12 Best Shooting Games for Android

Here is the list of the 12 best shooting games for Android and the more popular shooting games on the gaming market right now.

12 Best Shooting Games for Android

Today, mobile shooting games are quite close in quality to those of other platforms. If you are looking for a good shooter or to hang out trying to survive, here is a list of the best shooting games to play on mobile. 

You will see that some are innovative in playable aspects, others have better graphics, but they are all fun!

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 The 12 Best free shooting games for Android

      1. PUBG Mobile
      2. Free Fire
      3. Fortnite
      4. Modern Combat 5
      5. World War Heroes
      6. Sniper 3D Assassin
      7. Modern Strike Online
      8. Dead Trigger 2
      9. Shadowgun Legends
      10. NOVA Legacy
      11. Mad Zombies
      12. MaskGun

1. PUBG Mobile

This is the game that made the Battle Royale genre the new world fever, so it couldn't be missing from this list. It has no offline mode, you will always play against other players. 

As in the rest of the games of this genre, you will start on an immense battlefield with a single objective: to be the last survivor of the game.

PUBG Mobile is one of the most complete shooting games, it contains various modes, 1st or 3rd person perspective, control configuration options, constant updates, everything! 

In fact, a great advantage is being able to play alone, in a duo, or as part of a squad.

2. Free Fire

It is a game quite similar to PUBG but it has its own flavor. The games are faster because there are 50 players on the battlefield, not 100 as in other cases. 

The maps are smaller, but weapons and ammo are plentiful, so you'll have plenty of action.

One of the novel aspects of Free Fire is being able to choose between different characters, each with their own abilities. 

In addition to giving you small advantages, these can be combined to have three in a single character. 

You will be a difficult player to eliminate! Of course, there is no shortage of cosmetics that serve to dress your character in the way you want.

3. Fortnite

It is impossible not to talk about Fortnite when we talk about a game that has shots. When it officially came out, it swept the entire world and gained a lot of popularity in just a few months. 

The Battle Royale concept was picking up steam and of course shooting games were already on the rise.

However, Fortnite innovated with the materials and construction system, both to reach places unreachable on foot, and to have extra protection. 

It is a game that tests the creativity of the player to survive all kinds of threats. And if you fear that the game could get repetitive, there is nothing to worry about! 

The game is regularly updated with events, additions, and changes.

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4. Modern Combat 5

Modern Combat 5 is undoubtedly one of the best shooting games for Android. It is known as the "Call of Duty for cell phones", and has a large arsenal of weapons, accessories, and vehicles.

This classic FPS has campaign mode and multiplayer mode. The campaign consists of solo missions that last between 5 and 10 minutes. 

On the other hand, the multiplayer contains different modes such as platoon against platoon or capture the flag, among others. 

Modern Combat 5 is also the first in the franchise to include a class system. In this way, your character will gain specific advantages and abilities, allowing each player to develop their own style of play.

Unfortunately, to enjoy the game, including the campaign mode, you will need to always be connected to the Internet.

5. World War Heroes

Do you long to play in a war-like setting? World War Heroes is a shooting game set in World War II and contains a large number of competitive multiplayer modes. 

Enter a bloody battlefield where you will fight against everyone or in teams.

It has many different weapons, differentiated by the rate of fire, damage, and accuracy, and you can customize them with unlockable cosmetics. 

You can also use vehicles inspired by the army of the US, USSR, Japan, and Germany, and you can witness 7 historical battles. 

Your account will level up as you play games and thereby improve your team. Become the star soldier of World War II!

6. Sniper 3D Assassin

If sniper rifles are your favorite weapon type, this game is more than perfect. You have a whole collection of challenges ahead of you to meet, in which you basically have to demonstrate your ability by eliminating targets. 

As time goes by, the tasks will become more complicated and demanding.

Sniper 3D Assassin has two great advantages. The first is that you have tons of missions to complete, and the developers keep adding more of them over the months. 

The second is the large number of different weapons that you can unlock and use. For that reason, you will always have something else to obtain, in addition to having more variety in the choice of weapons. Aim calmly and safely, sniper!

7. Modern Strike Online

If you are a fan of Counter-Strike and you miss a good game of this type for mobile phones, Modern Strike Online is the best option. 

With hardly a rival at its height on Android, this game has several multiplayer modes, including planting/defusing the bomb.

Its positive points are numerous, there are 70 different weapons, more than a dozen maps, weapon skins, dreamy graphics, etc. 

In addition, it also brings the possibility of creating custom games with unique rules. If to that we add that it has an easy and intuitive control, what are you waiting for to be a SWAT or terrorist in Modern Strike Online?

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8. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is the typical horror FPS game with zombies. You must complete main and secondary missions in a world devastated by monsters. 

The graphics are worthy of a PC game and the scenarios are very different from each other, once you unlock new areas.

Contrary to what happens in the first game, Dead Trigger 2 is not repetitive since both the missions and the zombies are very varied. 

The gameplay is quite simple but rich at the same time, and the game has several customizable control options.

9. Shadowgun Legends

Shadowgun Legends is a shooting game with many RPG elements. The options to play are only very good at the moment of being able to interact with everything you see on the screen. 

However, the strong point of the game is to be able to play with other people, both player versus player (the well-known PvP) and cooperatively.

The raid system allows you to team up with other players to defeat bosses too strong to hunt alone. Just for that, Shadowgun Legends brings a great novelty among mobile shooters. 

To this, we add that its PvP is one of the best in the genre, as there are up to six different options to challenge other players.

10. NOVA Legacy

NOVA Legacy is the latest game in the franchise that has been released for cell phones, a well-known one among Android users. 

The game has a style similar to Halo, an FPS for lovers of science fiction, with a futuristic theme, robots, spaceships, etc.

The strengths of this game are excellent graphics and simple gameplay. The solo campaign is good, but you will enjoy the multiplayer game more. 

It supports up to 8 players in competitive online games and also has several customization options.

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11. Mad Zombies

This is another game similar to Dead Trigger 2. If you love the zombie theme, this is also worth a try! 

It has a multitude of weapons and phases to complete, with zombies of different types in which each one is more terrifying than the last.

The good thing about Mad Zombies is that you don't need to be connected to the Internet to play it. Just download it, and you can destroy infected anywhere!

The missions follow a story and in some of them, you will face fearsome final bosses that will put your skills to the test. 

Prove that you are the best survivor in a zombie apocalypse!

12. MaskGun

If you want an excellent, competitive, undemanding game for your device and with various modalities, MaskGun deserves a chance. 

It is a very dynamic shooter, full of action, and invites you to complete a fun list of achievements. In this case, the customization extends to the character, with different skins and protections.

MaskGun includes several multiplayer modes that are quite different from each other and as there are frequent updates, you will see new content every month. 

Of course, with this game, you will not get bored, especially because of its friend system so that you and your teammates can be part of the same team. Put on the mask, and win games!

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These are the 12 best shooting games for Android. Give them all a chance and enjoy all the action!

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If you think we have missed any of the best shooting games for Android, tell us about them in the comments!