11 Best Android Emulators for Windows 10

We have tested many emulators for Windows 10, and have come to the conclusion that these are the best android emulators for windows 10. 

11 Best  Android Emulators for Windows 10

Surely you have an old smartphone that does not run a certain game or you just want to use the Android app on your computer because it is easy. 

Whatever the reason, you need an Android emulator for Windows 10. Right?

I have used many android emulators for Windows 10 and I know what it costs to download one that works without problems and allows you to install games and apps without limits. 

You would hardly know Bluestacks App Player (one of my favorites), but there are some that don't consume as many resources and are just as good.

We have tested many emulators for Windows 10, and have come to the conclusion that these are the best android emulators for windows 10. 

The Best Android Emulator for Windows 10 

Although we would like to be able to recommend another android emulator for Windows 10, to this day BlueStacks is still the best and most used by all users. 

It came out 8 years ago and since then it has been improving, in such a way that right now it has no bank. 

It has a free version and is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1, and Windows 10.

The best thing about this emulator for Android is that it is super easy to install and works with 97% of the apps found in the Play Store. 

Although it is mostly used to play games, the truth is that you can also use it with other types of apps that you need, be they social networks, photo editors, or other types of apps that you need.

Installation requires 5GB of free space and is done in a snap. I have installed it on my personal computer and have not had any kind of performance problems. 

To test it, I have opened several apps and COD: Mobile, in which I have changed the resolution of the graphics settings to maximum, and it only was consuming 5% of the CPU and 175MB of RAM. 

However, if you don't have dedicated graphics, these results will change quite a bit, and it may be a better idea to lower the resolution of the games. 

If you plan to use it as a mobile, that is, with your personal accounts and others, you will like to know that it works in the same way. 

When you log in with your Google account, you will be able to enter your email account, YouTube and everything related. 

The same happens with Facebook, Twitter, and other apps that are used to access your accounts in games and apps.

For example, before accessing my COD account, I set up the Facebook app, and that way I automatically log into my game account.

But be careful, this is much more than a simple emulator since you have many more options. 

For example, you can create different instances to be able to be playing and on Facebook at the same time; or playing two different games simultaneously, or the same one but with different accounts, ideal for farming. 

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Here are the 11 Android Emulators Alternatives

  1. Nox App Player 
  2. Andy OS 
  3. MEmu Play
  4. Bliss the 
  5. ARChon 
  6. Koplayer 
  7. AMIDuOS 
  8. Genymotion 
  9. Xamarin Android Player 
  10. Droid4x
  11. Windroy 

Previously we have shown you which are the best Android emulators for Windows. However, there are other alternatives on the market that you may like more for a specific reason that we will show you below.

1. Nox App Player 

Nox is a highly reliable free Android emulator for Windows 10 that works great on Windows 10 and macOS, and just like BlueStacks, it's great for emulating Android games on your computer. 

It is fast, elegant, practical, and very easy to use. It comes with many options to map the controls via your computer's keyboard and mouse, or you can configure Nox to play with the Xbox and Play Station controls. 

In addition, it comes with root, you just have to enable it in the system settings and you can download your favorite apps and games. 

It also offers a variety of options to configure the processing size of your CPU and RAM to modify the performance of your computer when playing games. 

And so, if you are testing an app or running games with very high graphics and performance, Nox can adapt to what you need.

With Nox, you can download apps and games from the Google Play Store, and it also includes a toolbar located on the right side of the screen, where you can access the options for screen capture, video recording, access to a macro registration.

The possibility of installing software and other content from APKs that you can get from outside of Google Play thanks to the browser.

However, Nox is based on various versions of Android. You can choose which version of Android you want to run, from 4.4.2 to 7.1 Nougat offering incredible stability.

2. Andy OS 

This Android emulator is also free and relatively new for Windows users and is based on VMWare Player. 

Its main idea is to bring Android games to the desktop, and it also offers some features that some emulators do not have, such as playing games remotely from your Smartphone, or you can configure and map the controls to play with your Xbox or PS gamepad. 

Andy provides great synchronization with your desktop and mobile devices, and thus it is possible to access local files and internal files on your computer.

You can connect Android apps to the start of your system, and activate notifications. You can also download apps from any desktop browser directly to Andy OS.

As in other Android emulators for PC, Andy allows you to configure the amount of use of the RAM and CPU memory to modify the performance of the games through the VirtualBox that is already incorporated in Andy, and thus get more out of the power of your computer. 

In addition, it offers you the option to root your Android devices.

Andy is really the best Android emulator for window 10. However, getting it up and running is a bit complicated and less intuitive than other emulators, which could cause some people to skip it. 

And it should be mentioned that it is also quite heavy; with its 3GB and that also includes optional extra content that probably does not interest you, so if you prefer, decline them during the installation.

3. MEmu Play

A good alternative if you are looking for a free Android emulator is MEmu Play, commonly called MEmu. 

This Android emulator for PC is intended for games like BlueStacks and Nox, and it also has a simple installation process. 

It offers a nifty method of assigning controls, and that is by clicking anywhere on MEmu's screen, you can detail and map the keys for game controls. 

It also supports the installation of software and apps through Google Play, or download them from the browser as APK and drag them to the emulator window to install them.

To get better performance in games, you can modify the use of CPU and RAM like in other emulators. 

It is recommended to enable virtualization of your CPU and enable support for Intel and AMD chips, as well as integrated graphics. 

It is worth mentioning that MEmu is capable of running Android games and reaching a resolution of up to 4K. 

Like Nox, MEmu has a vertical menu that provides several additional features. But the only real downside to MEmu is that its system is based on Android 7.1.1 Lollipop, which is a bit old.

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4. Bliss OS

Bliss OS is another best android emulators windows 10 but this one especially runs Android 9 Pie in the extended environment of a computer. 

It is totally based on Android and for its installation, you must have a certain knowledge of the computer. 

Although in the video above they explain how to download and install this Android emulator in an easy and simple way, I will give you a preview of what you need to know to install it.

First, you have to know how to burn images to ISO DVD or USB, partition your hard drive and change the boot order of the devices installed on your PC. 

You proceed to download Bliss OS for PCs and Laptops, then click the link System Downloads and select the stable folder, then select the file  ISO appropriate and it will begin downloading.

After the download is complete, save the image file to your desired storage space. (blank hard drive or USB).

Bliss OS is on this list for offering us an Android 9 Pie Emulator for PC throughout our desktop environment. 

Its functionality, fluidity, and simplicity of use also make it a very good alternative to BlueStacks.

5. ARChon 

ARChon is also a popular Android Emulator for Windows 10  that works as an extension of Google Chrome.

Basically, you will run Android applications in your Google browser. It works for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The operation of this is very good and stable, as it is a Google extension, it does not demand many requirements, what I recommend is that we have at least 4GB of RAM because Chrome consumes a lot of it. 

You can see how to install, configure, and use ARChon in the video above. If you like to read, keep going down.

To install ARChon in our Chrome browser we have to have the Chrome 37+ 64-bit version. 

The most recommended thing is that before trying this android emulator is to use Chrome Canary, which is a version of chrome that can be used alternately to our usual browser, so you can first try ARChon without having to touch or move something on your browser.

  1. Unzip the archive with the version of ARChon you downloaded.
  2. You will get a folder named vladikoff-archon-44bc9ba24037 .
  3. Open Chrome Canary and click on the three dots in the upper right area, more tools and extensions. Or we can write in the address bar: chrome: // extensions / .
  4. Activate the developer mode.
  5. Press the button Upload unpacked extension.
  6. Choose the folder vladikoff-archon-44bc9ba24037

To install an application in ARChon, we must follow the same steps that we use to install it. We have to download APKs that are compatible with ARChon.

6. Koplayer 

Installation is simple and the appearance is not different from the standard Android ROM, except for the wallpaper.

It only has 10 icons: Google Play, FAQ, Browser, Gallery, Settings, Superuser, Music, Downloads, File manager, and Google Options.

It is on this list because it is special for Android games and as a special, some useful apps. 

Its easy and intuitive use makes this android emulator an excellent alternative to BlueStacks.

Remember, you just have to log in to the Play Store, download the game that is available and that's it. To play!

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AMIDuOS is another very interesting option for the android emulators for Windows 7, 8, and 10. 

It offers a complete Android experience with all the features that the latest versions of this operating system for smartphones have to offer. 

It's simple, fast, looks sharp, and works without limitations as it is Android that runs almost 100% natively on your Windows operating system. 

It can run almost all the apps available on the Play Store, and it also supports ARMv7, allowing you to run the most popular AMR apps.

It supports 3D acceleration so you can enjoy an excellent gaming experience on Windows computers, and also by using Windows OpenGL drivers to improve the FPS speed you can run games that are very graphically demanding. 

It offers excellent compatibility with the hardware keyboard and allows you to change the direction of the screen either horizontally or vertically depending on the application you are going to use as required. 

It also supports Ethernet and WiFi to grant network access to Android apps.

It is worth mentioning that there are two versions of AMIDuOS; one with Android Lollipop and one with Android Jelly Bean. 

But using them has a price, and that is that the Lollipop version costs $ 15 and that Jelly Bean costs $ 10. 

On the other hand, this android emulator is not so good for developers, as it does not offer specific settings.

It is a very famous android Emulator for Windows 10  for regular users if you are willing to pay for it of course.

8. Genymotion 

Genymotion is one of the best Android Emulators for Windows 10 computers for app development. 

If you are interested in developing games and apps for Android, then this is your best alternative. 

Since it is capable of simulating in a variety of models of virtual devices or Smartphones, without the need for you to own one. 

The main attraction of Genymotion is that it offers a large number of tools, plugins, and configuration options to try. 

It allows you to switch between various versions of Android that apps and games will run on. So you can experiment with a wide variety of options in different settings. 

If you want to develop apps and games for Android, we know that Genymotion will be your best option.

Indeed, Genymotion is ideal for experienced users, and not so much for regular users who will not know how to take advantage of the full capacity of this emulator. 

It is worth mentioning that Genymotion works with VirtualBox, so you must install it before using this emulator.

9. Xamarin Android Player 

Surely this android emulator for Windows 10 is the least known, but that does not mean that it is bad. Since, like Genymotion, it is aimed at Android application developers. 

Since it is an Android emulation tool for the development and execution of APK applications.

It's like a second option for developers to experiment with different settings when creating an application. 

Xamarin Player helps you simulate, debug, test, or emulate applications in a pleasant environment to work with. 

And by running Android with the VirtualBox virtual machine it is able to use Windows hardware and OpenGL for optimal performance. 

It has been tested for compatibility with Windows 7,8,8.1 and Windows 10, so you don't have to worry about it.

Xamarin Android Player Allows you a simple user experience and with a range of tools and settings. 

It's completely free, but like some other emulators, it requires you to install VirtualBox on your computer for it to work.

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10. Droid4x 

Droid4x android emulators allows you to run games and other apps on your Windows PC. 

This emulator is relatively new, it is free, very easy to use, and allows you to have a virtual Android desktop on your computer, it also has Google Play pre-installed and provides access to all its content.

One of its special features is that it you allows to change the GPS address of your device and provide a personalized one.

With Droid4x it is possible to use your Windows PC as remote control of your physical device with Android or IOS to control the functions of the phone or tablet directly from your computer. 

And like other emulators, it allows you to install APK files and run them normally, and it also works with VirtualBox. You can use this free emulator on your PC with full confidence. 

11. Windroy 

Windroy has the same features as any other android emulator for PC on this list. But this has an advantage, and that is that it runs with the Windows kernel.

Because of this, it is probably the simplest emulator, because it was developed with a lightweight design.

As we already mentioned, Android apps and games work well with Windroy and it also is fully compatible with the Google Play Store

So if you are looking for a good android emulator that works well on your Windows computer, of course, you should consider Windroy.

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Recommendations when downloading an Android Emulator for Windows

In short, there are many options for android emulators for PC. As we explained above, most works with the Windows operating system and some are also compatible with macOS. 

Currently, most are being developed for Windows 10, and others improving their compatibility with it since it is the most used operating system currently.

Almost all emulators have similar characteristics and some with special characteristics (such as modifying the amount of use of your Hardware for better performance), which allows you a good range of possibilities and options when choosing the emulator you need.

We recommend that you always be informed about the latest news regarding this topic.

Updates constantly coming out are or new emulators are developed that are never too much to try. 

For this reason, we also suggest that you use your android emulator connected to the Internet, so you can download the most recent update of it and always be up to date.

Do not stop investigating what are the hardware requirements minimum and recommended for the emulator you choose to work correctly. 

Remember that if you want to run the games at their maximum capacity or you are a developer and you want to experiment with the applications in any situation, it is always something you should keep in mind.

Our preference resides in BlueStacks for the majority of users, but it is true that it is not the 'mildest' nor the best for everyone. That is why we have left you 11 alternatives.

How to install Windows Apps on your Android

If in your case, you need to run some Windows Apps or programs on your Android, you can download Wine, an emulator that will allow you to install and open Windows applications on other systems.

This can be installed within Linux and macOS or also in Android, this program will have a series of libraries and Windows dependencies in such a way that we can execute .exe files in these operating systems.

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In the Nutshell...

We hope you liked this article, and if so, don't forget to share it with your friends. 

If there are any other best android emulators for windows 10 that you think should be on this list, feel free to put them in the comments so we can take a look at them.