The 26 Best iPhone Apps 2022 [Updated]

Here you will know about the top 26 best apps for iPhone, with their corresponding download links, ranging from those for personalization to other more practical ones.

The 26 Best iPhone Apps 2022 [Updated]

We bring you a collection with the best apps for iPhone, where we will unite both the new applications and those that are not so much but are essential, and we will even try to offer you some hidden gems.

In this article, we will also try to make the types of applications as varied as possible to satisfy different types of users.

We have a total of 25 best iPhone apps with their corresponding download links, ranging from those for personalization to other more practical ones.

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And as we always say in Opjee Blogs, we are aware that in this compilation, we may have left out an application that you can consider essential or one of the best.

Therefore, we invite you to leave us your suggestions in the comments section so that other readers can also benefit from the knowledge.

Here are the 26 Best Apps for iPhone 2022

1. Chegg eReader

Chegg Reader is a company that gives students the tools they need to succeed. It offers affordable, digital textbooks and study apps for every major and minor subject.

Whether you're looking for an introduction or advanced course materials, we've got it covered. Overall it is the best eBook reader apps.

Chegg has been making it easy and affordable for students to get access to their textbooks online or offline-whenever they need them.

From renting a textbook for a few days when you're on the go to buying one at an exceptional price from our marketplace; from seeking answers from experts in online video Q&A sessions on subjects like math tips and lab techniques.

2. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is the world's best anime streaming service. With over 1,000 titles and 30,000 episodes of anime.

It offers a wide variety of content to suit every interest. Our goal is to become the No.1 global brand in both Japan and America for all things Anime.

Crunchyroll inspires people around the globe by delivering high-quality content, and an anime streaming service free - anytime, anywhere!

Crunchyroll offers three different memberships: free (with ads), premium ($6.95 monthly), or premium plus ($11.95).

3. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is the best video editing app for iPhone. LumaFusion makes it easy to create beautiful videos with pro-quality effects, transitions, and music on your iOS device.

With its powerful yet simple tools you can make any story come alive in a beautifully edited video without spending hours in front of a computer.

The app can be used by YouTubers, mobile journalists, professional video producers who don't want to carry heavy camera gear or editing rig where they go.

One of the unique selling points of LumaFusion is its UI - it's clean with no ads or annoying popups hampering your experience.

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4. Alto's Odyssey

Alto's Odyssey is the best game apps for iPhone, it's a sandboarding infinite runner video game with a new endless world of adventure.

With your trusty snowboard, leap from the edge of snowy cliffs, careen over trees and rocks to break your fall, or use your board to launch off ramps and grind power lines.

Explore the beautiful alpine environment of Alto's hometown by day and by night.

5. Hulu

Hulu is the best video streaming apps for you. If you're looking to watch your favorite shows, Hulu has what you need.

You can find most major network TV shows on here and a few cable TV shows as well. On the homepage, it will recommend some of your favorite programs based on past visits to the site. It also has an anime section that's pretty great too!

Hulu TV Live is another option that's available in the US only and costs $64.99/month - which unfortunately limits it to just one country.

You can watch all your favorite current season shows, classic series, kids programming, documentaries, anime classics.

6. Launcher

Launcher is the best widget app for your iPhone. Launcher is one of the most full-featured widgets for iPhones that you can find, and it’s fully customizable to suit your needs.

You can use Launcher to quickly launch some of your favorite apps, access websites with just a tap, call contacts on speed dial, message people in seconds or even start FaceTime video calls!

Not only that but you can also change the theme color to match your mood or outfit if you want. It has never been easier than this!

7. AppRaven

Let's start with practically essential and best apps for iPhone if you like to explore applications or buy them when they are on sale.

AppRaven allows you to create lists with the apps you have or thematic lists of apps and visit the lists of others to discover new applications for their recommendations.

In addition, it also tracks the price of the apps you put on your waiting list, notifying you when they have any considerable price drops.

With this, if you are waiting to buy certain iOs apps at the best price, you will not miss any possible offers that may be on them.

Every day you will also have a list of the best iOs apps offered in the App Store, and you can filter the results by iPhone, iPad, or include them both.

8. AutoSleep

AutoSleep is not a free iOs app, and that costs about 5.6 USD. But it is that AutoSleep is practically essential if you have an Apple Watch and want to monitor your sleep hours. It also has synchronization with the iOS Health application.

The day Apple releases its sleep monitoring will be very difficult to beat this app.

The application uses the sensors of your watch to analyze how you sleep each night, the times when you have deep dreams, and those times when you wake up.

In addition to entirely mind-blowing and complete graphics, it also offers a ring-based rating system like the Apple Watch exercise so you can have references to how you sleep every night. And best of all, it doesn't have significant battery consumption.

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9. Specter camera

It is an application specialized in long-exposure photography combined with artificial intelligence.

Thanks to machine learning, Specter Camera achieves bright images that capture motion statically. Light painting, waterfalls with cottony water, or better night photos, for example.

It will also allow you to photograph bustling places without the people in them and even take advantage of the Live Photos feature of iOS.

10. CamScanner

CamScanner is still one of the most significant references when it comes to digitizing documents using your mobile camera, and if you want, it also serves to digitize Photographs.

In addition, the application will also let you extract texts from the PDF documents you have digitized, share them or create a DOC document that you can modify.

You have a function to print documents with nearby printers or to share them with other people.

11. Canva

Canva is an online image design tool that has been making a lot of noise for some years now, and which we have already talked about in-depth and have offered you several tricks for its desktop version.

But this portal also has a powerful mobile version that allows you to make multiple types of designs without paying.

With it, you will be able to create images and compositions for your social networks, Instagram posts, and stories, and it does it in a simple way so that you do not have to have the design knowledge to use it.

It's like an accessible version of Photoshop, with up to 60,000 free templates created by professionals and the possibility to explore its paid version if you need a little more.

12. Citymapper

If you are a lover of travel and you like to visit cities around the world. This iPhone app can be configured to choose one of the capitals or large cities that are available. When you do, you can move around the city as if you were a local, knowing all the combinations of public transport available.

You have to tell where you are, and considering your geolocation, Citymapper will plot various routes you can choose.

The routes will combine different public transports, and the app will guide you step by step to reach your destination.

Personally, this iOS app has gone from constantly having to use the subway of a city to get from one place to another to make combinations of buses to enjoy a little more of its surfaces.

13. Disney +

With this iPhone app, you can easily access all the content and download it to the device to see it later, even if you do not have an Internet connection.

You can also send what you are watching to the Chromecast, and it has the consistently successful option of skipping the introduction of another series.

14. Feedly

Feedly is not a newcomer application, but it is still one of the most recommended to read your news on any device, even on the computer, despite the passage of time.

It is a complete feed reader with good options to search, catalog, and review all the online media or blogs that you want to add. All this with an easy-to-understand and manage interface.

This iOS app will allow you to organize your reading pages by groups, later read the latest publications from each group or directly from all at once.

You also have other functions such as hot topics or current affairs and the possibility of knowing which publications have the most readings. It has a free version and another paid version.

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15. Filmr

Filmr is a video editor specially designed for easy use on mobile, with a vertically oriented interface and the possibility of having multiple video tracks to manage.

The interface is straightforward to use and has options like a music library to add sounds to videos.

You can also make professional adjustments to the video's looks, adjusting parameters such as brightness or contrast.

In addition, it also contains a series of filters and transitions to give your videos that distinctive touch, either with a professional or more casual look. Filmr iPhone app is free, but some of the content it offers is paid.

16. Flighty

Flighty is one of those iPhone apps that surprise even those of us who have tried many apps for years. The mission is simple, to be your guide for the plane flights you will take, but although he has a simple task, what he does is very good.

It shows you all the relevant information about each flight to eliminate any type of stress that an airport can generate and the idea of ​​losing a plane.

It is easy to use since you open the app and you have at a glance what you are looking for at all times, literally. All you have to do is add a flight or airport number and the date to your search engine.

Automatically the app will find the flight information to add it and put the flight in your list of upcoming trips.

There is nothing else to do; the app will start collecting information about the flight as it becomes available and will notify you of everything necessary, even giving you details of the plane, such as its age.

17. Gemini Photos

If you have been reorganizing your photo library recently, or if you have brought photos from another cloud or hard drive, you may end up having cocoa with some images that are repeated.

If that's the case, this iOS app has been designed to help you find them and eliminate duplicates.

The application is straightforward to use since you will see all the options to detect similarly duplicate, blurred photos, videos, screenshots, or notes in the main interface when you open it.

All to choose all those photos that you want to discard in a process that doing it manually usually takes a long time.

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18. HeartWatch

From the same creators of the AutoSleep app we had at the beginning, you also have HeartWatch available.

The health tracker app monitors at all times will be your heart rate, analyzing it in our activities and during different times of the day.

This application also lets you know how many steps you take each day, the laps, and the calories you have burned during your movements.

It also shows a visual representation of our day in the form of a little more or less shaped doll.

19. HiHello

HiHello is the best digital business card maker app, that can be very interesting if you are one of the people who is always on the go with business cards.

It allows you to create several virtual business cards that you can share with a QR code at any time, and just by showing this code, you can share your contact.

You can create different profiles or information codes, such as your professional business card details or others, to make a more personal card.

With this iPhone app, you can also insert elements such as YouTube videos in case you want to make the card more interactive.

20. Inoreader

A little above, we have proposed Feedly as one of the reference applications when organizing your feeds. The other great feed app available is Inoreader, which allows you to add all the pages you want to collect all the new publications launched.

We can always create different sets of subscriptions to have the pulse of today, and you have a trend section to see which are the most popular and essential articles of the moment.

All this, being able to tag your pages and organize your subscriptions the way you want.

21. Netflix

Netflix is the best Chromecast apps for iPhone. And ok, maybe it does not have that halo of quality in all its productions, but yours is by far one of the most complete that the others have to look at when it comes to applications.

You have the classic functions to skip introductions and chapter summaries, but also it's chapter management that you are watching.

Beyond that, it also has a Trending Topics section where you are shown the most viewed content of the day in your country and various types of lists and categories ( some of them hidden ) to offer you a range.

In addition to that, you can send content to the Chromecast, and Netflix also learns from you to offer you content related to others you've been watching.

22. Photoshop Camera

If you like taking photos and applying all kinds of effects to them, Photoshop Camera is one of the best video editing apps for iPhone designed for that purpose.

AI generates the filters, and you can see their effects in real-time, which means that you will be able to see how your photo will look before you take it, pointing to the camera and seeing the result on the mobile screen.

The application interface is straightforward since it is practically the same that you can find in other applications such as Instagram.

In short, you have how the photo will look and the button to take it out or record a video, and below, you have a list of thumbnails with all the filters that you will be able to apply.

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23. Snapseed

Snapseed has been one of the best editing apps for iPhone for many years, mainly due to offering a user-friendly interface for gestures despite the many tools it provides.

It all works by sliding your finger to change settings and change the level of each stage.

With Snapseed, you will be able to make simple cuts to advanced adjustments, such as changing the orientation of a face or deleting objects. Its main asset is that it is entirely free, without ads or surprises.

Therefore, here you have everything you need to edit photos from the limitations of the size of a mobile screen.

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24. Spotify

Spotify is the best music streaming apps for iPhone. This iPhone app will serve you both for its music catalog and for consuming podcasts, and it even integrates with Siri on Apple Watch.

As for playback, you can control the playback of your songs and make playlists with your favorites.

But the great strength of the application is its recommendations, since the more music you listen to, the more it will learn from your tastes and the better recommendations or personalized playlists you will receive.

25. Strava

Strava is the best free workout apps for iphone that allows you to track your bike rides, runs or walks.

With Strava, you can have the confidence of knowing how far and fast you are going without carrying any equipment when biking.

The fitness app also provides other important information like elevation, speed, and comparisons with other riders who have taken the same route.

Whether you prefer biking in a gym or on remote cross-country tracks, this will help you measure your workout.

26. Google Map

With Google Map users can navigate all over the world very easily and fast. You can get driving directions google maps, street views, Find local businesses, 3D Mapping, turn-by-turn directions, indoor maps, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Best iPhone Apps

Q1. What is the most popular iPhone App?

Ans. WhatsApp Messenger is the most popular iPhone App. Whereas TikTok was in the second position.

Q2. What is the best app for budgeting on iPhone?

Ans. You Need a Budget (YNAB) is the best iPhone apps for budgeting.

Q3. What is the best iPhone apps for stocks?

Ans. Overall Schwab Mobile is the Best Stock Market Apps for iPhones.

Q4. What is the best iPhone apps for free music?

Ans. Spotify is the Best Free Music Apps for iPhone.

Q5. What is the best iPhone apps for gamers?

Ans. Alto's Odyssey is the best iPhone games for gamers.

Q6. What is the best iPhone apps for ringtones?

Ans. Ringtone Maker is the best free Ringtones apps for iPhone.

Q7. What is the best iPhone apps for photos?

Ans. Adobe Lightroom CC is the Best Photo Apps For iPhone.

Q8. What is the best iPhone apps news?

Ans. Flipboard is the best News apps for iPhone in 2022.

Q9. What is the best iPhone apps for fitness?

Ans. Strava is the best free fitness apps for iPhone.

Q10. What is the best iPhone apps for movies?

Ans. Popcornflix is a free movie streaming apps for iPhone.

Q11. What is the best iPhone apps for voice recording?

Ans. Voice Memos is the Best Voice Recording Apps for iPhone. It's available for free.

Q12. What is the best iPhone apps for workout?

Ans. 7 Minute Workout is the best fitness apps for iPhone.

Q13. What is the best iPhone apps for runners?

Ans. ASICS Runkeeper is the best free running apps for iPhone.

Q14. What is the best iPhone apps for passwords?

Ans. Dashlane is the Best Password Managers for iPhone.

Q15. What is the best cooking game apps for iPhone?

Ans. Campfire Cooking is the best cooking games for iPhone.

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So, friends here is the end of our listicle on best iPhone apps for 2022, if you have any questions or suggestions regarding this article feel free to comment on our comment box given below.  We are available to answer 24/7/365 for our blog readers.