Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2021 (No Root, Hidden)

Here are the best Android keylogger apps for 2021 (no-root, Hidden). Keylogger automatically stores everything that is written to the target device or computer.

Best Android Keylogger Apps in 2021 (No Root, Hidden)

Technological advances in the last two decades have brought us to a point where we can stay connected with anyone, anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.

Smartphones today offer fast and reliable communication tools, used by all people in their own unique ways, to meet their specific requirements.

However, this increasing interconnection is also resulting in serious threats to the financial stability of companies and the safety of families. 

As responsible parents and employers, it becomes our duty to protect our youngest, as well as our organizations, from cyber attacks and unethical elements by the best Android keyloggers.

Particularly in the case of companies, it is important to ensure that employees do not share confidential company data or any valuable intellectual property with competitors. This is where a keylogger comes into the picture.

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What is Keylogger?

Keylogger is an English word that, in simple words, records every time a key is pressed. 

It's as simple as that! Developing the concept a bit, a Keylogger is a program installed on a mobile device or a computer that records all the keystrokes made.

As a result, the Keylogger automatically stores everything that is written to the target device or computer, so that it can be reviewed later.

Here are the Best Android Keylogger Apps

1. mSpy 

The number one spy app for mobile phones that allows you to fully benefit from keylogging on the target mobile device is mSpy.

MSpy's keylogger feature is tailor-made for the tracking needs of each user, be it a parent, spouse, or employer. 

Considering the rise in the popularity of instant messaging services, as well as social media portals, it has become extremely necessary to monitor the activities of mobile phones and computers of employees and loved ones. 

There is no other option than to constantly keep up-to-date on search phrases and keywords typed on the target devices, to make sure your kids are out of the reach of online predators and/or your employees don't interact with anyone from the competition.

Using the mSpy keylogger, you can know each and every key pressed on the target user's mobile phone.

Once all these keystrokes are logged, the log file is uploaded to the mSpy server, which can be accessed through the mSpy Control Panel on their website.

This hidden keylogger for android is compatible with iOS 7 and later versions and Android 4.0 and later versions; mSpy offers Keylogger technology that makes it extremely easy for users to see all keystrokes on the target device. 

As a result, you can review the detailed records of every word, phrase, and character written by your employee or child in various applications.

MSpy Features:


As mentioned above, mSpy's hidden keylogger for android lets you know all the keystrokes typed on the target device. All this data is recorded and uploaded to the mSpy server. 

Call logs

This monitoring application allows you to check all the call history of your child or employee, remotely through your own device connected to the Internet. 

You can review the contact information of the person you spoke with, the time of the call, the date, and the duration. You can even block calls to and from any specific number. 

GPS tracking

This feature gives you the power to constantly stay updated on the precise location of your employee or a child's phone. 

You can even define safe zones for the little ones and receive instant notifications every time they enter or leave these zones. 

Apart from that, you can check the most frequented places and route history. 

Web search data

By monitoring mSpy web browsers, you can get information about all the websites visited by the user. 

Details of all web browsing history will be provided to you, including time spent on websites, dates, times of visits, bookmarks, and more. 

As in the case of calls, you can also prevent your children from visiting inappropriate or dangerous websites.

Browse text messages

You can check the text messages received or sent by the target user with the help of the mSpy SMS Tracker.

It will give you details of all received and sent text messages, even deleted ones. 

Scan multimedia content

This mSpy feature gives you the power to browse thumbnails of all videos and images received or sent from the target device.

No matter what medium was used to exchange these images and videos, you can still review them and avoid any inappropriate behaviour on the part of your children.

SIM card change notification

mSpy sends you an instant update the moment the target user changes the SIM card of the monitored device.

The software continues to monitor the activities of the target user regardless of how many times the SIM card is changed.

Complete invisibility

mSpy operates on the target device in full stealth mode, constantly remaining invisible to the target user.

The person being monitored will never have the slightest idea that they are being spied on. 

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2. FlexiSpy 

Second, on our list of the best keyloggers for android is FlexiSpy. The FlexiSpy mobile phone spy tool works as a one-stop solution for all your tracking requirements. 

FlexiSpy's keylogger feature allows you to record the full keystroke history of the target device, obtained from previously specified applications. 

This complete log is uploaded to the FlexiSpy server for you to analyze. The software can also send you alerts whenever the target user enters critical words or phrases, which could compromise the security of your organization. 

All keystroke logging is kept in an encrypted log file. The FlexiSpy keylogger allows you to:

  • View the applications in which the keys were pressed
  • Time and date of keystrokes
  • Set specific phrases and keyword alerts
  • Know your children's activities on their mobile phones
  • Determine if your employees are serious about their work or not, and much more.

Besides the keylogger function, FlexiSpy also offers more than 150 amazing features that help people to comprehensively monitor all kinds of activities on the target device.

Features of FlexiSpy:


As previously highlighted, this FlexiSpy feature ensures that you never miss another word or phrase written by the target user on their mobile phone. 

You can view all the keystrokes typed in a previously specified application pool and determine whether your children or employees are on the right track or not. 

Call interception

A prominent feature of FlexiSpy, available only with this software as of now, is called an interception, which helps you listen to live phone calls on the target mobile phone. 

You can listen to incoming and outgoing calls. This feature works by creating a three-way call on the target device, so it is mandatory that you keep your microphone muted. 

Call recording

The Extreme version of FlexiSpy gives you the luxury of recording incoming or outgoing calls on the target Android phone. 

You can record every phone call or record interactions with only a few specific contact numbers. 

These recordings are easily accessible through the FlexiSpy control panel and can even be downloaded for convenient listening time.

Recording environments

FlexiSpy gives you the power not only to listen to phone calls in real-time, but it also allows you to activate the microphone of the target Android phone from a remote location and record all the conversations that occur in your environment. 

This recording can even be pre-programmed and can range from 5 minutes to 60 minutes. 

Search history

Obviously, this FlexiSpy feature records the entire history of the target device's web browser, including visited websites, history, stored bookmarks, and much more. 

Email Records

You can stay updated on all email interactions on the target device with the help of this FlexiSpy feature. 

Upload the contents as well as all the pertinent details of each email sent/received to the target device. 

3. Hoverwatch 

Third, on our list of the top 3 keylogger apps for Android is Hoverwatch. It offers the best keyloggers for android that secretly monitors the keystrokes on the mobile phones of your staff members or your children. 

The service can be tried for free, without the need for a credit card. The software gives you the most value for your money, as it also has a number of other attractive features.

Hoverwatch's keylogger feature allows you to easily monitor the things that are written in text messages, instant messaging applications, emails, web browsers, etc., keeping you up to date on the activities of your employees or children. 

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Hoverwatch Features :


As also explained above, this Hoverwatch function records each keystroke typed on the target Android device and uploads this data to the Hoverwatch server for further analysis. 

This data gives you a good idea of ​​what is happening in the lives of your children or employees. 

Android screenshots

This feature of Hoverwatch has proven extremely useful when the goal is to know the activities of the target user at any time. 

This feature takes screenshots of the monitored device, giving you an idea of ​​the activity going on on it. 

Thus, you can know if the device is being used to do something productive, or to check social networking websites, surf the Internet, or chat in instant messaging applications. 

Used strategically, this Hoverwatch feature can be very useful for employers, allowing them to keep a regular check on the productivity levels of their employees. 

On the other hand, parents can make sure that their children do not visit inappropriate websites, or engage in harmful activities on their Android phones. 


Hoverwatch has a mobile GPS tracker that keeps you constantly updated on the location of the target device. It uses cell towers, GPS signals, and Wi-Fi signals to deliver this information. 

Front Camera Photos

A unique feature that many other Android phone monitoring apps don't offer. It will automatically take pictures through the front camera of your target device every time it is unlocked. 

The image will be uploaded to the Hoverwatch Control Panel, where you can access it and determine who is using the device. 

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To conclude, the best keylogger apps detailed above provide an affordable and easy-to-use keylogging service that can help you ensure the safety of your loved ones and/or your organization. 

While there are many other similar hidden keylogger for android apps available on the market, we found these 3 to be the best.