18 best fighting games for Android: fight like never before!

Here is the top list of best fighting games for Android completely free. Enjoy the kicks, punches, keys, and download all your energy ... with your mobile, of course.

18 best fighting games for Android: fight like never before!

The world of games and apps is constantly changing. Therefore, it is necessary to include in this list some of the most extracted proposals from among the best.

They can be downloaded for free on your Android phone, and some also from the Apple App Store.

We also include multiplayer options, for two or more players, the option of those who like to measure their skills with allies or opponents.

In our mobile games section, we always like to touch all kinds of sub-genres. Today we have decided to make a top list of best fighting games for Android and iOS completely free.

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Wrestling and boxing games for Android and iOS

Getting into the shoes of a WWE competitor is possible with this type of sports game. Train, defeat your opponent and progress, a simple but highly addictive dynamic.

1. Real Steel Boxing Champions

It is not only based on fighting because the game begins by inviting you to build fighting robots with which to carry out attacks in one-on-one combat: blows, punches, special movements ...

The characters that are made available to users will sound a lot to the “jugona” community: Atom, Zeus, Midas, NoisyBoy, and Atom Prime.

The player has to go for a tournament with 25 fights that include 5 bosses, 30 challenges, and other tests such as dismembering the opponent in a time trial.

To do this, you also have an unlimited training mode, which will help you perfect the technique.

In short, hours and hours of fun.

2. EA Sports UFC

If you want to enter the Octagon but you are not physically fit, don't worry, do it with your smartphone!

EA Sports UFC brings you your favorite UFC fighters to handle at will and punch until your fingers can't take it anymore.

More than 70 fighters from 4 different divisions are waiting for you to train them and take them out to fight. Ready to enjoy one of the best wrestling games on the market?

3. Real boxing

Sometimes mobile boxing games are a bit seedy and not at all like reality. With Real Boxing, you will feel each punch as if it were on your own skin (but without pain, do not worry).

It has amazing graphics, careful attention to detail and its playability is perfect.

It allows real-time multiplayer, arcade mode, clandestine tournaments or career mode. Reach the top by beating your rivals!

Mobile games of fights with powers and Superheroes

Like the previous ones, but with an added value: the possibility of playing with your favorite superheroes, such as Batman or Spiderman, as well as with famous anime characters, such as Goku.

The extra tricks, which go beyond kicks and punches, are another attraction.

1.  Injustice: Gods Among Us

The good guys and the bad guys in DC comics come to your mobile device. In this case, the fighting system is based on cards with your characters (and, of course, their movements, techniques, powers, etc.) and 3-on-3 combats. 

Make combos and super moves to destroy your rivals. We love its graphics, its gameplay, and the possibility of playing in online multiplayer.

The game is FREE.

2. Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

The fighting game Goku Mobile is a fetish item for those generations who have grown up watching Dragon Ball Z television.

The game has several modalities. In one of them, it is about touching the Ki Spheres of the battlefield to carry out attacks that will make the opponent fly away.

In another, it allows you to train the favorite characters of the saga, in order to grant them new powers and to organize a team with which to face vibrant battles against evil.

Wake up your nostalgia as you meet old acquaintances like the Trunks of the future, who have come to fight at your side.

3. Spiderman unlimited

The Marvel saga could not be missing in a section dedicated to superhero fighting games.

It is a runner game with history, in which 5 boss battles and 25 missions per series can be played. In each series, up to 6, the hero or heroine must sell to her old enemies, such as the Green Goblin, the Vulture, Electro, The Sandman, Doc Ock, and Enigma.

After the so-called sinister six, the hero will go on to complete other plots with Venom, the Avengers, or SpiderGwen.

Ultimately, the game features dozens of characters from the SpiderMan universe, from both the movies and the comics.

Spiderman Unlimited has been removed from both Google Play and the App Store. If you wish, you can download the apk from an alternative store to continue playing on your Android mobile.

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The best online multiplayer fighting games

You'll find games that could be included in other categories, and you might even miss some multiplayer titles. But we try to select for you the ones that are really good in this modality.

1. Hearthstone

Among the games that involve fighting, card games could not be absent, as well as those that put the cunning and the strategy of the player into play. Not everything is action in this type of game.

The app offers introductory missions to train the user so that they can then build their collection. Later she will perfect her ability as she faces heroes from universes like Warcraft: Thrall, Uther, or Gul'dan.

Once you are ready, you will be able to enter the arena to face duels with other players and access prizes.

2. Blitz Brigade

A game to fight battles with all kinds of firearms, large and small, of greater or lesser scope, as well as different classes of vehicles and murderous characters (a soldier, a gunner, a doctor, a shooter, an engineer ...).

It is an online multiplayer game in which up to 12 players can play with one objective: to devastate the battlefield.

They can do this by choosing between modes such as Deathmatch, Domination, Capture the Flag, and All vs. All.

Lets you participate in limited-time events, enjoy new challenges, seasonal contests, and more.

It offers the possibility of using a voice chat with which to discuss strategies with allies.

3. Heroes of Order and Chaos

It is a very complete Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game or we can say the best fighting games, in which the person who plays can form a team and fight together with their friends.

Each one has to train the skills of their heroes, think together about strategies to win and manage to beat the enemy through quick battles in real-time. It can also be played solo, on three types of maps.

Players are situated in the Sinskaald rift, a region of Haradon filled with immortal warriors who face off for the title of being the most powerful players in the kingdom.

Everyone has the opportunity to choose from almost 60 heroes of the most varied typology, from thugs to magicians, in a catalog that varies constantly.

It can be played for free, but you can also buy real money items.

Top mobile martial arts games

Fighting games apps, as with video games in the same category, can serve to increase the relationship of players with sports.

This was revealed by a study by the Brock University of Canada, in which 100 players of both sexes, between 17 and 25 years old, were interviewed.

And martial arts games are still sports games. Other options include Tag Team Karate, Karate Fighting Tiger 3D 2 and Taekwondo fight 2017.  We bring you our favorites.

1. Shadow Fight 2

After being a top Facebook game last year, the second part of Shadow Fight has become one of the best for mobile.

Available for both Android and iPhone, this fighting game mixes fighting and role-playing.

You'll find plenty of weapons and armor as well as very realistic martial arts keys. Fight like no one else!

2. Mortal Combat X

If you are a fan of Sub-Zero, Sonya, Ermac, Johny Cage and company, Mortal Combat X is your next game to download.

It is an updated and modern version of the classic Mortal Combat, now perfectly adapted to mobiles.

It has a lot of game modes, such as 3vs3, online competitive mode, team fights, collectible cards ... Enjoy its great graphics as a child.

3. Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D 2

If you go for the world of ninjas and Japan, of street clan fights with amazing landscapes and murderers, demons and samurai ...

Ninja Kung Fu Fighting 3D is what you need. For Android, you have the second part, but for iPhone, we leave the first part, since it has not yet been developed on iOS.

Choose the Asian fight that you like the most, be it Muay Thai, boxing or taekwondo and survive as you can: choose story mode or survival mode. An essential action game.

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Fancy street fighting games on your smartphone?

Who has never been tempted to throw a few coins into that old bar machine? Who hasn't pressed the buttons until their thumbs hurt?

They were tricks of playing Street Fighter, which, we could say, is the most famous street fighting game of all time.

In Google Play you can find a game as well known as Tekken. Discover the best!

1. Liberal Fighting Liger

Get into the shoes of Gin, a Kung-fu fighter who wants to leave his street gang and who will have to fight for his girl and his own life.

It has various fighting modes, such as Chinese boxing, Baji Quan, or Sanda, and best of all, it comes with 3D effects and a responsive and intuitive fighting system.

Deadly attacks, Asian weapons, and a street story behind that will hook you for hours.

2. Fight Club

Add action, role-playing, and underground street fighting game and you will get this free Android game.

Fight for your life in this Fight Club, make combos and destroy your rivals with your final blow.

A total of 10 levels in which you will develop new techniques, but always in a very easy and intuitive way. Will you become part of the elite fighters?

3. Street Fighter IV Champion Edition

Surely, today, these graphics look very outdated, but if you grew up in the eighties you will enjoy the classic version of Street Fighter for mobile like no one else.

This fighting game is identical to the original, with its combos, old characters, kicks, and much more. Fancy a little trip to the past?

Fighting games for kids (and not so kids)

Fighting games are shrouded in a halo of negativity in the eyes of many parents, even though fighting is an innate human response.

Offline, these contact games, if the measure prevails, can be beneficial for boys and girls of 12 years and younger.

It helps to gain security to protect itself from possible aggressions and is a means to achieve a goal.

In any case, fathers and mothers can rest easier if they resort to titles of fight or fight specially designed for them.

1. 3D Stickman Fight

The famous fighting games "stickman" has become popular on the Internet for their funny shorts and for many level games, there are even shooting games with these little characters.

And it is that in simplicity there is a success, it seems to be, in 3D Fight Stickman you will have to fight with other stick dolls, be they the devil, the zombie or any other.

2. Yu-Gi-Oh!

We already know that the manga created by Kazuki Takahashi has created a whole universe around him, and one of his satellites orbiting around him is this virtual trading card game.

In it you can play the classic monster duels, and some as well known as the Dark Magician or the Blue-Eyed White Dragon has special visual effects.

In single-player mode, in Ranked Duels, you can challenge characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh! World by completing phase missions to earn rewards. Among the new cards unlocked in store.

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In Duelist mode, the player confronts others in real-time, allowing him to unlock later characters such as Yugi, Kaiba or Joey. Using the cards obtained in the game you can build and edit a Deck.

3. Ninja Rush fight

If you like Minecraft aesthetics and fighting games, you will love Ninja Rush Fight. With these squared figures you will have to fight in arcade mode with players from all over the world to reach the top.

You have eight fighting arenas to fight and also you will always be accompanied by fun music and fast-paced rhythm. You won't be bored, its our guarantee!


Enjoy these free fighting games for Android and iOS. Do you know of any other fighting games that are entertaining? Why don't you tell us right here? Regards!