10 Apps To Repair Dead Pixels

Here are the 10 Apps To Repair Dead Pixels. These apps are used to repair dead pixels and determine which are the most powerful and usable according to their usability, functionality.

10 Apps To Repair Dead Pixels

Cell phone screens are always been, one of the most fragile parts of all, and sometimes they are not properly cared for. 

Although on many occasions, it is also common for problems to appear without any apparent physical bumps or cracks.

These are usually caused by dead pixels, which are reflected in a line, a segment, or a portion of the screen with a black or other marking color that obstructs normal vision. 

This is easily fixable by using one of these dead pixel fixer apps.

Of course, in discontinued or slightly old cell phones, this repair method was non-existent.

So, with the arrival of smartphones, and their many useful apps, an opportunity was opened to be able to recover the devices that we thought were damaged.

That we used as an expensive paperweight, or that we were about to throw it away for whatever reason.

Do not do it! Because it can have a solution, and it comes from the same Smartphone.

Therefore, in this article, we decided to investigate in the Play Store about all the apps to repair dead pixels and determine which are the most powerful and usable according to their usability, functionality, characteristics, and opinions of the different users who rate them, generally, with positive scores.

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Here are the 10 Apps To Repair Dead Pixels  

  1. Pixel Fixer
  2. Dead Pixels Test and Fix
  3. Touch Screen Dead Pixel Repair
  4. PixyCheck - Dead Pixel Test
  5. Display Calibration
  6. Fix Dead Pixels
  7. Dead pixel fixer doctor
  8. Dead Pixel Detector & Fixer
  9. Pixel Fixer
  10. Dead Pixel Detect and Fix

1. Pixel Fixer

If you are suffering from a streak in the middle of your smartphone screen that doesn't let you see anything, or that simply obstructs your view, Pixel Fixer will fix it for you. 

This application uses a set of lights and colors that, through a series of movements, blinking, rotations, and pattern changes, recovers or repairs the dead pixels that are disturbing the screen, depending on the time required and the depth of the problem.

In addition, it is known by users that Pixel Fixer is one of the best apps to repair dead pixels because thanks to the intermittent use of lights and colors, it works as a kind of "alarm clock" so that those pixels that are not working, return to reactivate thanks to the exposure of such lights, fixing even the problems of the effect or ghost screen, so let it work until you see that your device is repaired. 

2. Dead Pixels Test and Fix

A very effective and comprehensive alternative is Dead Pixels. With this application, you will be able to detect those bad sectors on your screen to be able to easily correct them. 

You will not have to do anything, just choose the option to start scanning, and it will automatically issue a series of intermittent patterns that will try to reactivate those dead or inactive pixels on your liquid crystal screen, also known as LCD.

It should be noted that Dead Pixels has the ability to fix various problems such as defective partial subpixels and trapped pixels. 

Also, those pixels that are dead or broken, for the simple fact of not detecting the color of the screen.

 Even dark, bright, and ghost spots, which are caused by a burnt matrix, can come back to life, standing out among dead pixel repair apps. 

3. Touch Screen Dead Pixel Repair

Light, simple, and very functional, this application will allow you to repair dead pixels on your LCD screen in just minutes. 

Just by pressing the "start" key, the app uses different work modes including a deep scan of all the pixels on the screen of your device that could stop failing for a software reason, or for a failure in the color scan that it can be repaired by re-activating the inactive pixel, an action that will take only a few minutes.

It should be noted that many times, the screens of smartphones tend to have hardware problems that influence the appearance of the annoying dead pixels, but that, in a considerable part of the cases, they can be repaired using these apps to fix dead pixels, especially when you don't need anything more than 1.5MB of storage space on your device and wait a while. 

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4. PixyCheck - Dead Pixel Test

To get straight to the point, PixyCheck is done. Without using menus or complex settings, this application allows you to reactivate the pixels that were dead due to software problems, and that is detected by the blinking and rotation of the 3 base colors that the pixels produce: red, green, and blue. 

By detecting a black color in the scan, you will already know that it is an annoying dead pixel.

But nothing that cannot be repaired! In addition, it should be noted that dead pixels are often in our sight, but they are so small that they go unnoticed. 

For this reason, and from the list of apps to repair dead pixels, PixyCheck allows you to make a preliminary diagnosis that will easily tell you if your device is really suffering from the annoying problem, and then it will solve it for you quickly. 

5. Display Calibration

The problem of dead pixels can be caused, many times, by a calibration problem on your screen, which does not distribute them correctly according to color detection. 

But with Display Calibration, that's a fixed problem. The most common symptoms are manifested if the device screen begins to become darker, or on the contrary, brighter, a defect that may be causing the dead pixels.

In this sense, qualified as one of the best apps to repair dead pixels, with Display Calibration you will be able to calibrate all the pixels by distributing them correctly throughout the screen; remove dead pixels if they are already available on the device, or simply improve the screen resolution to avoid the appearance of this annoying and common flaw in smartphones. 

6. Fix Dead Pixels

Another extremely useful alternative among apps to repair dead pixels is Fix Dead Pixels. 

By doing an exhaustive analysis, this app determines the multiple manifestations that a pixel can present, and that can result in a failure, death, inactivity, or simply be deactivated, so that, through diagnosis, the action can be determined, which of course undertake this application.

Starting from there, with Fix Dead Pixels you can repair trapped, dead, broken, or damaged pixels. You will also have the possibility to correct those partial sub-pixel defects, which can become a dead pixel in the future. 

Or simply, neutralize those ghost pixels, or bright dots, if necessary, to make the screen of your device work correctly. 

7. Dead pixel fixer doctor

But you always need an application that is dedicated to solving the problems of other types of devices, and Dead Pixel understands this very well. 

With this application, you will be able to recover those problems of dead or defective pixels for Android devices of the TV, Smartphone, Tablet, and Wear series, which may suffer from the annoying spots or black stripes along with the entire screen or at one end of her that may not be easily visible.

Leading among the list of apps to repair dead pixels, Dead pixel uses a set of primary colors, which blink and change patterns intermittently on the screen, and for a long time, to try to reactivate, revive, wake up or repair those pixels defective, from different screens such as LCD, LED, SLCD, OPS, TFT, OLED, TRILUMNINOS or AMOLED. 

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8. Dead Pixel Detector & Fixer

If you are one of those who like to make configurations on your own, Dead Pixel Detector will like you. 

Although the settings are not deep, they allow you to choose which colors to use, depending on the case of the dead pixel, to try to repair it. 

You don't need to make big changes by tapping a lot of buttons, because just by choosing the colors, the application will start flashing them on the screen for the time necessary to recover the dead pixels.

In that sense, many users usually recommend doing several scans of between 30 minutes and 1 hour, depending on the problem, to completely repair the dead pixels. 

It is possible that the first attempt will not see superficial changes, but internally the problem is weakened, until it finally ends up giving way and reactivated to function as it should be, an advantage, take advantage of me among the apps to repair dead pixels. 

9. Pixel Fixer

According to the same application, it is capable of repairing almost any problem of stuck and dead pixels, only with a couple of analyzes. 

Yes - unfortunately - you are suffering from an annoying black streak at one end, in the center or in any segment of your screen, or suddenly a frame or a black spot has appeared, because perhaps it is a dead pixel, and you can repair it with this app.

The advantage of apps to repair dead pixels is that many times they also end the problem on devices that we apparently did not know had. Therefore, and using a set of flashing colors, including red, sell, purple, gray, and white, Pixel Fixer will try to repair those pixels that present a problem, to reactivate them and put them to work quickly. 

10. Dead Pixel Detect and Fix

And last but not least, Dead Pixel Detect and Fix is ​​one of the apps to repair dead pixels that do what they say. 

Using a series of predefined colors, ranging from red, green, blue, and white, the screen can be miraculously fixed after the exposure to which this application puts it. 

It is not about forced labor, but rather constant, to end the problem.

It should be noted that the authors of this application recommend using it in a period of 6 to 12 hours, depending on the problem and the size of the pixel, because it is through the constant change of color patterns that the pixels will be repaired or reactivated dead. 

In this sense, it is important to know that, if after that time the problem is not solved, it may be a hardware failure, of which it only remains to replace the screen. 

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In Conclusion... 

Dead pixel problems can be reflected in different consequences, and they will need to be repaired to give a new opportunity to those devices that still work wonders in the rest of their parts, except for the screen that is failing. 

That is why apps to repair dead pixels perform an analysis or diagnosis of the entire screen to try to revive, reactivate, or recover it.

It is, based on all these apps, that you can solve the annoying problem of dead pixels. 

And this work is done automatically, by directly exposing the screen to different colors that vary according to patterns of brightness, contrast, flickering and flickering or all the colors that are required, managing to save screens of devices that we thought were ready to be discarded, by the garbage truck, but now they can get our feet out of the mud.

So, from Opjee.com we invite you to take a look at all these apps that will surely work for you, and will allow you to repair the dead pixels problem on your smartphone. 

Of course, it is essential to be calm and persistent, because some devices may take longer than others to be repaired, so follow the recommendations of the review that we show you today. This was our 10 Apps To Repair Dead Pixels.