8 Best apps & websites to watch tennis live (Android & iOS)

Here we present the best websites for watching tennis online free, so you don't miss out on the best of these tournaments. Best apps & websites to watch tennis live for Android and iOS.

8 Best apps & websites to watch tennis live (Android & iOS)

Tennis is one of the best action sports there is no doubt, it is better to see the games live or the TV and direct, enjoying tournaments watch tennis live US Open and Wimbledon at the moment, or perhaps seeing the best plays between Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

Therefore, you can not miss the list of free online pages to watching tennis live free that we bring you from Opjee without losing any detail from your Android and iOS devices as on your computer.

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8 Best apps & websites to watch tennis live for Android & iOS

  1. Movistar Plus
  2. Eurosport Player
  3. TVE
  4. ESPN Tennis
  5. Bet 365
  6. ATP Tour
  7. Sky Sports
  8. ATP Tennis TV 

1. Movistar Plus

[Recommended] To see the best tennis games of the season with exclusive content, Movistar Plus is undoubtedly the best watching tennis online free. 

Formed by the union of Canal Plus and Movistar, you can subscribe to any of their packages through their website.

Showing first-class content, you can see preambles of different types of tournaments such as the ATP 1000 such as the Indian Wells. 

Access exclusive videos with the best moments of the conference, current information, and analysis of journalists.

In addition, you can have information about what the next tournaments will be, so you will not miss any of them along with the order of play. 

You can also connect to your Twitter Movistar Tennis and share news, results, videos, and interested parties in real-time.

All this with HD videos that you can enjoy life both on your computer and through its mobile application. 

Be sure to buy one of his plans, at an excellent price to continue watching tennis live free. This is the best apps to watch tennis live.

2. Eurosport Player

[Recommended] Another platform that we recommend for you to enjoy this 2021 season of online tennis is Eurosport Player. 

Get access to an unlimited number of tennis videos with the best plays, matches, and live encounters with high quality and without any delay.

You will be able to access additional channels, breaking news, and previews of your favorite matches such as the Grand Slam from their official website. All in continuous 24-hour coverage!

It also gives you the possibility to enjoy this content in HD format, but you can also watch it wherever you want from its mobile app, synchronizing with all your tablets, smartphone, and even Chromecast devices.


[Recommended] If you are one of those who want to watching tennis online free on RTVE live, congratulations on your choice of free live tennis streaming. 

This is one of the channels that offer you the possibility to watch tennis live in HD quality, where you can find out about all the games that are in that week.

As if that were not enough, you have the possibility to share your experience with the other members of the tennis fan community on their social networks. 

You just have to enter the page and watch tennis live streaming to watching tennis online free.

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4. ESPN Tennis

[Recommended] ESPN is one of the leading sports channels to watch tennis live, so it could not stop being present in our selection.

Here you can connect directly to see live tennis matches of the season.

You can access high-definition content with video summaries of the days at Wimbledon, Masters 1000, ATP 500 or 250, and much more. 

In addition, it has a mobile app with which you can connect to be aware of the latest news, results, and analysis.

Convinced that this is a good option? Then apply for ESPN here and start enjoying this sensational service on your computer, smartphone, and Smart TV.

5. Bet 365 Scores

[Recommended] On this page you will find all the first-hand news regarding the world of live and direct tennis from tournaments such as the Davis Cup, the French Open, Wimbledon, the US Open, and the Australian Open.

You will be able to access a dashboard in real-time about the results. You also have the possibility of being able to make combined bets on tennis.

All this in a safe environment. You can watch tennis live streaming free.

Likewise, you have the option to share this information on social networks with other interested parties in the sport. 

You can download their mobile app on how to do it online.

And if you want, you can see live images of tennis matches. Do you want to start? Enter Bet365 by registering with your user and enjoy this information.

6. ATP Tour

[Recommended] ATP TOUR is one of the most professional websites on the internet to find real-time information about live tennis

ATP Tour is the free live tennis streaming website, giving you statistical information about sets, players, tournaments, and much more.

You can not only watch the tennis games but also access live videos and also listen to them. Read summary news or find information about your single or double players.

This is the perfect website for a true tennis fan! Follow the ATP Tour official website and don't miss any details.

7. Skysports

[Recommended] Sky Sports is one of the world's best and largest sports TV channels and the UK's most popular TV channel to watch tennis live.

On this website, they broadcast the most important sports matches and tournaments, including tennis, as well as keeping their daily regular viewers and subscribers completely updated about news from the sports world.

8. ATP TennisTV

[Recommended] ATP Tennis TV is an official live video streaming app of the ATP Tour. Here you can watch tennis live streaming of ATP tournaments.

You can track all of the matches live with the players of the moment in the tournament of your choice.

You can download and browse for free to stream live matches, watch replays and match highlights, also you can access full match replays, classic matches, highlights, and features.

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Here Is The List of Best Websites To Watch Tennis Live Online For Free:

  1. Movistar Plus
  2. Eurosport Player
  3. TVE
  4. ESPN Tennis
  5. Bet 365
  6. ATP Tour
  7. Sky Sports
  8. ATP Tennis TV 

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