10 Best Stargazing Apps 2021 - Astronomy Apps for Android & iPhone

Here are the 10 best stargazing apps 2021 - astronomy apps. Discover and know the solar system in one of the contents included in the school curriculum from an early age. 

10 Best Stargazing Apps 2021 - Astronomy Apps for Android & iPhone

For students to look up at the sky and know what lies beyond our planet is as simple as starting to use one of these best stargazing apps

Discover and know the Solar System in one of the contents included in the school curriculum from an early age. 

It is a subject that tends to attract students and for which teachers have a wide variety of resources at hand. 

The astronomy apps we have selected to know the Solar System will help to better understand the universe and to assimilate this knowledge. 

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Here are the Best Stargazing Apps 2021 - Astronomy Apps

1. Star Walk: Astronomy for Kids

Thought as an android astronomy apps, it uses drawings to delve into the fundamentals of astronomy, the structure of the solar system, knowing the stars, constellations, and comets; and know a little more about the Hubble Space Telescope. 

To explore the space, use a green arrow to be placed on the elements that you want to know more about. Each of them includes several audios and a video. 

This Astronomy Apps is free for Android and costs € 3.49 for iOS. 

2.  Astro Cat's Solar System

This Best Astronomy Apps for Stargazing is specially designed to offer educational content. 

When entering it, you have to select a character –it is always a cat– who will guide the exploration of the solar system.

It will start with the Sun and will go through all the planets. There are two levels for each one: the first offers interactive information about them and the second, which is unlocked after having gone through the first, offers a question and answer game. 

The more hits, the more medals you get, and with them, you can build a rocket. Each user can register a profile to save their progress. 

This astronomy app is available for Android for 4.24 United States Dollar and for iOS for 5.45 United States Dollar

3. Cosmolander - The Solar System

Cosmolander's proposal is to take a trip to the interior of the solar system, suitable for children and adults from 6 years old, according to its developers. 

A simple interface and the voice of a narrator will accompany you on this adventure in which you will discover the nine planets in a fun way. 

The exploration has been divided into four learning sections: structure, satellites, curiosities, and travel and discoveries. 

It also proposes a game that consists of carrying out different missions for each planet with a spaceship and includes quizzes to carry out a secret mission and, incidentally, learn more. 

You can start using this astronomy app for android to know the Universe for € 2.99 with Android and € 3.49 with iOS. 

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4. Sky Map

To learn about space and the solar system, it would be enough to look up and look up at the sky, and there discover all the stars and other elements that are part of it. 

Sky Map is available for free for Android. With this stargazing apps, you just have to direct the screen of your phone or tablet towards the sky to see the constellations, planets, stars, and other elements appear on it, each one perfectly identified with its name. 

5. Solar Walk Lite -Planetarium 3D

The use of three-dimensional models is what differentiates this application from the rest.

Immersing yourself in 3D mode - which can be switched on and off - creates a sensation similar to that of traveling through space. 

You can observe the planets from different angles and change the scale to get closer to the details. 

Another of its interesting features is, it is possible to select any date and time on a timeline and see the state of the solar system and the planets at different times. 

It has a section dedicated to spacecraft, telescopes, and satellites, where the International Space Station is not lacking. This Astronomy Apps is free for Android. 

6. Space Adventures: Flight to the Moon

This educational game proposes that students immerse themselves in an adventure in outer space while discovering new concepts related to the elements that can be found during the trip: meteorites, stars, planets ... 

The purpose of this app is to develop skills such as memory, autonomy, creativity, attention, and logical thinking while entertaining. 

This is the best stargazing apps to know the Universe it is available for free on Android with the option of in-app purchases. 

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7. Nasa 

It is the official astronomy apps of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) of the United States. 

In this android astronomy apps, you can find stories about space, up-to-date information on any planet, and view featured content from NASA TV. 

Another of its features is that it integrates images, videos, and satellite trackers so that students can explore content and learn more about the Solar System. 

This Astronomy Apps to know the Universe for Free and available for iOS and Android. 

8. Astrokids Universe

It is about the student discovering all the planets in the solar system while exercising as an astronaut. 

To complete the mission, you will have to face aliens, recognize constellations, and learn content such as the phases of the Moon. 

This Astronomy Apps Includes 8 games, 8 puzzle games, and stimulates skills such as concentration and memory. 

You can download this astronomy app for android to know the Universe for free and available on iOS. 

9. Lipa Planets 

This Astronomy app carried out by education professionals is aimed at students between 5 and 8 years old with the aim of promoting reading through gamification. 

It offers three different game modes to explore, together with the dog Skipper, the world of the cosmos, mythology ... 

For the students to learn more about Sidereal Space, it also incorporates sounds, animations, and a short lesson where the names of the planets and others come relevant data. 

This Stargazing app can be downloaded for free for the iOS version. 

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10. Astronomy for children and youth

This astronomy app has a list of important concepts for learning astronomy with the option to read or listen to it through a voice synthesizer. 

This Stargazing app includes photographs of each element of the Universe: the stars, the planets, the Moon ... 

Finally, the student has the option of undergoing a short multiple-choice test to analyze the knowledge acquired in the app. Exclusive for Android. 

In Conclusion...

Here ends our post about the Best Stargazing Apps 2021 - Astronomy Apps for Android & iPhone.

Feel free to try out all of them so you can further boost your chances of success.