10 best farming games and simulators for Android

Here is the full list of the 10 best farming games and simulators video games for Android that you can install and play on your Android devices.

10 best farming games and simulators for Android

On Android, There are lots of farming games available on the Google Play and Apple app stores. Which is among the best in this category and that will allow you to grow your garden or make processed foods.

We are going to teach you the best games to enjoy as dwarfs and thus create that farm that has chickens, pigs, cows or sheep, or a whole garden with potatoes, strawberries, or onions. 

This is why farming games are so addictive and you can spend your time playing these farming games.

That is why we have compiled for you the best farming games that you can install on your Android or iPhone.

Check them out below and start testing them to find out which one is your favorite!

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The10 Best Free Farm Games for Android and iOS are

  1. Stardew valley
  2. Hay Day
  3. Harvest Town
  4. Farming Simulator 2020
  5. Blocky farm
  6. Idle Farming Empire
  7. Farmville 2: Country Adventures
  8. Empire of Idle Agriculture
  9. Tiny Pixel Farm
  10. Farmville 2: Tropic Escape

1. Stardew valley

Stardew Valley is a simulation role-playing game (RPG's) developed by Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone.

This game is practically the best farming game we have on Android. It's a premium game, here you have to spend some money to play this game, although these days you can get it for half the price. 

You can even start a family and have children. In other words, it does not lack anything to become your favorite game.

A game is characterized by its pixel art and that is itself a small work of art; pay attention to how everything changes when it is summer or winter to plant other types of vegetables. 

It is regularly updated with new content and it is expected that we can have an online multiplayer soon. 

This game is available on the Android version.

2. Hay Day

Hay Day is the most popular and best farming game developed by Supercell. This game is available for freemium (free and premium).

A Supercell game in which, although you will not be able to work the field as it happens in Stardew Valley, you will be able to design your farm to make it the cutest.

This game is characterized by its periodic updates with new content and is graphically very attractive. 

The game is one of the best farming management games and in which, unlike Stardew, you will be able to play with friends or family.

This game is available on Android.

3. Harvest Town

Harvest Town is a pixel-style farming simulation game, although it has an online multiplayer and is freemium (free-premium).

In this game, you can visit a friend's towns and send them hearts and gifts. 

The best thing about this game is available on the Android version for free.

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4. Farming Simulator 2020

Farming Simulator 2020 is one of the best farming games where the farmer grows crops, raise sheep, drive a tractor to earn lots of money.

Farming Simulator is a well-recognized saga of games and each year it has improved enough to justify paying for its premium content during a single purchase.

We are not only talking about driving tractors, but another series of mechanical tools to collect grain or become one with the management of those horses, pigs, or cows. 

Let's say that we are more aimed at those more automatic processes that we can see in other types of more advanced farms in this industrialized world.

More than 100 vehicles, different types of crops related to dry grain, and those graphics that take us to North American environments are the greatest virtues of another great farm game.

You can download the game from the Android for free.

5. Blocky farm

Blocky Farm is a free farming game strategy game where you can build up your own small farm for farming.

It has missions to fulfill and in which you can manage your land, transport products to the city with your tractor, and even make friends with the neighbors.

It has a special community of followers who have gradually allowed a more than important niche to be made in these farm games. 

It is a freemium (free-premium) game where you can build the farm of your dreams. 

Its colorful graphics in isometric view reminds us of Crossy Roads, the chicken casual, in order to dress in the best way for our mobile.

This game is available on the Android version.

6. Idle Farming Empire

Idle Farming Empire is a Simulation game, the farming game made by Futureplay, the game is available for free to play online or offline.

In this game, you can automate your farm and earn money continuously to become a rich farmer.

To give you an idea of ​​your capabilities, you are going to have the possibility to make the sun hit harder or use the rain so that the crops generate more fruits or vegetables. 

An Idle farm game is available on Android for free.

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7. Farmville 2: Country Escapes

If you think Farmville 2 ended when people stopped playing on Facebook, you are quite wrong. The most popular farm simulator on social media is available in various versions for Android or iOS devices.

This game follows the mainline of the series. You receive missions every day and you must organize your crops and harvests to meet the demand and be rewarded. With payment, you can expand, evolve, and personalize your work.

Farmville 2: Country Adventures is available on Android.

8. Tiny Pixel Farm

Tiny pixel Farm is also an awesome farming simulator game that will keep away you with tenderness!

Therefore, we can consider this game as the simplest game among the farming games on this list.

We can consider Tiny Pixel Farm to be simpler version of Stardew Valley. The game is available for  Android for free.

9. Farm On!

Farm On! is a Best Free Farming mobile games for Android, for the modern-day casual farmer.

Unlike in Stardew Valley, you run the farm without showing up. But that does not prevent from touching animals and crops to develop the rural property.

You can also barter with neighbors and create recipes with ingredients from your farm. Click the link to download Farm On!

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10. Farmville 2: Tropic Escape

If you prefer to tend a farm in a tropical and beach-filled environment, this version of Farmville 2 is for you.

In addition to the common mechanics of farm games, Tropic Escape lets you explore the mysteries of the island in a campaign with its own story.

Additionally, you can construct buildings for a variety of purposes, including wildlife photography on your farms.

Farmville 2: Tropic Escape can be downloaded on mobile smartphones and tablets with Android.

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