7 Best Barbie Games for Android

Here are the 7 best Barbie games for android. This game is one of the most popular toys in history, and they still have great importance in the world today.

7 Best Barbie Games for Android

What are the best barbie games? You've probably heard of Barbie dolls or owned your own or for your children, and enjoyed hours of fun with the adorable toy.

Barbie is a brand of dolls manufactured by the American company Mattel, launched on the market in 1959 and inspired by another very popular doll called Bild Lilli.

It is one of the most popular toys in history, and they still have great importance in the world today.

That's why the world of Barbie has expanded to not only classic dolls and additional accessories but also entertaining tech tools.

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Here are the 7 best barbie games for android

These technological tools include very fun applications, designed for adults and children, that will give them the opportunity to enjoy the world of Barbie from their phones.

Therefore, if you are a fan of the popular doll or are looking for an entertaining option for boys and girls, you have come to the right place.

We bring you a list of the best Barbie games for you to download for free, and you can also enjoy the options they offer you.

  1. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures
  2. Princess fairy
  3. Barbie ™ Fashion Closet
  4. Barbie magic fashion
  5. Princess Salon
  6. Red carpet
  7. Dress Up College Girls

1. Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures is one of the best barbie games on this list. With this game, you will have the opportunity to create your own dream home experience, and thus design the spaces of your home.

You will have to design each room and carry out entertaining activities, such as cooking, dancing, or participating in parties with your friends.

You can help Barbie to change wallpapers, decorations, furniture, and organize her space to create a special environment for her and her friends.

You'll meet fantastic friends like Renee a sports fanatic, Daisy a talented DJ, Teresa a science lover, Nikki a fashion designer, and Ken.

You will also have to give fashion advice, cook, carry out other challenges of daily life, and help Barbie with them.

2. Princess fairy

This is an incredible Barbie game in which you must play to dress the most beautiful princesses, with a style similar to that of the beautiful Barbie.

You will have to design looks, dresses, hairstyles, and makeup, as well as create sets of dresses, clothes, skirts, shorts, gloves, suits, among others.

You can also have access to accessories of all kinds so that you create the best looks, totally fashionable.

You will also have the possibility to play with friends and explore the world of fairies, demonstrating your skills and style.

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3. Barbie ™ Fashion Closet

This is the best Barbie game to express your skills in fashion, as you must dress Barbie and help her fulfill her fashionista dream.

You will have to choose a character, give him the characteristics that you like the most, and create elegant styles for any occasion.

Barbie Fashion Closet offers you the opportunity to stand out doing hairstyles, designing creative makeup.

You can also choose from hundreds of clothes and shoes to get the look you are looking for, and when you find it you will have the option of playing with the different backgrounds that the game offers you.

And in this way, you will get different styles to save them in your own photo album, which you can share with other users of the game or with your friends.

4. Barbie magic fashion

Now it's the turn of Barbie fashion magic, an entertaining option that will allow you to transform yourself into a princess, mermaid, fairy, and even a heroine.

You can design a spectacular outfit and try different hairstyles and makeup so that you get the most spectacular look you can imagine.

You will have access to brilliant accessories, which will allow you to embark on a magical journey full of colors and style.

You can also decorate your tiara with sparkling gems and make necklaces, personalize your dress and princess shoes.

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5. Princess Salon

Now it is the turn of Princess Salon, a game where you will have to help the most adorable princesses to choose the perfect dress.

As well as makeup and hairstyle, all while relaxing thanks to a wonderful all-inclusive spa treatment.

You will have to make sure that their hair and skin are perfect, as well as help them create a unique and spectacular look.

You can choose from four different models and experiment with dozens of makeup products, as well as accessories. Go ahead and try this entertaining game!

6. Red carpet

Another best Barbie game is Red Carpet, on entertaining Barbie game that will allow you to dress the biggest stars.

It offers more than 400 items that you can use to create your own look and give the appearance you want to any of the available characters to choose from.

With this game, you will have the option to create millions of glamorous and stylish outfits for the best stars and celebrities.

The best thing about this incredible game is that it helps its users to become the greatest fashionistas, all while having fun. Download it and start playing now!

7. Dress Up College Girls

This is a fashionable Barbie game where you can enjoy the task of dressing virtual dolls, as well as customizing the different characters that the game includes.

All these girls are high school stars who are always with their friends and who want to look spectacular following their own style.

So you can become a great fashion stylist, which will give you the great power to choose outfits for each character, design hairstyle, and makeup.

They can also create super creative looks for a high school geek, a young businesswoman, a party girl, a shopaholic, and more.

There are over 200 items of clothing, makeup, and accessories to choose from, but best of all, it's available totally free and designed for your Android phone or tablet.

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Final Verdict...

We invite you to download any of these best Barbie games for your Android devices, as we assure you that you will enjoy them and you will not want to stop playing.

Remember that they are free options, which provide fun for adults and children, becoming the first alternative to enjoy leisure time.

What are you waiting for? Click on the links under each app's description, and quickly download them so you can start playing right away.