Best free apps for Mac in 2021

Here you get the best apps for mac in 2021. We have compiled the best mac apps that improve productivity and will help you get things done faster on your mac OS.

Best free apps for Mac in 2021

Now that you have just purchased your Mac Book Pro, you want to get the most out of it, right? Do not worry, because an endless number of applications come to you that you will love.

However, they soon fall short. We bring you an exquisite selection, but if you get tired of it, don't worry: we teach you how to uninstall Mac programs effectively.

Therefore, in Opjee we bring you a list of the best MacBook Pro apps on the Apple market. You can not miss it!

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Essential tools

1. WinRAR, decompressor for MAC

At one point or another, we are going to need to unzip files of any type on our computer.

The most popular of all, for efficiency and for being free, is WinRAR.

However, this software is not officially available for MAC OS X for a “novice” user. But with our instructions, it will be VERY simple.

The official WinRAR website offers a Mac version for advanced users, which runs through the terminal and we need to know a little programming language or code to be able to use this decompressor in our Apple.

Although it is true that we have UnRARX or SimplyRAR that work very well with MACOS, we like WinRAR better because it allows us to decompress what we want, even if compressed files come from a Windows PC.

In short, because we can always work from Mac.

That leads us to introduce you to another of the best applications for Mac, Wineskin Windery. It is a software to work with Windows programs, apps, games, and files on MacOSX.

  1. The first thing is to download Wineskin (OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or higher) and install it.
  2. Download the WinRAR version for Windows (.exe).
  3. Open Wineskin Winery and choose Engine “ 9.21 ”. If you don't have it installed, click on the “+” symbol next to “New Engines”, select it from the drop-down menu and click “Download and Install”.
  4. Click on “ Create New Blank Wrapper ”. Call it WinRAR (.app) and hit OK. When finished, open the New Wrapper in "Finder".
  5. Drag the created wrapper to the desktop. Right-click and "Show package content".
  6. Open Wineskin again and hit "Install Software" / "Choose Setup Executable" and select the WinRAR EXE file that you had originally downloaded.
  7. You will see the installation process open the SAME as in Windows.
  8. When you finish, you will get a window where you have to choose the path of your EXE file (choose WinRAR.exe) and click OK.

Now we have this decompressor for Mac free. Finally, in Wineskin choose "Set Screen Options" and check the box "Use Mac Driver instead of X11". Close.

You can now use this fantastic decompressor.

2. Amphetamine

One of the best applications for Mac is Amphetamine, a tool that will prevent your computer from going to sleep when you need to execute certain tasks without having to be in front and you don't want the hard drive or screen to turn off after a while without touching it.

And it is that although we can also configure that the computer or the screen does not turn off from the macOS system preferences menu.

The difference is, in Amphetamine we have the possibility of activating these options only when we are interested, either in certain hours of the day,

When we connect an external hard drive to transfer files or while we are using certain applications, among other options.

The program is installed on the operating system toolbar and can be turned on and off by creating a simple shortcut.

Likewise, you can also establish that the Mac goes to sleep or activity through a button or automatically close the session from a certain percentage of the remaining battery.

The main attraction of Amphetamine is its complete freeness, so you will not find ads or links to other paid apps, nor you should unlock premium versions to access all its features.

You just have to install it and start enjoying it.

3. uBar

Do you want to imitate the Windows taskbar on your Apple computer?

uBar is an excellent application for Mac, apart from completely changing the appearance of the dock.

That will also provide you with new features and functionalities with the aim of facilitating navigation through the different windows and applications.

So, after installing uBar on your Mac, the first thing you will notice is how the dock is replaced by one from the app itself, which has a design that will remind you of Windows.

From here, you can customize the appearance (colour, size, position on the screen ...), choose which items appear (menu, clock, trash ...), create a favourites area, put more than one row to organize the apps, etc.

Now, the utility that we like the most about uBar is the possibility of being able to preview open windows as it can be done in Windows.

To do this, you only have to place the cursor over the icon of each app or program and the preview will automatically appear on top.

The download of uBar is made from its official website and has a cost of $ 30. However, you can first try the app for free and without obligation for 14 days.

Yes, we are aware that $ 30 is a great investment, but it is a highly recommended program that will completely change the way you work from macOS.

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4. Unclutter

Are you one of those who store dozens of folders and files on the desktop to such an extent that later you can not find what you need?

If you want to prevent this from happening to you, then surely you will need Unclutter, a program for macOS with which you can create a new space on your totally hidden desktop that will only open when you want.

Its operation is very simple. You just have to move the cursor to the top taskbar of your MacBook Pro and wait for a menu to be displayed.

This will contain 3 spaces: one for folders and files, another with clipboard function -which allows you to insert up to 50 links- and the last one for store notes. Wow, a full 3 in 1.

The best thing about Unclutter is that it brings a plus of functionality to the operating system since the menu can be opened and closed from any window, regardless of whether we are working in full screen or using another application.

In addition, the application is fully integrated with Dropbox, so you can automatically synchronize all your files and notes.

The cost of the Unclutter is $ 19.99 in the Mac App Store, although you can first try it for free for 30 days by downloading the software from the developer's website.

5. Google Chrome, version for macOS

Without a doubt, one of the essential apps for mac is Google Chrome, the most widely used browser on the market.

And it is that the Mac version of Chrome is more than necessary since many web pages do not work with Safari, as for example happens with the Movistar + television platform.

One of the great advantages of Chrome is that it can be synchronized with a Google account, a fact that will allow you to access practically all the functionalities of the computer giant from the same browser.

But this is not all, but Google Chrome stands out for being incredibly fast in the Cupertino operating system, so much so that navigation is much more fluid than in Safari.

For everything else, Chrome for Mac has the same characteristics as the versions of other operating systems: built-in protection tools, incognito navigation, intelligent functions, immediate web translations, management of bookmarks in folders…

Obviously, the download of the browser is completely free and must be done from the official Google website.


1. Magnet

There is nothing better than seeing your Mac desktop organized, right? Now that task will be easier with Magnet, the app to organize Mac desktop that you must have.

With this application, you can move content from one app to another and make comparisons, copy, and do several tasks at once.

Everything is a clean, intuitive, and simple way. But how does Magnet work?

  • Magnet is located in a space on the screen, depending on what you want to do. If you place it in a corner, it will occupy ¼ of the monitor, and centred on one side, ½ of the screen.
  • Adjusting the size of the windows is simple and adaptable to what you need. Arrange them vertically or horizontally, she will order them for you. If you want to change any of your position windows, you just have to drag it.
  • Similarly, it has the ability to show you different screens simultaneously. It can work with keyboard shortcuts on your Mac Book Pro, and you can configure the sets as you like in the menu section.

The App can be found in the Mac App Store for a price of € 0.99 and is executable on a standard screen and retina screen, as well as available for all versions of macOS.

2. PDF Expert

Another of the essential applications for you if you are in the office and you are working is PDF Expert.

This is one of the fastest, most robust and intuitive editors for Mac, iPhone, and iPad developed by Readdle Inc.

What things can you do with this fantastic program? You can edit text, images, links, text, and titles in PDFs.

Similarly, fill out and sign forms or any documents. All this, synchronized to all your devices.

Likewise, changing the format of your documents will not be torture. You can transform Word, Pages, Docs into PDF with just a few clicks. You can also put together pages of different types of PDFs.

One of its main advantages is the tools to annotate and highlight important elements.

You can underline and highlight entire sentences, make annotations in the margin or on the document, and much more.

You can buy and download this application for Mac on its website or directly in the App Store.

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3. Todoist

If you need help organizing your life and all your tasks, Todoist is one of the most efficient tools for this task.

With it, you can better use your time when organizing, simplifying everything in one place.

Here you can quickly order your tasks, remember deadlines, and establish habits.

Carry out the distribution of activities in an organized way through shared projects between different colleagues.

Get organized by colours! In this way, you can do it intuitively. Plus, you can sync with over 60 apps like Dropbox, Zapier, Slack, and even Amazon Alexa.

Take control of the performance of your activities, seeing your progress daily whether in projects, business plans, and more.

To make matters worse, you can configure the language of the application without having to adjust the entire operating system.

You can download Todoist for free from its website or also find it in the Mac App Store.

It also brings a Premium feature with  ​​powerful features for much larger work teams.

4. PDF Reader Pro Free

This application is not only an app to read PDF in Apple, but it is an app to edit this format: you will be able to underline PDFs, fill in, change and annotate what you want in your PDF documents. And everything is easy and simple.

In addition, it has somewhat more advanced options, such as combining multiple documents into one, dividing one document into several, or inserting pages from other documents.

Then we have an even more fascinating option: if you are tired of reading you can ask the application to read the document for you (up to six languages).

You can sync PDF Reader Pro Free with Dropbox and access your documents from any device. Also, you can convert PDF to MS Word, iWork, Text, JPG, HTML, and PNG.

5. Alfred

Many times we cannot find what we are looking for because it is too full of apps and files.

Nothing happens, because Alfred is the app that will help you find files and create keyboard shortcuts so you can work as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Among the options it offers launching any application with a shortcut, searching for any file very quickly, searching the web directly, finding synonyms, definitions, or mathematical calculations just by typing the beginning.

And of course, empty the trash, restart the computer, activate the screen saver, or turn off completely.

6. Office for Mac

The programs that come within Microsoft Office are one of the most used worldwide.

Whether for work, study, or personal reasons, we all use Word, Excel, and Powerpoint for different purposes. Getting Office for Macbook Air (i.e. office for Apple) is as easy as Windows.

If you wonder which is the best Office for Mac, the answer is clear: 2019. This is its most recent version (so far), and you can choose whether you want it for your home or for your company.

This 2020 version allows you to download Word for Mac, as well as Excel for Macbook Pro, OneNote, Powerpoint and Outlook.

7. Free Office for MAC

If what you were coming was knowing how to download Office for Mac for free, we also have an answer for you.

In fact, in the same way, that if you crack Word for Windows, you can also do the same on your Apple computer. So, you should do the following:

  1. Download the uTorrent program.
  2. Search a torrent website for a file called "Microsoft Office 2016 V15.12.3 Final Multilingual (Mac OS X) + Patch " and download it.
  3. In the downloaded folder, you will find several .dmg files (the programs and the patch).
  4. Unlike previous versions, we install the programs one by one (click on them to run).
  5. Continue the installation process as normal.
  6. To activate Office for free on Mac OS X, click on Patch.dmg. In the folder that opens, you will see a file "MicrosoftSetupUI.framework".
  7. Now go to the Applications folder on your Mac and find, for example, Word (the same for the others). Right-click and hit "Show Package Contents."
  8. Double click on “Contents” and then “Frameworks”.
  9. Drag the “MicrosoftSetupUI.framework” file from the Patch over that folder and replace it.

Now you know how to download Word for Mac for free, also Excel, Powerpoint, and other Office for Macbook Pro or MAC OS X software. Enjoy it!

8. Dropbox

The well-known cloud storage platform could not be missing in this selection of the best apps for Macbook.

In this way, if what you want is to store all kinds of files online and share folders with friends and coworkers, Dropbox continues to be one of the preferred options for users today.

The operation of Dropbox in macOS is extremely intuitive since you simply have to create the folders and add the files in the Finder, just as you already do with the other documents on your computer.

Regarding the option to share folders, you must press the right button of the trackpad, select the Share option, and write the email of the users you want to have access to the files. Very easy!

Also, Dropbox will be installed in the toolbar of the operating system, where you can check the latest notifications, view the latest documents, or configure the application settings.

As for the storage capacity, the free version of Dropbox for Mac has a limit of 2.2GB, an a priori amount sufficient to keep most of the essential documentation.

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Leisure and entertainment

1. Netflix

Is there a Netflix app for Mac? Unfortunately not. Netflix is ​​something you cannot miss on your Mac Book Pro. However, there is currently no Netflix Mac application.

But do not worry! Enjoying the service is still possible for you. Here we will explain how you can watch Netflix by logging in through the most popular browsers.

You can view and save any award-winning series, documentary, or movie for online or offline viewing along with their synopses and reviews.

All this at the best resolutions (720 to 1080p), including subtitles or alternative titles.

Enjoy streaming and live videos or play them whenever you want. While the movie and series giant is available for free in the Apple App Store for all iOS devices, it is not for the Mac Book Pro.

One of the advantages is that you can configure your Netflix web account on Mac to synchronize it with that of your iPad or iPhone.

This is done only by logging in with your Netflix email and password.

In the absence of an application, use the service through a web browser. Netflix for Mac can be run on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

The latter is the most recommended. So there is no free Mac app, but you CAN see it.

Remember that, although you can comfortably enter its website, you must pay a monthly subscription for the content after the 30-day trial.

2. GIF Brewery 3

GIF Brewery 3 is one of the simplest and most intuitive mac applications to use.

It is a tool to create light and good quality GIFS from any video source, be it a screen recording, a webcam, or a file saved on the computer.

This macOS is used to edit and customize each of your creations like resizing and trimming video, choosing the flamerate, inserting images overlapping, etc.

After editing, gifs can be saved directly to the computer or shared by email or iMessage.

Also, in the latest versions of the application, the option to upload GIFS has been added on the popular Gyfcat website, where other users can download them.

In short, reasons to download GIF Brewery 3 will not be missing. It is completely free, it only takes 5MB of memory and it is very easy to use.

3. Pocket

One of the most downloaded apps for MacBook Pro is Pocket, an essential tool for storing and ordering all the interesting content found on the Internet in one place.

All this with the great advantage of being able to view it later offline, an ideal option for endless plane trips or any other time that you do not have a Wi-Fi or data network available.

Its operation is as simple as copying the URL of interest and the program itself will suggest if you want to save it without having to paste it manually.

And is that any content that contains a link is capable of being passed to Pocket, either from the browser or a third-party application. You can import videos, news, scientific articles, magazines ...

Pocket allows you to create labels according to themes, mark the most relevant links with a specific colour, or add content in the favourites section.

The application is free and you can add more features with the premium version.

3. Tweetbot 3

A Twitter client for Mac is Tweetbot 3, an application developed by Tapbots that incorporates most of the social network's functionalities through an interface perfectly adapted to the operating system of Apple computers.

If we take a look at the tool, we see how an interesting sidebar is presented with which to directly access the different sections (search, timeline, direct messages ...).

It has the option to add several columns so that the user can go placing them next to each other to view different content at the same time on the same screen.

Tweetbot 3 can apply filters so that only the tweets that interest you are displayed, create your lists according to the theme, change your Twitter account without closing the program, or apply the dark theme in low situations light.

In summary, Tweetbot 3 has an almost complete Twitter experience - it has very few limitations compared to the official app - and you will enjoy totally exclusive functions.

In order to use the app, you must pay for its license when you download it from the Mac App Store.

This macOS app is highly recommended.

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4. Spotify

As expected, the world leader in streaming music also has an application for computers with the macOS operating system,

Spotify allows you to play more than 35 million songs from all genres and periods on your MacBook. 

It has a free version with limitations and another premium paid version, which has benefits such as offline music playback, the option to skip songs without limit, the improvement in sound quality.

Spotify for Mac can be downloaded from the official website free of charge.

If you wish, you can upgrade to the premium whenever you want for 9.99 euros per month or take advantage of the € 0.99 offer for the first three months.

Multimedia: video, music, and photography

1. iMovie

iMovie is the best video editing application for macOS. Here you can search your video library for the videos, photos, and music you want to include in your project.

With this macOS app, you can make trailers in the purest American style with its almost 30 graphic templates and soundtracks of the largest productions in film history.

You can also customize the logo of your own "film studio".

You can create funny videos with the macOS app, Choose 15 themes with their own transitions and matching fonts.

The app for Mac is priced at € 14.99 and allows you to share the videos directly with whoever you want.

2. Sound studio

This Mac application focuses on sound and audio. It is an app to edit iPhone music, which also works through your MacBook Pro.

And not only that, you can forget about having all the shelves in your house full of cassettes and CDs.

Switch to the era of new technologies and digitize your favourite music. SoundStudio makes it easy for you.

It serves as a professional app to record other things, not just music, for example, conferences, talks, or any type of presentation, play, or whatever you want.

The app allows you to save in WAVE, AIFF, Ogg Orbis, MPEG-4 AAC formats, and many more. Its price is 37 USD.

3. Photoshop (free)

Apple computers are a favourite with designers, photographers, and all sectors working with still or moving images.

The best design programs for Mac are the most valued by professionals. In this section, we are going to focus on a VERY popular image editor: Photoshop.

But we will not only talk about the program, but we will tell you how to have Photoshop for MAC for free (just like we did before with Office 365).

It is one of the most requested Macbook programs of the moment. We will not explain more about its utilities and functions, as they are well known. So let's go to what interests us:

  1. Download PCS6.dmg for Mac at this Mega link
  2. Deactivate your Internet connection (very important).
  3. Double-click on the downloaded DMG file.
  4. Click Adobe Photoshop CS6 (first option) and then Install.
  5. The usual PS installer for macOS will start.
  6. Choose " Test " (do not install) and follow the usual installation instructions, like any other free Mac program.
  7. Once installed, tap crack the Mac software. Open the download folder and copy the framework file
  8. Go to Finder / Applications / Adobe Photoshop and right-click to "Show Package Contents"
  9. In the "Frameworks" folder, paste the atmlib.framework file that you had previously copied.

4. VLC Player

VLC Player is the best multimedia player for Mac in 2020, VLC Player is probably still one of the benchmark programs on the market.

There are several compelling reasons: it is an open-source program, it is safe, it has no advertising and it is completely free.

It has the ability to play files of all kinds of formats without the need to download codec packages or additional plugins.

You can open a wide variety of audio formats (mp3, m4a, wav…) and video (MPEG-2, h.264, mkv), either offline or online.

On the other hand, VLC Player has full support for subtitle tracks, whether they are integrated in the same video or if you have the file separately.

As we said, VLC Player is completely free, so we recommend that you visit its official website, download the application, and start enjoying the best video player on your Apple computer.

5. Dr.Cleaner for Mac

Dr. Cleaner is one of the best mac apps for cleaning, being number 2 in 20 countries, and with a score of 4.8 out of 5 in the App Store.

It is an application that will free up space on our computer: it optimizes memory and cleans the disk.

The app detects large files that you haven't used for a long time, optimizes memory automatically after closing an app that consumes a lot.

6. 1Password 7

Having trouble remembering all your passwords? Do you need a place to write them down and that nobody else has access to?

Nothing that 1Password 7, the best password manager for macOS X.

With 1Password 7 you can store many passwords as you want in a totally secure way, classifying them through labels or categories.

The application is paid, but first, you can try it free for 30 days. You will be amazed!

7. Bitdefender Virus Scanner

If you are looking for free and effective antivirus for macOS X, Bitdefender is one of the best options that you will find in the Mac App Store.

The program analyzes in detail any file that you have on your computer even those that are compressed- in search of viruses, malware, or threats that may compromise the security and operation of your MacBook.

For this, you have two modes, one that analyzes the system in-depth and another that analyzes critical locations.

Its interface is very easy to use and is regularly updated to detect the latest dangers.

Its installation requires version OS X 10.9 or later.

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These are the best mac apps that cannot be missing in your new MacBook Pro. There are many more, in many fields, obviously.

We have limited ourselves to making a varied selection. For this reason, we invite you to tell us which are your favourite Mac Book apps.