8 Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights [2022]

Here are the 8 best apps for getting cheap flights, the best deal on flight tickets for your trip can feel like a minefield.

8 Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights [2022]

Traveling is one of the favorite activities of most people, and although sometimes we can be sure that trips are not completely for pleasure or vacation, in the same way, and is needed an estimate of money to travel by plane, since, more than a necessity as such it is a luxury to be able to travel in this way.  When we decide to plan a trip, we try to find and search for the best apps for finding cheap flights

But finding these offers can be extremely difficult to search the different airline websites and compare prices. 

However, there are lots of flight booking app that offer excellent tools that allow us to search for the best deals quickly, thus making life easier. 

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Here are the 8 Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights    

  1. Skyscanner
  2. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars
  3. ixigo Flight Booking & Cheap Flights
  4. Cheapflights – Flight Search
  5. Priceline 
  6. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car
  7. Kiwi.com: low-cost flights
  8. Hooper 

There are many flight booking app that does the same thing, with the difference that they have different ways of offering their services; being able to handle different use and sale strategies, new marketing ideas, among others. 

But in the context that they are handled, they are the same results; get the person to download the app and become a user, and then begin to be active within it, that is to say, that you really implement the services provided in your life.

The cheapest flight booking app that you will see below are recommendations that we make for you today. 

You can download them from any device since it is available on the Google Play Store or iOS.

1. Skyscanner

Practically this app is the best flight booking app, and the truth is that it deserves it because it handles one of the best flight prices you can find in the market, in addition, it is totally reliable and safe; very easy to use, and the best of all, it's free. 

From all perspectives, it is very complete, in addition to maintaining a simple and attractive design. 

The basis for work is to track page and airline flight offers.

Among its functions we can highlight:

  • It offers us information related to the closest offers of flights that we have; This is done from its location system, which is worth the redundancy, locates our position, and looks for the offer options that are closest to us.
  • Comparison of ticket prices from around 1000 airlines.
  • Comparison of departure and arrival times flight of around 1000 airlines.
  • Compare possible trajectories of each flight, that is, we would have access to visualize a lot of routes.
  • Redirection to the website's flight offer, so you can buy it directly from there.

In short, Skyscanner is one of the best apps for finding cheap flights according to your destination. Keep traveling but still, avoid wasting money. 

2. KAYAK Flights, Hotels & Cars

Kayak is one of the most popular apps for booking travel, hotels, cruises, car rentals, and getting vacation packages at an affordable price. 

This cheapest flight booking app investigates and searches hundreds of pages for airline ticket prices and presents you with the best offers according to your needs and preferences. 

Sure, you have heard of this application in advertisements and television commercials, but if not, we will explain a little about what it is about.

It has the most basic and aforementioned functions, such as the cheapest flight search engine; 

But we can also search and reserve places to stay (such as hotels, cabins, among others), and vehicle rentals to be able to walk wherever we have chosen to travel. Besides that, you can:

  • Send notifications of offers on flights.
  • Manage essential information about airports and their airlines.
  • Show the user how their flight is, since it has a follow-up of it, to be aware of the arrival time, delays, among others.
  • You can share the user's location with other people.
  • Kayak is a very complete option, which is perfectly complemented with the organization of a trip since it covers all possible points of action. 

It is ideal for all those people who have problems when planning a trip, or also, for those who love to systematize their activities. Kayak flight booking app is available for both Android devices and iOS devices.

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3. ixigo - Flight Booking & Cheap Flights

ixigo Flight Booking & Cheap Flights is an application that works perfectly to find much cheaper flights. From ixigo, we will be able to make comparisons between all the prices that are available at the moment, on the different pages and airlines. 

Also, it is very safe that you will not miss out on any promotion or offer, because the app keeps you up to date with that.

Among its most outstanding functions are:

  • Search and compare hotel prices and their characteristics; being able to find offers in terms of hotels.
  • Find the best travel packages that adapt to your possibilities and your tastes and interests.

Regarding tickets, as already said, it compares a large number of prices from different agencies and airlines; but also, it shows you the dates of the low season to travel, it has an option to send notifications and another to find out all the information that involves a certain flight (departure and arrival time, if there will be a stopover, the flight time, among others).

As you can see, it also is a very complete application, only, it does not have the same popularity as the previous apps. 

However, you will not be disappointed at all. Use ixigo as a digital travel tool, and control all aspects of it. 

Nothing will escape your hands. We will leave you the download buttons of this incredible application so that you don't waste any more time, it is available for both Android and iOS.

4. Cheapflights – Flight Search

Cheap flights is an application to search for cheap flights, it is logical that among its services it offers the comparison of prices ticket among many airlines, in order to find the prices and lowest rates for you. 

From there you can book your ticket for the flight, simply with a click. Best of all, you don't have to be thinking and worrying about convenience fees, because there aren't any.

In the same way, you will find all the information related to the flights you need, starting with the flight statistics, where a total scan of the sky is evidenced. 

Have access to all the offers and coupons that the different pages and airlines of the world can offer. Cheap flights are a very good option for people who are super savers. 

However, it can only be downloaded and used by users who have Android, since it is only available on Google Play.

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5.  Priceline 

With Priceline, you can find the best airline tickets according to your budget quickly. The flight booking app allows you to find the lowest rates according to the date you want to travel or the price you want to pay for the trip. 

In the same way, the page offers you relevant information and data about different destinations, as well as advice when traveling. 

In addition to tickets, the application allows you to find and reserve hotel rooms, rental cars, and even cruises. 

The company does not charge a reservation fee and has an application that is available for iPhone and Android. 

6. Expedia: Hotels, Flights & Car

Expedia is the best app for cheap flights on the market. The application informs you and sends you alerts of the best offers of the day so that you are always informed about the best prices of the moment. 

Expedia has more than 500,000+ hotels worldwide including boutique hotels, luxury hotels, airport hotels, hostels, B&Bs, and resorts. 

With Expedia, you can search for deals by destination or date. Also with the flight booking app, you can make a hotel reservation and rent a car.  

Expedia customer service number is (877) 227-7481. The application is available for iPhone and Android.

7. Kiwi.com: low-cost flights

With Kiwi, you can search and buy the cheapest international flights that best suit you. If the flight is delayed, canceled or the airline changes the schedule, this flight booking app offers a guarantee where they can offer you an alternative flight to your destination or a refund. 

The application shows you a map, with the prices next to each destination or airport, in this way you can see the places that are cheaper. The application is available for iPhone and Android.

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8. Hopper: Hotels, Flights & Cars

Hopper is the cheapest flight booking app that predicts ticket prices and helps you buy them at the best time when they are cheaper. 

The application indicates that it can help you save up to 40% of the ticket price. According to the company, the application predicts prices with 95% accuracy and up to a year in advance. 

With the Hopper app, you can only know when the prices are cheaper since with the application you cannot buy the tickets.

Hopper has access to major airlines in the US, Canada and around the world such as American Airlines, United Airlines, JetBlue, Alaska Airlines, Air Canada, Frontier, Spirit Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines, Hooper is available for both versions of the iPhone and Android. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Apps for Finding Cheap Flights

Q1. Which is the best flight booking app in India?

Ans. Some of the best apps to book cheap flight tickets in India are as follows

  1. MakeMyTrip. 
  2. EaseMyTrip. 
  3. Goibibo. 
  4. Cleartrip. 
  5. Expedia. 
  6. Yatra.

Q2. Which is the best website to book international flights in India?  

Ans. IndiGo-Flight Ticket Booking App is the best flight booking websites in India. 

In The End...

We hope you liked this guide and allow you to find the Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights. If there are any other Apps for Finding Cheap Flights that you would like us to analyze, you can leave it in the comments. 

We will continue to update the guide as we review more Best Apps for Finding Cheap Flights.