13 Best Android Launchers: Customize Your Phone In 2021

Here is the list of best android launchers. Android Launchers generally consist of a series of home screens, where we can organize app and widget shortcuts and an app drawer.

13 Best Android Launchers: Customize Your Phone In 2021

The ability to personalize Android is one of the aspects that make Google's mobile platform special.

It is practically impossible to find two identical home screens, and many of the blame for this are the applications that have been with us practically.

Since the beginning of the operating system, and that for years have been the best allies of lovers of personalization: Android launchers.

This category of personalization apps for Android is constantly evolving, with android launchers leaving and others arriving to bring some freshness to the landscape through never-seen features or customization options.

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Today we select the best android launchers that can be downloaded on Android in the mid of 2021.

Android launchers: what they are and what they are for

You may have just bought your first Android device and this is the first time you use the Google operating system.

In that case, you may not be familiar with the Android launcher concept, and all that goes with it.

By default, all Android phones and tablets have a default launcher. It is the application that under both the home screen or screens, depending on how many you have configured, as well as the drawer that hides all the applications although, in some launchers, such as the Xiaomi one, this component does not exist.

Third-party launchers are applications that are downloaded like any other, and whose purpose is to replace the default home screen of the system.

In this way, it is possible to access a greater number of functionalities and customization options, which are generally not available in the app by default.

Such as the possibility of changing the icons for others downloaded from Google Play, modifying the theme of the app drawer, and even animations when changing menus or opening an application.

4 reasons why it is worth using a third-party Android launcher

Commonly, we might think that using a third-party Android launcher provides little advantage over using the default one.

However, there are a few reasons why it is objectively worth using a third-party launcher on Android:

  • Customization: Third-party launchers generally offer much more customization options than default launchers.

  • Optimization: manufacturers implement the same launcher on all their devices, regardless of their specifications. However, among third-party launchers, we can find some more complete and others lighter, so that its operation will be optimal on any device mole.

  • Updates: Third-party launcher developers update their launchers much faster than manufacturers update their devices. Therefore, these types of applications allow you to enjoy the latest news from the operating system before they officially arrive.

  • Compatibility: although the automatic backups of Google already allow saving the configuration of the system launcher, one of the great advantages of these apps is being able to use the same configuration that you use on a mobile phone in a totally different one, quickly and easily.

Here are the 13 best Android launchers for 2021

  1. Nova Launcher
  2. Lawnchair
  3. Action Launcher
  4. Evie Launcher
  5. Smart Launcher 5
  6. Niagara Launcher
  7. Apex Launcher
  8. Rootless launcher
  9. Hyperion launcher
  10. Flick Launcher
  11. Microsoft Launcher
  12. ADW Launcher
  13. Sapphyx Launcher

1. Nova Launcher

The best Android launcher Nova was launched in 2014, and since then its development has not stopped for a moment until it became the most popular application in its category, with more than 50 million installations on Google Play and a score of 4.6 out of 5 stars.

The app offers dozens of different customization options, ranging from modifying icons, label text font, and turning the dark mode on and off in the interface.

The application also receives frequent updates to incorporate the latest news from each existing version of Android, making it the ideal tool for all those who have a mobile device that will not be updated to the latest version.

As if all its functions and features were not enough, Nova Launcher hides the odd trick with which to further squeeze its customization and configuration capabilities.

Google Play | Nova Launcher

2. Lawnchair

Lawnchair is the best alternative for Nova Launcher. Lawnchair android launcher is completely free, and its code is open to anyone who wants to modify it.

It has extra features like Google Discover integration, adaptive icons, blur effect backgrounds, and much more.

It was launched as an alternative to Pixel Launcher, the launcher included in Google Pixel devices intended for all those who did not use one of the Google devices.

Its developers introduced much more functions, making it a totally unique and, above all, with the community in mind.

Google Play | Lawnchair

3. Action Launcher

If there is an android launcher that comes close to Nova in terms of popularity, it is Action Launcher.

The application developed by Chris Lacy stands out for being extremely customizable, and it is probably the most configurable application in its category on an aesthetic and functional level.

It also has exclusive options such as Quicktheme, which uses the colors of the wallpaper to apply a theme to the system interface, or the Covers, which replace conventional folders.

Although some of its functions are free, to enjoy all the customization options of Action Launcher you will have to go through the box and buy the Pro version of Action.

Google Play | Action Launcher

4. Evie Launcher

Evie Android launcher is for lovers of minimalism. Evie Android Launcher has been rebuilding others like Nova or Action for several years, offering a simpler experience and with speed in mind.

It may not be as customizable as other alternatives, but it is an application that stands out for the speed, both in operation and when it comes to finding anything through its universal search bar located at the top of the screen.

5. Smart Launcher 5

Smart Launcher became extremely popular with Android users. It was launched in February 2018.

This Android launcher was completely renewed to become Smart Launcher 5, a much more modern application full of customization features, but that still maintains its philosophy of simple launcher aimed at low-resource mobiles.

Google Play | Smart Launcher 5

6. Niagara Launcher

Niagara Launcher is a newcomer to Google Play, this Android launcher is very special, with an extremely simple and minimalist interface, which brings all the applications installed on the device to the home screen in an alphabetical list so that accessing any app is fast.

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Niagara Android Launcher is quite customizable. It allows you to modify the blur level of the wallpaper, as well as hide applications or show notification previews directly on the home screen.

Google Play | Niagara Launcher

7. Apex Launcher

Apex android launcher is the best alternative of Nova Launcher in terms of popularity, and it was much more difficult than now to choose between one or the other.

However, several wrong decisions made by its developer caused the decline of Apex Launcher, which now, recently renewed, tries to gain lost ground in all these years.

This is another Android launcher that bets on simplicity, with an appearance that follows the lines of the original AOSP launcher, but that still is not far behind in terms of customization options.

Google Play | Apex Launcher

8. Rootless launcher

Google's Pixel Launcher is fine, but it is not possible to download it directly from Google Play on incompatible devices.

That is why there is Rootless Launcher, a modified version of the Google launcher that allows its installation on any device, in addition to including some extra customization options that do not exist in the original version.

The main advantage of the traditional Pixel Launcher is installed manually through its APK is that the updates with its latest news which come directly from Google Play and it is not necessary to be aware of manually installing each new version.

Google Play | Rootless Launcher

9. Hyperion launcher

Hyperion Launcher is another newcomer to Google Play, created by specialists in the field of Android personalization.

The team behind the Substratum theme engine Despite being at an early stage of its development, Hyperion Launcher promises, and so much.

Thanks to unique features such as the ability to modify animations, gesture support and the ability to customize almost any component of the home screen, search bar, dock or app drawer and folders.

Google Play | Hyperion launcher

10. Flick Launcher

Another extremely customizable and appearance-based Android launcher of the Google Pixel Launcher is Flick.

The application is relatively new, and in a short time, it has managed to amass a large community of users, who have decided to abandon their launcher of all life for this light and configurable alternative like few others.

It has dozens of different customization options, which allow you to modify practically any interface parameter.

In addition, it incorporates other not too common tools such as the possibility of protecting access to certain applications through a fingerprint.

Google Play | Flick Launcher

11. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft launched its own launcher at the time ... and the truth is that it is better than we could expect.

The application accumulates more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, and among its most interesting functions, we find the integration of some of the company's services such as OneNote, Outlook, or the Cortana voice assistant.

Google Play | Microsoft Launcher

12. ADW Launcher 2

ADW Launcher was one of the first launchers to achieve some popularity among Android users, rivaling apps like LauncherPro at the time.

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From one day to the next, the application stopped updating, and five years later its developers decided to completely renew it, making it a more than a decent alternative to the most famous launchers.

The app has dozens of different options so that you can customize almost any aspect of the interface to your liking, as its creators indicate "without freedom of choice there is no creativity".

Google Play | ADW Launcher

13. Sapphyx Launcher

It has been downloaded just over 10,000 times, but they are more than enough figures to close this selection of the best launchers for Android available on Google Play.

The initial objective of its creators was to launch a more customizable version of the Pixel Launcher.

But later it was decided to make Sapphyx Launcher a unique application, with functions that we had not seen in any other launcher such as support for user avatars, dynamic themes, icon color extraction, and much more.

Google Play | Sapphyx Launcher

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