The Best Horror Games 2022

Here are the 17 best horror games 2022. Have a look at these top 17 horror games like resident evil, the evil within, and much more, horrifying gameplay experience.

The Best Horror Games 2022

The horror games have received countless incredible video games throughout every decade from the industry.

There is never a shortage of lists with games from famous franchises like Silent Hill, Resident Evil, or Alone in the Dark, but there is so much more to enjoy.

If you are looking for the best horror games to play and be scared to death or just curious, you are welcome here!

In this guide, you will find 17 horror video games that are among the best of the genre. Some reward the ability to solve puzzles, others are pure action and there are some that force you to hide from enemies.

The common factor is that either they give you heart attacks or they know how to maintain a tense atmosphere.

The 17 best horror games 2022

  1. Silent Hill 2
  2. Resident Evil 2
  3. The Evil Within
  4. Alien: Isolation
  5. Dead by Daylight
  6. Outlast
  7. Alan Wake
  8. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  9. Left 4 Dead
  10. Fatal Frame II
  11. Until Dawn
  12. Resident Evil 7
  13. Layers of FEAR
  14. Little Nightmares
  15. Condemned: Criminal Origins
  16. Limbo and Inside
  17. SOMA

1. Silent Hill 2

Platforms: PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PC, Xbox, Xbox 360.

Silent Hill 2 is the ultimate psychological horror game. There is no shortage of sudden scares when you turn the corner or dangerous enemies.

What impacts the most, yes, is the ability to constantly leave us with that feeling of restlessness and anguish.

It achieves that effect thanks to a chilling atmosphere, with the famous fog that has so characterized this installment.

One more point in favor of Silent Hill 2 is that, in case it was necessary to mention it, it is not only limited to scare you.

The plot grabs you and leaves you to want to know why the protagonist received a letter from his late wife.

To advance in the game you need to explore a lot, solve puzzles, and decipher the most challenging riddles.

Silent Hill 2 is the best horror games on the list.

2. Resident Evil 2 (Remake)

Platforms: PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

Capcom was absolutely right with the remake of the classic Resident Evil 2. It did not just make a simple review but went much further.

They took advantage of everything they learned with their RE Engine to show the best graphics of the series, and what a result!

They also took the opportunity to remake rooms, rewrite portions of the story, renew the appearance of the characters while adding new ones.

Resident Evil 2 takes elements of 4, such as the camera on the shoulder, and some options of 7. It successfully combines all the good points of the saga, culminating in an incredible horror game.

It is common to think that this horror game is a bit stifling in the beginning, but give it time!

As soon as you know the map, the puzzles, and see how well everything connects, you will enjoy like never before.

3. The Evil Within

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PC.

The Evil Within is one of the bloodiest and best horror games on this list. With that detail in mind, it must be said that this title is a surprise for the horror games.

It does not stand out in aspects such as puzzle-solving, but its rhythm, the mix of action and stealth phases, and the audiovisual section are superb.

Compared to other horror games in the genre, The Evil Within is more frenetic. He hardly ever lets you rest, which helps to get even more into the shoes of Sebastian Castellanos, the protagonist of the game.

He suffers from everything, and I assure you that you will suffer it with him! There are many dangers lurking around you, and to cope with them, you must use all kinds of weapons.

Be careful not to run out of ammo, or you will be at the mercy of terror ...

4. Alien: Isolation

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

If you love Alien movies, you're at the right place. Alien: Isolation is a horror games for ps4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

The game puts us in the shoes of Amanda, daughter of the legendary Ellen Ripley.

We explore a ship in the first person, apparently on one more mission for its crew. How could it be otherwise in a game of this type, the story takes a terrifying turn!

Armed only with the resources she finds on the ship, the protagonist must fight her way while avoiding the dreaded Xenomorph.

Much to the chagrin, the alien is not the only danger that will seek to kill you. To overcome Alien: Isolation, it is vital that you know how to move stealthily and solve each problem without being exposed.

5. Dead by Daylight

Platform: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PC, Android, iOS.

Dead by Daylight is a purely multiplayer horror games. Therefore, it is not the typical horror game that you expect in a list like this, but it is equally recommended!

His experience is similar to popular slashers like Scream, A Nightmare on Elm Street, or The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

One player will take on the role of the assassin, while four others will try to survive and escape.

The game is simple. The killer should only search for the survivors until they are hunted down before it is too late.

As for the survival horror video game, they must collaborate to set traps and turn on all the generators to leave through the metal doors or the hatch.

With this simple premise, it is as if you participated in one of those brutal movies!

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6. Outlast

Platforms: PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

Outlast is the best horror games in the gaming market. We explore a madhouse where patients have become quite dangerous.

Equipped only with a camcorder, you must constantly evade fierce enemies and figure out how to advance without falling to pieces.

The night vision function is very important in this horror game because you will be able to see what others cannot.

Although it is impossible to fight, luckily the protagonist is talented with parkour, being able to climb and get into places that are difficult to reach.

Now, will you survive to tell the secrets of Mount Massive? As an extra note, Outlast 2 is another great ps4 horror games, less linear and more terrifying if possible.

7. Alan Wake

Platforms: Xbox 360, PC.

Alan Wake is not gory nor does it make you want to play with the lights on and in a company. This is an action-adventure game for Xbox 360 and PC.

It is not an adventure that tries to scare you, but it does show an impressive setting and a plot worthy of a best-selling novel. In fact, the same protagonist is precisely a writer.

The game is still tense, yes. Light is very important, as it is the main weapon to fight against enemies. So the flashlight, flares, blinding grenades, and light generators are vital.

Alan Wake presents an excellent swing between light and darkness, not only because of the levels you have to overcome, but because this is a metaphor for the protagonist himself.

8. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch.

Amnesia: The Dark Descentis the survival horror games in which you cannot fight! As you can imagine, that implies that it is essential to avoid and hide from enemies.

Amnesia is not just a simple chase game, it challenges your intellect when it comes to solving physics-based puzzles and interactions.

It is extremely important to explore every corner, remember where each item is, and know which doors open or close.

The environment changes little by little as you progress and solve puzzles, but that means the enemies move too!

Amnesia is an excellent survival horror games ps4 that has scared off thousands of players.

9. Left 4 Dead

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360.

Looking for the best zombie game? Here it is! It is not a tremendously terrifying title, but the different types of infection will give you more than a scare.

There is a campaign mode in which you manage one of the four survivors and overcome levels until you escape the location.

Also, there is a pure survival mode, where you are anchored in one place.

These Left 4 Dead modes can be played alone, with companions controlled by the game's AI, but we recommend playing multiplayer.

In fact, another multiplayer mode is Versus, where some players are the survivors, and others the special infected!

If you know people who play the sequel, Left 4 Dead 2, it's also another good game, with more weapon options.

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10. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly (Project Zero II)

Platforms: PlayStation 2, Xbox, Wii.

Fatal Frame II is a survival horror games, this game is one of the great titles that you should not miss.

In this horror game, you follow the story of two sisters who get lost in a forest and end up in a town that hides murky secrets.

From time to time ghosts and spirits appear, and the only way to combat them is by taking photos of them. It may sound a bit funny, but we assure you, you won't laugh too much!

Throughout the game, your task will be to collect manuscripts and notes that not only help us to understand what is happening in that town but also to solve puzzles and move forward. 

Do not stop paying attention, because these ghostly figures will appear when you least expect it.

11. Until Dawn

Platforms: PlayStation 4.

If you've ever wanted to participate in a horror movie Until Dawn is the closest experience to it. This is an interactive dramahorrorvideo game.

The game introduces us to a group of young people who decide to spend a vacation in a remote mountain, and the party does not take long to spoil.

We must guide the characters in short phases of exploration, but the important thing is the decision-making and the quick-time events.

The clues and secrets you discover, the choices, and the outcome of the action sequences will define the course and end of the story.

Until Dawn knows how to successfully use the butterfly effect, which makes it a tense but pleasant experience to replay.

12. Resident Evil 7

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC.

Resident Evil VII is a survival horror games ps4. On the one hand, the first-person control is a fresh element in the saga and that gives terror a different point of view.

It takes full advantage of VR functionality, allowing us to experience Resident Evil 7 in a more personal way.

Resident Evil VII is an overwhelming game since you are constantly chased by an enemy that appears when you least want.

Exploration is a crucial aspect in Resident Evil 7, as you have to search for clues and objects to open new rooms or leave them.

If you see an old man with an ax, run and don't look back!

13. Layers of FEAR

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3

Layers of FEAR is an incredible psychological horror game, on its day due to its spectacular graphics.

When it came out on PC, many of us suffered from being able to play the game to the fullest, because what a titan!

The textures, shadows, lighting, and explosion effects were unheard of for their time. Its AI is impressive, with enemies that reacted intelligently to our actions.

In this horror game we play as a soldier who must investigate paranormal events in a facility. Sooner than later, we realize that there is something deadly on our heels.

14. Little Nightmares

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4.

Little Nightmares is not a very long game but it is still a pleasant experience. Well nice if you like survival horror games!

This title is mainly of the platform genre, in which you have to move objects from the environment to make your way to the next area.

At the same time, at times you will find yourself in danger of being hunted by a creature that is certainly bigger than you.

Do not lose the north, or your escape attempt will end! Another virtue of Little Nightmares is the visual section, showing an oppressive world with dark and muted tones, in which we will thank with all our hearts when we finally see a light.

15. Condemned: Criminal Origins

Platforms: PC, Xbox 360.

Condemned: Criminal Origins is a survival horror games, where you live a visceral story from the point of view of a detective.

You march to some buildings to investigate crimes, but soon everything goes awry and turns into a horrifying, bloody, and deadly terrain.

The combat is bloody, much closer due to the shortage of firearms and ammunition to use them.

The funny thing is that it is still a detective game. You have to analyze footprints, fluids, waste, objects, etc.,

To understand what really happens where you are. The protagonist has a very sharp instinct, and you better use it if you want to live to the end!

16. Limbo / Inside

Platforms: Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo Switcth, iOS

Limbo and Inside are two games quite similar to each other, made by the same company.

Both are simple, short titles with a unique visual style of drawing in which colors (or the lack of them) are an important aspect.

They are not considered normal horror games, but these adventures game have certain nuances that make your skin crawl.

It leads us to solve a series of puzzles and, depending on where we are in the story, it will be necessary to run to escape danger.

Both Inside and Limbo play a lot with the change of rhythm, between very quiet moments with others when you cannot detach yourself from control.

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17. SOMA

Platforms: PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.

SOMA is one of the survival horror games that we add to this list. The protagonist, after suffering an accident that leaves him brain-damaged, is mysteriously transported to another place in the middle of a scan.

From the first-person point of view, your goal is to discover how you got there and how to get out of that terrifying place.

Darkness is present at almost all times. Exploring and knowing where everything is is a very important factor at SOMA.

The puzzles force you to go from one place to another, which means that you must avoid from time to time dangerous enemies who do not want to see you escape. Don't lose your temper!

In Conclusion...

Here is the end of our list of the best horror games 2022. Don't be hesitate to comment on our comment box. We are always available to reply to your comments.