Best Free Streaming Apps To Watch Free Movies & TV Shows-(2021)

Here is the list of the top 10 best free movie streaming apps to watch Tv shows & movies. Get free TV apps including crackle, showbox & more.

Best Free Streaming Apps To Watch Free Movies & TV Shows-(2021)

Are you searching for Best free streaming apps to watch movies and TV series?

Our list of top free movie apps should put several hundreds of movie titles at your fingertips. Install any of them on your Android or iOS device, and you will be ready to stream and view your favorite movies after a few simple minutes.

These best streaming apps allow users to watch not just movies, but the majority of them also provide free streaming of TV series right into your tablet or phone; this is an excellent way of catching up on the latest shows when you are mobile.

A lot of these apps don’t store their free movies online on their internet servers, but instead, they search online directories to stream the TV shows and movies online for free.

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The free movies and Television show genres that users can access from these free movie streaming apps are drama, action, comedy, horror, family, documentary, and several others. There is always something for everyone.

Listed below are 10 of the best Android and iOS apps for streaming movies and TV series online over your cellular or Wi-Fi network.

Here are the 10 Best Free Movie Streaming Apps for Android

  1. Showbox
  2. Sony_Crackle
  3. TubiTv
  4. Vudu
  5. Bobby_Movie_Box
  6. Popcornflix
  7. Terrarium_TV
  8. OneBox_HD
  9. Kodi
  10. SnagFilms

1. Showbox

This is one of the most widely used movies streaming apps that offers watching movies online free mostly because of its smooth User Interface and tidy navigation experience.

The Showbox app has many excellent features provided to the user at no cost. It is different from other subscription-based video streaming platforms like Netflix as it provides you with free audio-visual content.

The App provides access to an extensive collection of movie and TV titles without any account registration and annoying Ads.

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2. Sony Crackle

Sony’s Crackle free streaming app is compatible with nearly every device imaginable; these include most smart TVs, all popular mobile devices, gaming consoles, and streaming players, as well as the regular web browser.

The Crackle interface is user-friendly, and video streaming is smooth. You are not prompted to log in before watching free movies online. still, the option is available if needed.

Sony Crackle works well with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Kindle, Fire tablet, NOOK tablet Windows Phone, T-Mobile TV-enabled devices, Sprint TV-enabled devices, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, PS Vista, Apple TV, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Sony/Samsung/LG/Toshiba, Sony/Samsung/LG/VIZIO/Toshiba TV, Blu-ray, and Windows players.

3. TubiTv

The Tubi mobile app looks very similar to the desktop version, but it is better optimized for mobile and also effortless to use.

The same search tool and movie genres are available via the Tubi free movie app for android. As is the case with the website and the cover of every movie is big enough to be seen without requiring a tap.

Selecting a particular movie title on Tubi will direct you to its information page where the duration, release date, genre, and ratings are displayed.

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4. Vudu

The Vudu app is widely known for hosting movies you have to buy; but if you are not bothered by the occasional pop-up ads, you can still stream thousands of free online movies.

To stream and watch freebies via the Vudu app is very straightforward; users can browse through the available movies by using filters for the ones that are the most popular, new this week, or specified genres for viewing on their mobile device.

5. Bobby Movie Box

The Bobby Movie Box app is yet another popular software for watching free movies and shows on your Android and iOS systems.

This is one of the best free TV apps offering its users the latest movie downloads for android and iOS in full HD video quality across various global servers.

Although this App isn’t exactly a legitimate way of streaming online video content, you will still get direct access to nearly all of the latest movie titles available online.

6. Popcornflix

The Popcornflix movie streaming software is among the best free movie apps for android that offer users the option of viewing their favorite free movies via remote access to their computer.

A few featured movie titles regularly scroll across the homepage, and you can search for movies by genre.

There is also a section of the app dedicated to fresh movie arrivals, the most popular movie titles at Popcornflix, and even Popcornflix originals.

Users of Popcornflix can also queue movies for a better viewing experience, all without signing up for an account.

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7. Terrarium TV

Unlike other free movie apps for android, TERRARIUM TV hosts its vast collection of movies and TV shows on cloud services and other drives.

TERRARIUM TV is ranked among the free streaming apps available for use on your mobile device. If you are experiencing connectivity issues with this software, I suggest you try an excellent free VPN service.

The TERRARIUM TV app boasts an elegant and sleek User Interface making this a favorite “Non-Legitimate” video streaming software.

Terrarium TV is compatible with Android and iOS-based devices.

8. OneBox HD

OneBox HD is one of the hundreds of free movie streaming apps offering online videos for viewing on your Android device.

This top free streaming app only recently grew in popularity. OneBox HD is also a “not so legitimate” video streaming software that allows its users to view all the latest video content from big entertainment houses right onto their supported devices at no cost.

The OneBox HD App doesn’t even request any account information before granting access to its vast library. The free movies online here are available in excellent HD quality.

9. Kodi

Kodi is essentially an open-source, free media player which by itself is not an online video streaming software; still, with Kodi’s help, you can stream a large number of free online movies.

Kodi works by storing media files inside its repository. Kodi users only need to download the specific repository file and install the required add-on.

This process usually takes about a minute, but when successful, you can stream your favorite movies, live Television, songs, shows, and many more.

10. SnagFilms

This free streaming app from SnagFilms provides free movies online for android and most other popular mobile devices.

It is user-friendly and allows you to share all your favorite films across different social media platforms.



With the apps listed above, you can always watch your favorite movies and TV shows in HD quality supported by accurate subtitles.

These apps have rich video content. Some apps are in legal grey areas but the content being offered is indeed worth trying.