense situations.

Interactive karaoke entertainment has now become a popular hobby for music lovers across the world.

And since karaoke bars are usually overcrowded and regular Joe's like you and I can't afford to buy full-range karaoke equipment, our best-case scenario would be to install a free Karaoke singing app on our mobile phones.

With the best karaoke apps, you can enhance your singing ability and experience while removing any shyness and hesitation.

Most of the free karaoke apps we’ve highlighted in this article will also enable you to record your voice over the original background music as well as share your voice amongst friends, and followers across major social media platforms.

Check them out now!

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Get the Best Free Karaoke App 2020

1. Sing! Karaoke:

So you like to sing karaoke?! This first entry on our free karaoke apps listicle will allow you to do just that along with amazing sound effects.

Sing! Karaoke has also ranked among the best karaoke apps supported by both Android and iOS platforms.

It is already well-known for letting users sing along to their preferred hit music while it also provides the opportunity to create duets, solos, or group videos alongside your favorite artists from across the world.

There’s even a self-recording video option.

Yet another noteworthy feature on this free karaoke singing app is the way it gets updated regularly with the latest music.

DOWNLOAD: Sing karaoke

2. The Voice:

With an impressive 4.7 Google Play Store rating, and close to 50,000 user reviews, The Voice is undoubtedly one of the best karaoke apps available on the software market.

It is also a free karaoke app for Android and iOS users alike.

Moreover, it can boast of a good compilation of musicians’ voices you can quickly browse through for your voice-over recordings.

Yet another remarkable feature on this karaoke app is the way the program was designed to enable you to unlock more tracks by singing along to more songs.

It even gets updated daily with fresh music and sound effects.


3. SingPlay:

Say hello to SingPlay - another great recommendation on our list of free karaoke apps you can install right now.

This karaoke singing app was explicitly developed to help you enhance your singing skills.

You can sing along effortlessly to any of your preferred tunes while recording your performance on your iOS or Android mobile device.

Moreover, you can choose to share your recorded audio files among your friends and followers across major social media networks.

This app can boast of an awesome compilation of free karaoke music so you won’t have to download any new karaoke songs.

This app also makes it quite easy for music lovers to pick any song from its server database, and sing along while recording.


4. SongPop 2:

You can install SongPop 2 to own what is already regarded by many as one of this year’s best karaoke apps for iOS and Android systems.

It can be used for singing duets and adding audio effects to enhance voice quality as well as many other features.

SongPop 2 can also boast of a remarkable compilation of karaoke tunes available for you to choose from and sing along to.

You can even record your performance to attract followers and likes.

 DOWNLOAD: SongPop 2

5. Karaoke by Yokee:


Here is another excellent karaoke app for Android and iOS devices that will allow you and your pals sing lots of karaoke tunes at zero cost. 

You can sing along to over a million karaoke tunes with lyrics while using the special sound and visual effects available on the app.

The app even supports a huge global community of supportive singers you can join and share musical content with.

DOWNLOAD: Karaoke by Yokee

6. Sing Karaoke by StarMaker:

Sing Karaoke by StarMaker has a 4.3 out of 5 star Google Play Store rating which has helped it to rank among top free karaoke apps available online.

You can unleash your inner singing star with this popular sing-along application that already has a global user base numbering over 50 million.

Besides singing karaoke, this is one of the best karaoke apps you can also use to make friends from across the world.

Moreover, it will allow you to record your performance and edit your voice afterward.

DOWNLOAD: Sing Karaoke by StarMaker

7. Singa:

This is Singa – yet another free karaoke singing app you can download and use to sing along to your favorite karaoke music anytime, anywhere.

It can boast of over 25,000 listed songs in high-quality audio along with karaoke-themed lyrics.

You can quickly browse through the different music genres to find those favorite songs you prefer using for karaoke while on the go.

You won't have to bother with costly equipment or visiting overcrowded karaoke bars once you have this app installed on your smartphone.


8. Baby Karaoke:

Have you been looking for free karaoke apps for kids? Your search ends here!

With Baby Karaoke, you have an animated karaoke themed game developed to allow users to sing along to an amusing collection of children’s songs.

Perhaps you have a child who you want to teach karaoke with great music accompaniment; then this is the best free karaoke app for you to use.

It comes with an easy-to-use interface along with awesome graphics and background effects for toddlers.

You can even record your child’s voice for posterity with this cool app.

DOWNLOAD: Baby Karaoke

9. MyVoice:

Download MyVoice to own one of the top free karaoke apps developed for iOS devices.

This singing platform will enable you to sing along to unique tunes with karaoke styled lyrics.

One remarkable feature of this singing app is the way it allows users to work with their fingertips which makes it easier to manage this app while also recording your audio and video performance.

You can even share your music files with your friends and followers across major social media channels.


10. MagicSing Karaoke:

Let’s introduce you to MagicSing Karaoke - one of the top free karaoke apps on the app market that everyone can use.

It has over 200,000 tracks available in different languages and from different countries that have been separated into categories so you can quickly browse and select from your preferred music genre during your free karaoke sessions.

This is a user-friendly karaoke application that is supported by both iOS and Android platforms.

There’s even a voice recognition security option you can use.

DOWNLOAD: MagicSing Karaoke


Final Thoughts

That’s it for our latest round-up of top free karaoke apps for you to install on your smartphone.

Each one is a certified fun-filled tool that can serve up quality karaoke entertainment on the go.