Best Android Apps for Learning English- (2021)

Here are the best android apps for learning English. English learning has been eased by the surprising number of android apps that have integrated for your help.

Best Android Apps for Learning English- (2021)

Although being a popular language, most people find English being complicated and brainstorming.

English prevalent in most of the world's counties, thus being ranked as a popular language.

The process of learning English is challenging, although it has many benefits since it's used almost everywhere.

English learning has been eased by the surprising number of android apps that have integrated for your help. 

However, they fall under different categories, although you will have a full learning experience of English.

Below are the best android apps for learning English. Check out!

Here are the Best Android Apps for Learning English 2021

  1. Busuu
  2. Drops: learn English
  3. Duolingo
  4. Hello English
  5. Hello Talk
  6. Google translate
  7. Learning English Phrases
  8. Memrise
  9. Tandem
  10. Simply learn American English

1. Busuu

This is a popular language-learning android app supporting English and a variety of other languages.

Busuu uses traditional methods in learning grammar, spellings, words, phrases as well as conversational English.

Busuu is also inclusive of accent training, and it is acknowledged as a few of the good offline English learning app.

It charges free/ $69.99 annually, thus making it expensive due to the yearly subscription. However, it allows you to do decent content for free.

Download: Busuu

2. Drops: learn English

Language drops have two English learning apps whereby the first one is for British English, and the second one is for American English.

This offers a nice choice to chose the preferred English language you need to learn. 

However, the app uses an aggressive vocabulary strategy, thus not teaching much grammar, but instead teaches conversational English.

It charges free, $7.49 a month well as a variety of subscription tiers and prices.

Therefore this is a decent android app for learning English for people who have less time for everyday study.

Download: Drops: Learn Eanglish

3. Duolingo

Being one of the best free English learning apps, Duolingo supports numerous dozens of languages with English being among them.

This app applies a fun mode of teaching as you do a bunch of grammar as well as vocabulary classes disguised as games.

Thus compared to other apps, Duolingo is attributed to be colorful and fun-filled. The charges are free/ $9.99 monthly.

Duolingo is a recommendable best android app for learning English for beginners.

Download: Duolingo

4. Hello English

Being a popular android app for learning English, Hello English, allows you to learn English and other 22 other languages.

The apps learning features include 475 lessons, offline support, a 10,000-word dictionary as well as teachers for learners assistance. 

This app also employs fun teaching modes such as daily news, audio, video clips, and ebooks. The app's charges are; free/$8.99 monthly or $29.99 annually. 

This app is likely to be cheap due to the low subscription, thus recommending an annual subscription because it is vastly inexpensive.

Download: Hello English

5. Hello Talk

This is an interesting android app for learning English that uses social networks in teaching. It allows pairing with other people who can teach you their language and vice versa.
This language exchange serves in helping master conversational English, vocabulary, and grammar. 

Hello, Talk supports over 100 languages inclusive of voice calls, video calls, text messages, picture messages, and audio messages. 

Thus its recommended you use them as a secondary form of learning. The charges are; free/$1.99-$4.99 monthly/ $21.99-$29.99 annually.

Download: Hello Talk

6. Google translate

This is an excellent app for language scholars as well as travelers. Google translate comprises of three main features that ease its usefulness.

The first feature is the standard text-to-text translation, which works with 103 languages online and 59 languages offline. 

Secondly, this app also translates speaking in real-time, thus positioning itself as the best tool for practicing vocabulary and diction. 

Lastly, it turns camera stuff in real-time. This is a free android English learning app and can be used to learn a second language.

Download: Google translate

7. Learning English Phrases

Learn English Phrases works as a reference guide; thus, it's an accessible and straightforward app for learning English.

It consists of a bulk of both American and British pronunciations, words, and phrases. 

This app allows you to record and hear your voice. You can learn English offline as it serves as a study aid. Charges are free/$4.99.

Download: Learn English Phrases

8. Memrise

Memrise is one of the best and powerful android apps for learning English, supporting a wide range of languages. 

It is a community site that uses diverse teaching methods that comprises basic vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation guide, e.t.c it supports the offline study. Charges are free/ $9 monthly/$59.99 annually.

Download: Memrise

9. Tandem

It is a community language learning app that's similar to Hello Talk, supporting over 150 languages. It allows pairing with other people to share both languages. 

Tandem supports both voice and video calls, as well as pictures, text, and audio messages. Also, tandem offers professional tutors.

It works best as a secondary learning mode. Charges are free/$6.99 monthly/$34.99 annually.

Download: Tandem

10. Simply learn American English

This is a simple and Best android app for learning English though used as a phrasebook. It has two versions.

The first one is the premium version that contains over 1,000 words and phrases inline with 30 categories. 

Lastly is the free version with about 300 features. This app is inclusive of audio pronunciations, quizzes, and flashcards for ease of study.

This app works as a secondary aid when paired with other apps such as Busuu, Duolingo, and Memrise.

It also supports offline research. The charges are free/ utmost of $7.99 monthly.

Download:  Simply Learn English

In Conclusion

In conclusion, integration of any of the android apps eases your lessons to study English.

The above surprising Best android apps have facilitated English learning integrating for your help.