Best Apps To Download Youtube Videos On Android (2021)

YouTube Downloader for Android. Download Your Favorite Videos And Songs From YouTube Directly Into Your Storage And Enjoy The Content With These Apps For Free.

Best Apps To Download Youtube Videos On Android (2021)

Most of us enjoy watching movies and videos. Previously, we were mostly dependent on theaters and television but, with modern era technology at our fingertips in the shape of smartphones, and tablets things are no longer the same.

Downloading videos directly to your Android phone storage isn’t such a big deal anymore since there are lots of video downloader apps available on the Android platform.

Users can quite easily grab the link to the video and that's it! You can watch the video on your device in a few minutes.

Many smartphone users want to know how to download YouTube videos on Android and are continually searching for the best app to download YouTube videos as well as videos from other social media websites like Daily Motion and Vimeo.

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YouTube Downloader for Android is a utility app that allows users to save audio and video files on their mobile storage. You can store these files at no cost and with varying resolutions.

In this post, we have identified some top apps to download YouTube videos that can assist you in downloading your favorite videos and viewing them offline from your storage.

Best Youtube Downloader Apps for Android 2021

  1. Tubemate
  2. Youtube Go
  3. Vidmate
  4. Videoder
  5. NewPipe 
  6. InsTube
  7. Snaptube
  8. Airy

1. Tubemate

This is one of the most widely used third-party video downloader apps for Android devices. This user-friendly app is quite capable when it comes to downloading videos.

Tubemate offers impressive features like multiple downloads, resume and pause, background download, inbuilt media player and lots more.

Tubemate’s inbuilt browser gives you direct access to those websites you prefer.

2. Youtube Go

So YouTube Go finally matured past its development stage and launched a beta version in April 2018.

Now users can stream videos from YouTube, and download them when needed.  As you might already know, installing this YouTube downloader android app is an excellent method of bypassing video restrictions on YouTube.

YouTube Go automatically eliminates any need for third-party apps to download free YouTube videos.

You can download your favorite videos in two different formats, basic and standard quality. Sadly, there isn’t any support for HD, 1070p, or higher resolution video formats for now.

What separates the YouTube Go app from other YouTube downloader for android counterparts is the sharing feature.

Like many other sharing software, users can now share any downloaded videos with their friends. Fortunately, it is still being developed, so we ought to get additional features in future versions. 

YouTube Go has launched its beta version in India only; we do not know when the rollout will go beyond India.

3. Vidmate

This popular YouTube downloader android app has a host of unique features. Its tidy User Interface provides an organized view of different categories of entertainment like movies, videos, music, TV series, and shows.

A search option allows users to discover new videos even while downloading.

4. Videoder

The Videoder app is very similar to Vidmate because it lets users stream, download, and convert movies, videos, and songs from most streaming sites including YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, and other popular websites for free.

Videoder is compatible with over 30 active streaming websites which are enough for the most prolific users.

Videoder is an app that supports streaming and downloading of all video formats including, HD, QHD (2K) and UHD (4K) as well as FHD.

The video conversion option is a huge advantage for many users, allowing for quick extraction of audio and video files from YouTube.

Luckily, Videoder incorporates the video conversion feature in all the 30+ sites. Like Vidmate, it isn’t available on the Google play store.

You need to download an APK file for installation on your Android device.

5. Newpipe

The NewPipe application is a free YouTube downloader for android users. Here you gain unlimited access to YouTube content without bothering with pop-up ads.

NewPipe’s best feature is that you can utilize it without a Google API and it can also run in the background which isn’t possible with YouTube.

Also, the NewPipe app also protects your privacy since it does not save any information for future use.

6. Instube

InsTube app is a very popular video downloader capable of supporting free video and music downloads from more than 100 websites.

Users are allowed to save audio and video files directly on their devices with an option for choosing the format and resolution of the downloaded file.

This app makes use of a Superior Engine Downloader for saving files at high speeds. There isn’t any compromise in speed even when multiple files are downloading simultaneously.

InsTube is browser/downloader software that allows you to download videos while surfing the web quickly.

The User Interface is quite intuitive and straightforward, boasting various customizable setting options.

7. Snaptube

This is another full-fledged YouTube downloader for android mobiles. SnapTube is free and devoid of any in-app purchases. However, you have to tolerate the inevitable pop-up ads.

Unlike most other video downloader software, SNAPTUBE also allows users to download their favorite music to their mobiles for free.

You can also discover new videos, and songs from within the app itself, with a universal search feature that scans the most popular sites.

With SnapTube, you can also download multiple files simultaneously as well as pause and resume your active downloads. Like Videoder, SnapTube supports various video resolutions like QHD & UHD.

8. Airy

Airy is also a top alternative to Youtube video downloader apps, it is a free YTD video downloader for Android.

This app allows you to download YouTube videos, audio, and playlists for watching offline within a few clicks, it’s available for both Windows and Mac OS.

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Wrapping Up...

When you carry out a Google search for how to download YouTube videos on Android, there are so many generated results to select from.

With any of these fantastic apps installed on your device, downloading online videos will no longer be a difficult task.

What remains would be to select the one that best suits your needs and the features you would like to have.

Using any of these apps on our list will enable you to download whatever videos you want and store them on your mobile device. We hope that this list of the best video downloading apps will be useful.