Best Android Soccer Games 2021

Here are the 8 best android soccer games for 2021. These are the best apps to play soccer with your Android phone or Tablet.

Best Android Soccer Games 2021

Soccer has become a universal sport that moves crowds in every game, but fans cannot always be present at games or watch them on TV and they have chosen to maintain their preference through soccer games on PC and mobile devices.

Below we offer you the selection of the best soccer apps Android with your Android phone or Tablet.

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Here  are the 8 best Android Soccer Games 2021

  1. Flick Shoot Pro
  2. Flick Soccer
  3. Football Race 
  4. Pocket League Story
  5. Striker Soccer Euro 2012 Pro
  6. Soccer Kicks
  7. Flick Kick Football
  8. Football Director 17

1. Flick Shoot Pro

I start the selection with an app called Flick Shoot Pro, which presents Android users with a more entertaining soccer experience, with impressive graphics and a realistic physics engine.

The app has two different game modes and a noticeable improvement in graphics and gameplay, it also has animations to compete against a very realistic bearing and a powerful physics engine.

The controls allow you to kick the ball and swerve to block it in a more realistic way, so you can earn the highest score for each game mode.

2. Flick Soccer!

Flick Soccer is another app similar to the previous one where you will have to beat the goalkeeper and score your goal.

This app has excellent control of the movements of the players, to control the ball and the players. 

In this Soccer app, you will be able to enjoy extra time if you have not scored during the game time and the points will be multiplied.

You will have to compete against a goalkeeper who will improve his skills as the game progresses, which will make it more difficult to win the points.

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3. Football Race-The Running Game

Football Race is the Running Game and is a successful game that mixes a passion for football with another of the great passions of athletes: running. 

This immersive running app seeks that the user can perform interval training, achieving that his performance in real life makes him advance in his sports life within the game.

The game includes sound effects that motivate the runner, live commentary for each workout, and live instructions that will make running sessions that much more exciting.

In the game, we will start in a third division team, and our sessions in real life will help us earn points in the game that will allow us to move up in the division. 

But points are not easily earned, and as we move up the category the more difficult it will be to earn them. But all this will make your training fun and your motivation will be maximum.

4. Pocket League Story

Pocket League Story may seem like an old game, arcade-style, but with this soccer app, you can enjoy football from building a team to building your stadium and beating your opponents.

You will be able to review promising players and coaches, decide on tactics and formations, and lead your team to victory.

The graphic details range from the stadium to the rain, the snow, or the small details during the penalties.

You can also play with other football lovers anywhere in the world to enjoy together an entertaining time with the best sports in the world.

5. Striker Soccer Euro 2012 Pro

The Striker Soccer Euro 2012 Pro application emerged during Euro 2012 but it is here to stay.

The game features a 3D Eurocup games simulator and an elegant view of the graphics and scenes. 

You can choose your favorite team among the 16 competitors and compete in a friendly match or directly in the Eurocup, with the same organization of the matches.

With this app, you can configure the best tactic for each game among the 7 available formations, with 3 levels of difficulty and total control of your players for shots, passes, and defense.

6. Soccer kicks

Soccer Kicks is an application for both young and old who love soccer, fundamentally created to perfect your shots on goal and your goals, the fundamental factor of each game.

Using intuitive and simple controls, you just have to lightly throw the ball and you will kick it towards the outside angle and when the ball is in the air, slide the screen to adjust the direction of the ball, drawing the curve of the gestures on the screen.

The app has 3 game modes, one of the most entertaining stands out, the mode for two players, where you will compete against another Android user with your phone or tablet.

The app allows for simple and accessible screen manipulation and features impressive surround sound and visual effects.

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7. Flick Kick Football

Flick Kick Football is one of the few football apps that has HD graphics for devices with a retina display.

With this Football app, you can play in Classic and Multiplayer style online, either during Training Mode, Aiming Mode, or Arcade Mode. 

You can make a timed attack to overcome an unfavorable score or reach glory in a complementary time.

Thanks to the controls of this app, just by swiping your finger over the ball you can center, pump, and shoot to cross the defensive barrier.

The graphics of the game take us back to the 'Golden Age' of football and will delight those who are nostalgic for football.

8. Football Director 17 Manager

I want to finish this selection with a different app because it is no longer enough to shoot on goal or by another player, now we can be the team manager and organize it in our own way to win the game.

Football Director lets you manage a football team without complicated screens and with an entertaining and simple game system with which you can control your eleven players, the bench, the club's technicians, and the facilities.

With this app, you can manage more than 200 football teams from 15 of the most important leagues in Europe: tokens, transfers, and sales to more than 20,000 footballers, which include detailed profiles with their skills and professional statistics.

You can also evaluate young promises generated by the game and improve your knowledge of the past and present of the team's thanks to the histories and records of the clubs.

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In Conclusion... 

Each of these best Android soccer games will demand you to the maximum to develop your game and score the most goals against the most difficult teams and the highest-ranked players in the world. 

Given the technical characteristics of the phones and tablets, it is recommended to play  Android soccer games with the latter, as this way you will better enjoy the graphics and the actions of each play.