The Best Gaming Desk Of 2021

Here are the 7 best gaming desks in 2021. These gaming desks are versatile, adjustable, and accommodating your needs as they develop that'll suit your gaming style.

The Best Gaming Desk Of 2021

You all gamers have Gaming computers, keyboards, gaming chairs, mice, headphones, but… what about a gaming desk? 

Well, yes, perhaps many find this concept a bit strange but gaming desks are being sold like bread among the most demanding and professional E-Sports gamers. 

Even if you stay until the end, I will tell you about a company that is marketing gaming desks, yes you hear it. 

Today I bring you the best gaming desks in value for money and available on Amazon. 

As always before starting, I remind you that I will leave you the links to these gaming desks, and in the end, I will give you my opinion on this concept, if they are really worth it and I will even propose a cheaper alternative.

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Here are the 7 Best Gaming Desk Of 2021

7. NewSkill Fenrir 

We started with the gaming desk from the well-known brand Newskill. Its name is Newskill Fenrir and it is the best gaming desk in this category. On this gaming desks you will get:

  • It has RGB lighting with 11 modes, for this, we will have a touchpad with which we can control it.
  • 4 USB connections and Integrated Audio mini-jack connections.
  • Reinforced structure weighing 25 kg that holds up to 300 kg and ergonomic design designed for gamers.

6. Thermaltake Level 20 RGB

We continue in this position 6 with what is probably the best gaming chair of all those that I am going to show you in this top of the best gaming desks, and you will think good crack, and why have you left it in position 6?

Well basically because its price is around € 1000, a somewhat high price for a table, right? But hey, here we have this wonderful table that just needs to go buy you a beer and keep it cold.

Its name is Thermaltake Level 20 RGB and it stands out, in addition to having:

  • RGB lighting with 8 super cool dynamic modes, as it goes around the perimeter of the table.
  • Synchronization with Razer gaming systems.
  • And different USB connections.
  • It has a motor with which we can raise our gaming desk with a simple button and at different heights to make it more comfortable for you.


5. Couchmaster Cycon

In the beginning, I was talking about gaming beds, which we will talk about at the end of the article.

In this position 5 is a perfect gaming table for those who like to play on the sofa and with a huge TV. 

It is not a gaming desk to use with its legs and table, but it is designed for the sofa. 

Its name is Couchmaster Cycon which is around 150 Euros, although we also have the version Cybot for around 100 Euros. 

A concept that I personally like a lot since in addition to the sofa you can take it to bed:

  • It has a hub with four USB ports.
  • A 5m cable USB 3.0 connection cable to give you more mobility.
  • Internal cable management.
  • Side pockets and recesses to keep your keyboard tidy.
  • High-quality microfiber cover.

4. Coolbox Deepmaster

We continue in this position 4th and return to the "normal" gaming desks with this Coolbox Deepmaster that is around € 200. 

We have a gaming desk in this case with a design that I would call more "transformer" that I think is quite beautiful. It has:

  • Z-shaped structure built-in 26 kg aluminum and steel alloy that really has an enormous quality.
  • Good cable management with holes for cables.
  • Coasters off the table.
  • And in the gaming aspect, it has RGB lighting and carbon fiber texture.

3. ThunderX3 ED3 y ED7

We enter this podium of the Best Gaming Desks with the ThunderX3 brand, and in this case, we are going to talk about its two models, the ED3 and the ED7.

We start with that ThunderX3 ED3 costs, a table about € 170, in this case with a carbon-type finish that gives it a very minimalist touch, as well as sporty, also built-in Z and has cable slots and a drawer for its management. 

A table without frills, simple and with a design that I personally like a lot. 

If we go to its older version, the ThunderX3 ED7, in this case, we have an incredible table, which also has a minimalist design, but that we could put in the high range of gaming desks, since it has height adjustment, like the Thermaltake, although in this case, it has a much more reasonable price of about € 430 which is quite good for a table. 

And it is that being able to regulate the height of a desk is something that is quite cool but you have to pay.

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2. Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus

We go to this position 2nd with one of the best gaming desks, although it is probably one of the most minimalist, although I think also one of the most intelligent and functional tables.

I present to you this Trust Gaming GXT 711 Dominus a gaming table that has:

  • A very resistant Z-structure and in this case something that I think is great is that it has the edges of the table at an angle, which makes this gaming desk ergonomic and perfect for comfortable positioning of wrists and forearms.
  • It has cup holders, an accessory to place the headphones, and holes for the cables.
  • It does not have lighting although it comes with stickers to decorate it.

1. Eureka Ergonomic Z1-S PRO

And in position one of this top of the best gaming desk, we have one of the most famous brands in this world.

This is Eureka Ergonomics and although you have different models, I recommend this Z1-S PRO, a full-fledged gaming desk with a lot of things included:

  • RGB lighting on the table and legs.
  • Cable and slot manager to organize yourself better.
  • Carbon fiber texture with reinforced edges.
  • Outdoor coaster.
  • Accessory to place your headphones.
  • A small shelf for Controllers and games.
  • Mouse Pad

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Are Gaming Desks worth it?

I couldn't finish without reflecting on whether a gaming desk is really worth the price.

That obviously beyond having lights, USB ports, and aspects that will make you more comfortable to play, they are built with very good materials. 

To finish, as I promised at the beginning, to tell you that there are companies like the Japanese Bauhutte that are manufacturing nothing more and nothing less than gaming beds, so you don't have to leave the bed all day, it even has accessories to heat your food ...

Yes, it is a concept that in the western world can be scary but obviously, although it seems crazy, it will surely be successful. 
I would like you to leave me your opinion on this.