10 Best free music apps for Android

Here are the 10 best free music apps for Android. These apps allow you to mix with a whole DJ, edit sounds, and then use them as ringtones or notification.

10 Best free music apps for Android

Here you will find everything you need to listen to the most popular songs, discover new hits, download audios YouTube in mp3, and manage your music favorite with the best music apps for Android.

But apart from listening to your music, I want you to have fun singing with your friends and family, for this reason, I have named the best karaoke applications and to see the lyrics.

Additionally, you will have applications for Android that allow you to mix with a whole DJ, edit sounds and then use them as ringtones or notification and create your own music with professional tools that do not need so much knowledge ... just creativity and passion. 

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Here are the best free music apps for Android

  1. Shazam
  2. Tidal
  3. Youtube Music
  4. Deezer 
  5. Lark Player 
  6. Spotify
  7. Amazon Music 
  8. Google Play Music 
  9. Palco MP3
  10. SoundCloud Music

1. Shazam 

The first one, without a doubt, is an application that promotes usefulness on a daily basis. You know that song on the radio and you think it's incredible, but you have no idea of ​​the name?

So here's the solution! Shazam helps you search for these songs through its artificial intelligence mechanism, which captures the sound and transcribes it to find the song, with name, composer, and more!

And after you find out, you can put it in a separate playlist, listen and add others from Spotify.

You can listen to them offline if you do not have access to the internet at any time, as well as follow the operation of Auto Shazam, which automatically finds music even when you leave the app.

If you were looking for an application to listen to music on Android, Shazam is very complete and functional.

Because in addition to discovering the songs for you, you can share your saved playlists, follow the lyrics synchronized to the songs being played, and much more! 

Download it now!

2. Tidal  

Another application for listening music on Android is Tidal. Its fame, of course, was well leveraged by the fact that it was the creation of rapper Jay-Z, husband of singer Beyoncé, but on the other hand, it is a very complete application and it beats head-on with great competitors. 

With over 60 million songs, the app's library is a real ocean of possibilities, captivating for hours of the playlist!

This application, in addition to having a huge variety of music, also has videos on its platform. 

Besides that, Tidal offers an option to transfer playlists directly from other apps, bringing inside it an entire playlist of songs that you like. 

Tidal has a subscription service with extraordinary advantages, based on your profile, being able to listen to music offline, and much more!

It is certainly worth knowing this app right now. So don't waste time and run to Google Play.

Download it now!

3. Youtube Music 

An application for listening to music on android that started crawling a short time ago is Youtube Music. 

Do you know that annoyance of having to stay on the video screen to listen to your favorite music? Because this application came just to remedy this pain! 

With it, you can open several other programs simultaneously, without the music stopping.

Other than that, songs and playlists from your favorite artists will be available in the palm of your hand. 

Mainly because most of the YouTube clips will be available in audio format, being able to listen and download music on your Android smartphone right now.

Your subscription is very cheap and very worthwhile, offering a very interesting feature to search for a song by letter or describe the sound you want to hear, among other several premium features of the highest level and practicality!

Download YouTube Music now and listen to the playlist of the platform you love from wherever and whenever you want. 

Download it now!


4. Deezer 

Deezer is an application for you to listen to music on Android that has been very successful. 

And no wonder, he manages to hit head-on with Spotify and other audio streaming franchises.

With more than 53 million tracks available and exclusive content from The Voice Brasil, you will be able to hear the latest releases, hits, and albums, as the app updates its catalog daily!

The Deezer also recommends new music based on what you listen to, helping you discover new bands you've never met. 

And you can also listen to podcasts, share playlists, and your favorite tracks, in a free app! Besides, its Songcatcher resource is very interesting, due to the practicality it offers to help you discover that song only through audio.

This application for listening to music on Android also has a paid version with several new features, such as: skipping tracks unlimitedly, low songs to listen to them offline, reproductions without ads, listening to music with sound quality above 320 kBps.

And a very cool feature that is worth mentioning is that Deezer has compatibility with personal assistants, to control volume, skip, and several other functions through the voice. What are you waiting for?

Download it now! 

5. Lark Player 

Looking for an app to listen to music on your Android? Then meet Lark Player! Because, in addition to being a great audio player, this app also offers YouTube content and the possibility to listen to music saved on your smartphone. And the coolest thing of all, it's totally free!

When you feel like listening to music, open Lark Player and enjoy all the available content.

Because this application still has a very interesting feature of lyrics in motion, which synchronizes the song with the respective lyrics for you to sing along with it!

Plus, it still comes with numerous built-in controls, as well as preset modes and powerful equalizers to personalize your music experience.

Certainly, one of the great differentials of Lark Player is its timer feature. This function sets a specific time to turn off your phone, giving you the possibility to sleep listening to your playlist, without worrying about the battery or other factors.

This and much more you only find in this beautiful app, available on Google Play for your Android.

Download it now! 

6. Spotify 

Of course, the darling of the crowd, Spotify, would not be left out of that list. Being one of the most famous apps for listening to music on Android, it has an extremely advanced availability of options and several types of music for all tastes!

Spotify is available in Google Play for free, although you need a paid subscription for replacement manuals songs.

Otherwise, the free version only offers the songs through advertisements, in a random choice of available content.

If you're the type who loves to discover new music, Spotify has a perfect grip for that purpose.

That's because it has a music recommendation system, which groups everything you hear and suggests other playlists and content that best matches your style. Cool huh?

Oh and you can still listen to the music offline, without having to download it to your phone! Download the Spotify app on your Android right now and feel the true quality of good content. 

Download it now!

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7. Amazon Music 

Another application that is starting to explore different aspects is Amazon Music.

This app offers unlimited access to more than 60 million songs without ads, allowing you to listen to your favorite playlists from wherever you are, without having to connect to any network!

With Amazon Music, you'll have the freedom to change music as often as you like, creating exclusive playlists and stations.

In addition, subscribers also have Alexa's integrated feature, asking them to play their favorite music only through the voice commands issued.

Find your favorite style right now and start listening in the presence of one of the best apps for listening to music on Android.

This application contains two paid versions, which include several features. The first of these is Prime Music, which can be obtained by subscribing to Amazon Prime; and the other is Amazon Music Unlimited.

With it you will be able to hear the most recent releases, with a huge range of music options, through the availability of individual, family, and Echo plans.

Download it now!

8. Google Play Music 

Google Play Music is another application for listening to music on Android that is worth mentioning.

Although it is already integrated into all the most current devices, many people are unaware of the immensity of features that this application offers.

Because in addition to being a great audio player, it also has the ability to download music and listen to it offline on your Android.

The application works entirely free of charge, although it lacks the paid version to download it.

But other than that, all functions are available to any user, and you can also play the songs from youtube in the background, making the link between Google Play Music and Youtube.

And don't stop there, because he still makes it available for free:

  • Radio selected by experts with what you want to hear.
  • Storage of up to 50 thousand songs in your personal collection.
  • Possibility to listen to podcasts and subscribe to follow the episodes.
  • Receive personalized recommendations according to your musical taste.
  • Listen to music on devices like Android and the web.

Download it now!

9. Palco MP3 

To end our dear list of apps for listening to music on Android, we present you the MP3 Stage.

With more than 1.4 million songs and more than 126 thousand artists, you will immerse yourself in a world of possibilities, being able to download songs to listen to offline, get to know better about your favorite artist, among many other functions!

The MP3 Stage offers surreal convenience, free of charge! Through your own login, you will have the chance to create your playlists with tracks of your choice, favoring albums, artists, and listening to them wherever and whenever you want on your Android.

Stories are also a great differentiator of this application since you will receive news from artists you like first hand!

Enjoy everything that is most sacred in this app, ranging from rock, indie, gospel, country music, and mpb, to pop, Arrocha, pagode, axé, funk, and many other musical styles.

Oh and when you listen to some music, the app's algorithm recommends different content that resembles that musical genre.

Super cool and very complete, requiring no subscription to download certain songs. Download the MP3 Stage right now on your Android smartphone and create your favorite playlist!

Download it now!

10. SoundCloud Music

With SoundCloud Music apps you can discover new songs, follow your favorite artists and friends to hear what they share, record sounds, make and share playlists playback with the songs you like the most, and best of all, this app is completely free. 

Download it now! 

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In The Nutshell...

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