Best alternatives to WeTransfer 2021

Here is a list of the leading alternatives to WeTransfer. To use these free wetransfer alternatives, you don’t need to download any software, any of your existing bowsers will be enough.

Best alternatives to WeTransfer 2021

WeTransfer is one of the most popular websites for transferring large files. It's popular because it's free, and you don't even need to create an account to use it. 

And although it has payment plans, which extend the transfer capacity up to 20 GB, the amount of 2 GB may be more than enough for common users, but not for everyone. 

That is why knowing the best alternatives to WeTransfer is important.

Its ease of use is quite an important factor too since not even the person who is going to receive a file has to create an account, so it is perfect for quick actions and people with little commitment. 

But what happens when, for some reason, WeTransfer services are not available to you. 

Do not miss the opportunity to transfer your files to whoever you want. Try these best alternatives to WeTransfer.

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Here are the 10 best alternatives to WeTransfer in 2021

  1. Filemail
  2. MyAirBridge
  3. Send Anywhere
  4. Plus Transfer
  5. Transfer XL
  6. Jumbo Mail
  7. DropSend
  8. TransferNow
  9. MailBigFilev
  10. HighTail

Below we will show you a brief list of the best pages and applications that you can use as an alternative to WeTransfer. They are all different, so you will surely find the best one for you.

1. Filemail  - Sending up to 50GB

Filemail is the best wetransfer alternative on this list, which allows you to send content of up to 50 GB in the free version.

The file is tracked to ensure the recipient opens it, and although they don't specialize in security, they do offer good encryption.

For a few dollars, you can unlimitedly extend the volume limit of files that can be sent or received. 

You can set a password to protect your data and accounts with the support of people within the organization to clarify any of your doubts and even to teach you how to use Filemail.

2. MyAirBridge - Send up to 20GB

This is one of the simplest options that exist on the web. However, this does not mean that it ceases to be efficient, as it is a website that does not require any registration or installation of software or programs to store files and also transfer them.

Enter its official website and from there you can transfer up to 20GB completely free of charge. 

In the customization section if it disappoints us a little. It has nothing to offer its free users, if you need to increase the transfer or storage limit, for just $ 3 you can do it.

3. Send Anywhere  - Send up to 10GB

It is one of the best alternatives to WeTransfer, and possibly even better than this program for sending large files.

It has a free file transfer limit of 10GB, which has been more than normal in this type of service.

The bad thing is that the download link expires in 48 hours and has some small ads.

Its paid version is also quite competitive, costing just $ 6 per month, but allowing the sending of files of up to 50GB, and a limit of 1TB on all files uploaded to your profile.

It has other options such as password protection or limiting the number of downloads, but its capacity is what surprises us the most.

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4. Plus Transfer - Send up to 5GB

In this same wave of minimalist applications and websites, Plus Transfer emerges as another best alternative to WeTransfer. 

It does not require any kind of software or programs to be installed and its usability will remind you of WeTransfer a lot.

5 GB is the limit that the page imposes on you. If you notice that your shipments weigh less than this amount of data, Plus Transfer is the appropriate option.

Of course, we tell you at once, if you are about to take advantage of the benefits of Plus Transfer's free service, you must bear the advertisements.

5. Transfer XL  - Send up to 5GB

It is a relatively recent page and is characterized by its good transfer speed and encryption. 

Its free version allows you to send files up to 5GB, with a maximum transfer of 10GB per day and retention of 1 week.

It is extremely easy to use, so it could not be left out of our best alternatives to WeTransfer list.

Its cheaper paid version costs $ 10 per month and allows you to send 25GB files and other "pijamas" such as changing the download background and creating a specific subdomain.

6. Jumbo Mail - Sending up to 5GB

This web service has a free version that will allow you to send files of up to 5GB that will be saved for 7 days on their servers. 

But if you need more, its Pro version, which will cost you $ 120 per year, will allow you to send files of up to 20GB and has 250GB of cloud storage space. 

Its mode of use is similar to that of WeTransfer, so you will learn to send files very quickly.

7. DropSend - Send up to 4GB

DropSend is another alternative to WeTransfer that stands out for the attention that developers pay to the security of their users' personal data. 

The size of the files you can send is just 4GB, with a limit of 5 per month. 

It is an interesting service, but your website should improve a little more, as well as give more options to the free user.

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8. TransferNow - Send up to 4GB

With the free version, which can be obtained for mobile phones, computers, or simply with its web version, you can transfer files of up to 4GB. 

Its paid version costs € 8.50 and allows us to transfer only 20GB files, and with many extras to consider.

It is an easy-to-use website with many options that we don't usually see in the free versions of this service.

9. MailBigFile  - Send up to 2GB

Another very good alternative to WeTransfer. It is not as good as some of the ones we have mentioned above, but in the end, it fulfills its objective. 

You can transfer up to 2GB of content and up to five files in one day. The recipient will have 10 days to download.

You can always expand the storage capacity if you are willing to pay $ 29 per year. Its page is not that attractive or easy to handle, but its free version will surely save you from trouble.

10. Hightail - Full Pro Version

It offers a variety of creative solutions for workgroups, ranging from free to customer drawings. 

However, they are only worth it if you pay for their Pro services since for free you can hardly send files up to 100MB that will expire in 7 days.

On the other hand, their professional services that start at $ 12 per month will allow you to send files up to 25GB and configure when they will expire. 

Its storage is also unlimited and you can protect your files with passwords.

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In Conclusion...

As you have seen, the alternatives to Wetransfer are many, so you should not be concerned if WeTransfer stops working or becomes exclusively a payment platform.

If you know of any other that should be on our list, feel free to leave it in the comments.