5 Best Apps to Convert Voice to Text

Here is the list of best apps to convert voice to text, make notes more comfortably and quickly, transcribe original texts, and everything you can imagine.

5 Best Apps to Convert Voice to Text

More and more users are looking for applications to go from voice to text, this has many practical applications: write articles from the mobile, make notes more comfortably and quickly, transcribe original texts and everything you can imagine.

Even some writers use a technique of reading aloud what they are writing, this task is simplified with an application like Speechnotes that directly speaks by writing a text with the things we say.

As in all Play Store apps, it is difficult to know which ones really work and which ones leave much to be desired. That is why we decided to make a ranking of the best applications for voice dictation.

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Best Applications for Voice Dictation

1. Speech notes

It is one of the main Android apps for the speech-to-text app, it has more than 1 million downloads and some very good reviews.

Its main features include the possibility of using a Bluetooth microphone, being able to insert emojis, and high precision of voice recognition.

It has a large number of dictation languages, it recognizes punctuation marks (period, comma, parentheses, quotation marks, etc.).

Without a doubt, if you are thinking of using it to write your posts, press releases, or whatever you need to write, it is an excellent option.

The free app has a small banner ad, but you can upgrade to a premium version to get rid of it.

Download: Speech notes

2. Dictation to text

It is a free voice-to-text apps, just like the previous option allows you to write texts without using the keyboard, we simply click on the microphone and start talking, the application recognizes our voice and transcribes it into text.

It has automatic spacing and an interesting option is that if you misspell a word it gives us options to put the correct word.

It has more than 50,000 downloads and is available for both mobile phones and tablets or phablets. It also offers the possibility of sharing texts by email, Bluetooth, save to Drive, or copy to the clipboard.

Download: Dictation to text

3. SpeechTeacher

We continue with this ranking of the best apps with Speech Teacher, the functionality is identical to those mentioned above. Its particularities are that it supports more than 60 languages, including Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian, Galician, French, and many more.

Within the file, we can see that they recommend using it connected to the Internet to guarantee the 95% effectiveness to recognize the voice.

Something interesting is that in addition to being able to write texts for our blogs, it allows us to write our tweets! Something more than useful for those who use the bird's social network.

It is possible to use the application when you are not connected to the Internet, although note that the accuracy decreases in offline mode and the recognition speed depends on your Internet connectivity.

To use the app offline, be sure to install your preferred language packs. Please note that this option is limited when it comes to languages ​​as you will only be able to choose from a dozen main languages ​​instead of more than 60.

4. Transcribe Audios to Texts

Its name is quite descriptive, as specified in the characteristics of this app, they allow you to take audio (voice note or WhatsApp audio) and transcribe it to text, a very interesting functionality for an endless number of applications, such as writing original texts with little effort.

It has more than 100,000 downloads, supports more than 50 languages ​​according to what we can see in its official file in the Google application store. If you have tried this app you can leave us in the comments on how it has worked for you.

5. Speech to Text Converter

The fifth application has the functionality of writing by voice, converts everything that is a voice (dictation, audio, music, etc.) into a text as extensive as audio. They ensure that you can transcribe an audio in a second! we will have to test it and see how it runs.

A small flaw that we could notice is that when starting the app we can select the language in which we are going to speak, but when starting the application a second time it does not save our preference, so we must select the language again, we are not sure if it is a failure or not.

Download: Speech to text Converter

Utilities of Voice Writing Apps

Speech-to-text applications may seem like a strange concept, but they are actually quite useful for busy professionals. If you are always on the go or think faster than you can write, special programs can increase efficiency and store your recordings securely through the cloud.

The factors to consider in looking speech to text applications include precision, shortcuts, and languages. Whether you want to take notes, send quick messages, or translate on the go, the apps above are ready to help you.

If you have an idea, but don't have a pen or paper on hand, you can always use your voice. Need to send a quick message but find your hands busy with other tasks? After transcription, share your notes via email, Dropbox, Evernote, and more. For supported versions, you can sync to your desktop and also do voice work on your computer.

Writers who think faster than they can write will appreciate these apps. They're great for organizing long notes thanks to two special features.

Firstly, it doesn't stop recording, even if you pause to think or breathe, so you can keep the recording open for as long as necessary.

Second, you can touch a button or use a verbal command to insert punctuation marks into your work so they aren't too difficult to handle.